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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Chica (BRLA's Cookie) Oct. Run Update


Hey Jennifer,  Here are some pictures of the Chica in the snow (for 
her stepmother in LA) and showing how she enjoys her life with me. I 
love this dog!!!  Your organization is outright wonderful, thanks again, 

Han (AKA BRLA's Pop) Sept Run

He has filled out now and is basically a "little truck" on four feet. Powerful little guy !!! 
Sweet as can be, gets excited and barks up a storm which of course gets Molly all excited and he will lick you to death if you let him. - you knew that already of course.
Molly and he continue to get along very well, the usual spat once in awhile but normally just rough housing with each other.He makes us laugh as he spins and jumps around when he wants to play.
Of course he has managed to pick up her bad habits but unfortunately she has not picked up any of his good habits : ) 
So now there is the usual routine of charging down the stairs when anyone comes home and then waiting for a treat. With 4 people in the house coming and going they expect alot of treats but usually that is left to Linda to be nice to them once or twice a day at most. 
They alwas check each others dish after dinner in case someone left something behind.. that never happens : )  
There have been no health problems at all, except he seems to have senstive feet, he does not like his toe nails clipped.
So that is a bit of an issue, so we will have to spend time with his feet and get him used to us touching them all the time.
Any other suggestions would be great.
So he is a wonderful dog, we love having him in our household and Molly and he are good companions.
I have attached some pictures and you definitely notice he has gotten wider.
Take care and please keep in touch.
Graham,Linda, Jordan and Samantha

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Merry Christmas

Hope you and your families have a Very Merry Christmas and all of the best in 2009! 
We are so happy to have Kota with us to help celebrate the season. 
You are truly angels that walk amongst us!
Lots of Boxer kidney beaning and mushy kisses!
Lori, Jeff, Eric, Blaire, Titan and Kota Chantler

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Oscar picture (BRLA Nov. Run)

Cami pictures (Nov. BRLA Run)

Ty (Senior placement Dec.)

Hi Chantelle:
Hope you are now feeling better.  We see on the site that there are not as many dogs available.  
Ty has settled in very well and spends his days sleeping by the fire, eating 2 meals a day, going for a walk with Rob and ignoring "she that must be obeyed - Emma".  She tries to play with him, but he is not at all interested.  He is such a regal dog and will end his days with us.
take care

Mia (AKA Twilight) update (Nov. BRLA Run)

Hi all
I just wanted to give you an update on Mia. We have had overcome the cat hurtle. Mia now leaves her alone. I was in the bath lastnight and Odessa and Mia were both laying on the bath mat together. Odessa was leaning against Mia and she didn't even notice. Odessa was trying to get Mia to play lastnight and Mia just sat there and wimpered at her. It was too funny. She did try to chase her eventually, but didn't get very far due to the hardwood floor. I took her out today to meet some people and try to find booties for her. She has really little paws, so I am going to have to order some. She loved to be in the truck, and meeting new people. She is almost too friendly, she gets right in peoples faces. She has now left my son alone. She does seem to be alittle afraid of men at times, and really afraid when men are being loud. My husband was running around playing with our daughter and Mia went running to the front door, crouched down and shaking. She wouldn't even come to me for about 5 mins. She did come over to me and I just snuggled and pet her for a bit and she was fine. I found out the hard way that Mia can not be trusted off leash yet. She took off and I had to chase her, she thought it was a game. I did catch her and put her leash on. She was walking much better on leash today, not as much pulling. She loves to sleep alot. She lays on her bed and snores. Mia is a big mean Boxer....LOL ya right. She is afraid of my daughters v-tech toy that talks and plays music. She pressed it one day and it started, she turned her head back and forth then started to cry, and hid behind me. Now if you take it out she leaves the room, and she will not go near the tv stand where it is. My mom had asked me if she was mean, and thats why she was at the rescue, I told her no and she didn't really belive me. So I sent her the video of Mia crying at the toy and hiding. I said yeah she is sooooo mean, she is afraid of a toy. She is a teddy bear stealer. She really wants one of my daughters little stuffed dogs. I tried to give her a bunny, and she smelt it and grabed the little dog again. Turkey. I have hid the stuffie now. She really is the perfect dog for our family. She has attached herself to me, I can't leave the room, if I do she follows me. If I am getting ready she checks on me and then goes back to her bed. She can be a little rough when she plays sometimes, and all I have to say is enough and she will calm down. I have really enjoyed having her here, it is like she has been here for years. Thanks again everyone. Take care

izzy (AKA Little Bit) update (Nov. Run)

Just wanted to let you know that Izzy had another vet visit today and everything went perfect. She got her third vaccination shot today and a clean bill of health. Izzy's eyes and ears are all cleared up and she gained 4lbs since November 25th. 
Sheri just wanted to let you know that Izzy and I finally made it to Bark & Fitz today. What an amazing store and I feel in love with Elvis (and his owners). Thank you for telling me about them. They talk highly of you.  

Izzy (AKA Little Bit) update (Nov. Run)

Just wanted to let you know that Izzy had another vet visit today and everything went perfect. She got her third vaccination shot today and a clean bill of health. Izzy's eyes and ears are all cleared up and she gained 4lbs since November 25th. 
Sheri just wanted to let you know that Izzy and I finally made it to Bark & Fitz today. What an amazing store and I feel in love with Elvis (and his owners). Thank you for telling me about them. They talk highly of you.  

Blackie (AKA Charleston) BRLA Nov. Run

HI Jennifer,
Just wanted to give you an update on Blackie.  He is an absolute lovebug, with the most kissable face and the gentlest disposition.  The girls adore him and he is fabulous with them.
We're still working on the housebreaking, but he is learning to sit on command now for his dinner.  Unfortunately, he has been having health problems, and is scheduled for surgery on his toe on Tuesday.  He came to us with an ear infection and another infection and mangled nailbed on his toe (the one where his toenail had to be extracted).  The bone seems to be ok on the xray, so they won't have to amputate his toe, just remove the nailbed part.  His ears are better now, but his toe is terribly swollen and he limps when he walks.  Other than that, he seems content and is learning that we are his family now.
Here are some pictures that show how much he is loved.  I'll keep you posted on his progress.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Olive (WBBR/BRLA Nov. Run) Update

Olive waited a full year at BRLA for a family to call her own.  She is one happy girl now!

Just a note to let you know that Olive as arrived at her new home safe and sound. A good night at my sisters, with lots of laughs - Olive got 'Mr. Squirrel' a squeaky toy and had a blast with him. In the morning, she watched the real thing out on the balcony eating chopped nuts.

Good trip home, nothing eventful. She was completely unimpressed with snow!!!! She likes the gardens here - lots of paths to walk. Tonite, we heard a big owl hooting and of course, she wanted to try tree climbing. She is snuggled in her new bed in my office as I write, just like I imagined so many times. I told her that, too. She is such a petite little girl - her new Dad is really starting to warm to her.

Thanks to both of you for all you have done for her and the many others like her.


Hi Raphele

My new mom is helping me with the typing because the keyboard is too small for my paws. Cause I CAN type - you know how smart I am.

I have had SUCH a week!!!

I went on a big plane ride and then to a place called Chantelle's with a whole bunch of other boxers. Then a couple of ladies came to Chantelle's to take me home.

It was SO exiting. You know how I love to ride in the car!!!! Well, they tried to put a harness on me. Ha Ha!!! It was to fit a Mastiff, so of course I wiggled out in no time at all and climbed in the front seat on top of Michelle. Next thing you know, I am in someplace called Bosely's. It was a HUGE cookie and toy store. I got properly fitted for a car harness with soft stuff inside it. I don't like it cause I have to stay put! And I got a bed of my own and a squeaky toy. I already ripped his tail off!!!

Then we went to my mom's sister for one night and now I am home. I think. I hope. They have the BEST show here outside the window. It is called CATS!!! I just LOVE it. But the cats don't.

I can snooze on the sofa and I can lay in my bed while my mom is on the computer.  We went out this morning and I have a REALLY big yard. I have to share it with  3 other dogs, but I haven't met them yet. There is a little stream running thru it and there are ducks too. Mom said that there are beavers and they have made a dam and now the stream is like a little lake. That will be good in the hot summer. Boy, Raphele, it is cool here!!! Have you ever seen snow? Mom said we might have some this week.

I will get my mom to take some pictures when I get my new clothes. We are going today and see about a sweater and a coat and maybe some boots.

Bye for now. I miss you Raphele, but this is pretty good here. (I got up on the bed this mornining - my crate is still in the car)


Armani (Nov. BRLA run) update

 Hi Kerry
> He is just beautiful -- but today he is still Brad's shadow!!!
> The vet said it may be kennel cough but she is dubious --
> he has hardly coughed all day and he only seems to do so if a bit 
> stressed like Brad disappearing from view...
> We had him checked for micro chips and he did not have one but now he 
> does.
> We are thinking of calling him Atticus -- it is up for discussion...
> He has had a busy day meeting a few people but mostly checking out the 
> house and he loves the yard -- room to run.
> Thank you again -- hope you have recovered from your trip.
> Will keep you posted on our progress
> Janelle

Jada Update (Nov. BRLA/WBBR Run)

 Our baby girl is just great....she loves the truck rides with mom...fries at the drive thru...and she looks smashing in her new sweaters that Aunt Shell gave her!  We have the best time chasing her and playing tag.....she usually wins. No pictures yet though!


Thank You:


Saturday, November 22, 2008

Our mangey Pinkey all Grown up!!!

Gunther Update (Nov. Run)

Hi Sheri, 
Here are some pictures from the week.  We are really happy with how the dogs are getting along, they like to sleep together in front of the fire place while we watch tv.  Gunther is extremely hard to take a pictures of while he is playing....he goes a mile a minute, so most of the pictures were blurry, but I did manage to get a couple good ones. Hope you have a great weekend!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Henry Update (Sept. Run)

Hello Chantelle,
Let's celebrate!!  Were having a weight gaining party for Henry, he is now 50.4lbs.  Our distinguished gentlemen is looking good, hip bones are starting to hide, tail wags are going and we are getting more bursts of energy.
The kids are disappointed though because were not giving Henry some cake so tomorrow were making dog cookies. 
I have attached a photo of Henry camping out with Pyper in the living room.
I hope all is well.
From Catherine

Papi update (Nov. Run)

Hi Jen,
It was a bit of a rocky start as poor Papi was quite stressed from the trip. However, he has settled in amazingly well.....its almost like he has always been here....and that's not an exageration! He is the most amazing dog, and our family is completely falling in love with him, and I believe that the feeling is mutual! Thankyou so much for him! We will send pics soon.
Barry and Leanne

Gunther Update (Nov. Run)

i Sheri, 
Gunther is doing great, we already feel like he has been with us for much longer then 3 days! JD (our other boxer) and him are actually getting along really well.  They love to play at the park with each other.. its really funny to watch Gunther run circles around her, he is full of energy.  He does not like his crate, and actually trembles when he goes near it.  We have had it in the family room and bedroom with us, dropped treats in it, tried to feed him in it, and JD has even gone in it to show him its not so bad....but he just does not want to go near it.  It isn't a huge problem because we have been home the whole time with him, and we just have him sleeping on his blanket next to our bed...but it would be nice if he lost his fear of it eventually.   
Were we supposed to get any documents with him? I had thought you had mentioned that there would maybe be a folder or something on top of his crate, but nothing was attached.  Also, is there any way of getting any medical records for him, seeing as we know who the previous owners are? Its okay if we can't , but we are going to bring him to our vet for a check-up (he seems VERY thin, so we want to make sure everything is okay)...and thought that it would be ideal if we knew if he had been on heartworm pills monthly...and that sort of thing.  
I will send you pictures ASAP....we are on a hunt for the piece that connects the camera to the computer (one of the many things we seemed to have lost in our recent move).  We have been taking pictures though, so as soon as we find it I will send them off. 
Thank you again! We couldn't have asked for a better dog for a family...he fits in perfectly!


Emory Update (Nov. Run)

Hi Kerri, 
She is absolutely wonderful!!!!  They took good care of her at the airport.  She didn't make a sound and there was no mess either.  We hardly had to wait at all.  Customs didn't give me a hard time once I flashed my badge.  Perks of the job.  As soon as I got the Customs stamp and back at the cargo bldg...they bumped me in front of other people to take her.  My ex loaded the crate while me and the kids took her for a bio break outside.
She was so happy to see us.  The kids were down on the floor with her, as was I.  She loves to play, play, play.
We took her for a walk at home.  It was snowing - wet flurries!!!  She runs like a deer too.  She had me laughing so hard.  I can't wait to go for a jog with her.
The kids went back to their dad's place and here we are alone.  She's finally laid down on a pillow I put on the floor.  (She got on the couch to lay down till I told her no.   lol)  I've given her some kibble and her medicine (not sure how much kibble I should be feeding her??).  Since you said she has the runs, I'll take her for one more little walk tonight as she hasn't had a bowel movement.
I am in love already!!!
Did I mention you do a wonderful job and I am thankful there are people in the world like you!!!!
Cheers from Sandy.

Oscar Update (Nov. Run)

Kerri, Oscar is amazing and he has been adjusting very well to our home and love. He goes on many walks a day. We had one accident in the house but thats to be expected. I feel blessed to have him and he sleeps on my bed with me. Hehehe


Blackie (AKA Charleston) Update (Nov. Run)

Hi Jennifer!
Blackie (aka Charleston) is a sweetheart.  Unfortunately he is not housetrained and needs a bit of basic training, but that is to be expected, and we'll manage.  He is doing great with our dog, cat, and the kids.  My husband thinks he's "perfect" and my daughter, who just mastered potty training herself in the last few months has been very encouraging to Blackie that "accidents happen, and that's ok."  She also advises him to talk to Chewy (our other dog) to learn how things are done around here. Very cute. :-)
I'm just trying to make sense of the vet paperwork so I can get his dog license with the city.  Was he neutered by Dr. Holme with BRLA, or was he neutered by the LA County Animal Care and Control when he was found?  I can't read the signature of the vet, but it doesn't look like Dr. Holme.
Also, there is a reference number next to microchip on the paperwork, so I am wondering if he does have a microchip afterall.
If you don't know the answers to this, that's ok.  I just wanted to be accurate on the licensing paperwork and to know if I needed to get a microchip for him.
Thank so much!  He's such a lovebug!

Diego (AKA Chip) Update (Sept Run)

Hi guys

Here are the pics of Diego from the Sept. run.  I saw him last night at the airport when they came to pick up Tiny.  He looks so wonderful!  Totally healthy and no more allergies. 

California Roll (AKA Sassy) Update (Nov. Run)

Like a Glove

Well congratulation to BRLA for fitting us with another perfect fit. This is the first morning together and Cali (aka Sassy) and Amy are following each other around the house. Cali is showing her personality already and jumps around like Bambi. She is a sweety. We are going to have so much fun and beautiful memories. We want to thank BRLA and all the staff that made this possible...we are very grateful and will never forget the loving emails and support everyone showed. Thanks from the bottom and tops of our hearts.

Izzy (AKA Little Bit) update (Nov. Run)

I was just coming on-line to email you. Yes I am in love and cant believe how cute she is. Thank you for sending the pictures to me over the weekend and thank you again for finding Izzy for me. I am off all week to spend nothing but time and love with her. I will take lots of pictures and send them to you and Sheri. Can you please email me Janice's (I think that was her name, the lady that had Izzy in LA) email address and I will send her some as well? Talk to you soon, 

Tonka and his foster brother relaxing!

Mabel has passed to the Bridge

It is with a heavy heart we pass on to everyone that sweet Mabel has passed to the bridge.  Our hearts go out to the Kochnowich family at this time, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking such good care of sweet Mabel.  All the volunteers of Without Borders Boxer Rescue

Hello all.

I hope you remember, sweet Mable and I.    I have sad news to report.  My children and I had to let Mable go to be the angel that she is.  On Fri. Nov. 14 th at 9:00 am, we were with Mable as she  was Euthanized.  I held her in my arms and she stood and stayed strong until the end.

Mable had a very large tumor in her bladder which was bleeding and preventing her from peeing.  We only started seeing some problems with Mable health 2 weeks prior.  She should no real signs of ever being sick.  The odd accident in the house,  and that was about it, with the exception that I could not get Her to eat much.  

The tunor was the biggest they had ever seen in the bladder and it was inoperable.  I was not going to let this sweet sweet angel suffer from the inability to urinate and she was going to fade quickly.  It was heartbreaking to see her struggle to pee.  

We brought Mable home for her last night with us.  She was given some pain meds.  She had Pizza and roast beef for supper and some chocolate as well.   She never had chocolate with us before, and she LOVED it.   My son , daughter, Mable and myself all slept in my bed that night.  we wanted to get as much of Mable as we could.

I can not thank you enough, for finding us Mable.  She exceeded my expectations in words I can not describe.  She loved those kids of mine soooooooooooooooooo much.   She was gentle and loving and never angry or bitter.   She made such a huge impact in my life.  I never had a dog before.   I trusted Mable completely with my children.  Something I never thought I would be able to do.   She had shown me so many things about myself.  I am so proud to have been a part of her life. 

Thank you so much,



Monday, November 17, 2008

Memories of Millie

my sister in law just sent me this picture...had to share it with you. some good times

Twilight Update (Nov. WBBR/BRLA Run)

Twilight is a beautiful 1 yrs old flashy brindle female with a natural tail!  

Hi Kerri.
All is very well in this house. Took her for a nice walk; her only problem was that she wanted to be friends with everyone that walked past us. She decided all on her own to crawl up onto Simon (the cat) and watch tv with us. She is already getting better with the elevator, and prefers it to the stairs. Ate the dry kibble no problem and is an extremely messy eater. But she atleast hoovers up all her kibble no matter how far she has flung it. Tomorrow we're off to the beach and then I'm sure she'll need another bath. We gave her a blanket in the living room and she's knows that where she should sleep. We're going to put her in the crate for tonight, but we're debating letting her sleep on her blanket as long as we're home. I know we want her to remain crate trained but as we get a better feel for her in the next few days she may earn a little more freedom. Hope you have a great sleep and I will talk to you soon.


Without Borders Last BRLA Run of 2008

Without Borders has made it's final BRLA run for 2008!  After this past weekend airline embargoes go in to effect so our LA adoptions will be put on hold till the new year.  We are still taking in applications and preparing families for when we head back to BRLA in 2009!  We also have some amazing local dogs who are ready to go home when a family is ready to take them!!!

18 new Canadians (well not all Canadians! 1 baby has found their new home in Washington State, 3 babies found their new homes in Ontario and 14 babies came to BC).  

Please check back often over the next few days to see the updates from our amazing new WBBR babies and the stories from our traveling volunteers!

Chloe is a 3 yrs old plain fawn female
Hi Kerri: 
you picked me the perfect dog for me i love Chloe.  Tell the mom's they did a good job with her she is a sweetheart.  I had the day of f today I think she is tried from the plane ride.  Tell them I live close by to my job and I will check on her at noon and I get off @ 3 so we will be able to walk with her in the afternoon.  Tell them don't be sad I take good care of their Chloe. Thanks again Carol

Spencer (AKA Rake) is a 1 yrs old plain brindle male
Sheri, hope you arrived home safely with your doggies and that their new owners are as happy as I am with my new baby.  Charlie loves him too, perhaps a little too much.  Doesn' t want to stop playing.  They have settled down a bit now, but Charlie keeps barking at Spencer, cause he wants to play some more.  Hope he gets it all out of his system pretty soon as that barking can be pretty annoying especially for our neighbours who may not love doggies as much as we do.  I'm sure a couple of days will sort things out.  Anyway thank you once again for all your efforts on our behalf.  Kim has a digital camera so at some point I will get her to take pic's of me and the dogs and will forward them to you.    Noreen  (Spencer is BRLA's Rake)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dahli and Diago Update

Hi again, growl classes are going well.  Diago is very well behaved on a lease, so its just a matter of getting him to tolerate my daughters dogs off the lease at family outings.  Dahli is interesting and definately a princess.  Last weekend my daughter and I took the dogs, all four, on a five hour hike in East Sooke Park.  I had Diago off the lease for a little while until he picked a fight with Seth the rotti.  We'll keep at it, I'm sure oneday he'll get it.  He's so good in all other ways, very easy to deal with.

 Dahli is coming along as well.  Her and Craig are at obediance class tonight. 

 I've included a couple of pictures from the weekend, you could say we wore them out.  Saturday was a five hour hike through East Sooke Park, and Sunday was another two hour walk around Langford Lake.  Sunday night they were done and sound asleep very early.



Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Lievio Update

Hi Chantelle,


We haven’t forgot about you, we’ve been so busy acquainting ourselves. Lievio is doing great, absolutely great. I have been working hard with him, lots of walks / hikes and runs. He still has moments of wanting to be the boss but I reel him in and remind him, who’s who. We haven’t had any episodes with other animals yet but I can see his aggression when around other dogs, luckily he’s been on leash and I can control the situation. We are working on it though, lots of communication and some consequence but over time I think he will beat it. He has had lots of free off leash time as well and in private scenarios has been successful. He is getting lots of compliments from my friends and they all enjoy his social skills – and he’s getting lots of social opportunities. I think his favorite treat now is how much he enjoys going for truck rides and waiting patiently for me to return from site reviews and job meetings – he just gets so excited if he here’s my truck keys. Overall, there isn’t enough I can say about him and thank you again very much with hooking me up with my next best friend. Please keep in touch.


Your friends, Paul & Lievio.

Sweet Tia Maria has left us

It is with a heavy heart we send our condolences to Louise for the loss of sweet Tia.  It's a very difficult decision for an adopter to take in a senior boxer knowing the time with them may be very short.  That time may be short but the difference these special adopters make for these babies is more then words can say.  Thank you Louise from the bottom of our hearts for giving Tia the best last weeks of her life!

Chantelle and Kerri,

Tia was euthanized on Sunday and died peacefully in my arms, knowing that she was loved and cherished.  She's now running carefree in heaven, no longer in physical or mental pain.


Although Tia was only with me for a few weeks, she stole a piece of my heart and I miss her.  I can only console myself by thinking that the last 5 weeks which she spent with me were likely better than the first 9 years she spent on this earth. 



Thursday, October 30, 2008

Miranda update (BRLA Alumni)


I have attached pictures of Frankie and Miranda for you.  Please pass them on to LA if you want.  We have had Frankie to Doggie daycare and Miranda is having private lessons with a behaviorlist trainer. and doing not to bad.  I started them off playing while muzzled and then taking one off after a few weeks and then trying them for a few minutes together with nothing.  It was hairy for awhile but I think daycare taught Frankie more pack manners and understanding and the training got Mandy out with more people and dogs.  She is still scared but not as bad.  I don't think she will ever be able to go into a dog class with other dogs.  Keeping positive though.  Everyone just loves her including Frankie.

Billy Update (Oct. Placement)

Hi Chantelle, 
Just sent you a couple of pictures - hope you get them okay.   
Billy has settled in beautifully.  It's as if he has always lived with Zoey and Izzie.   
Thanks so much for allowing us to take Billy - he is a real sweetheart! 

Monday, October 27, 2008

Cash (BRLA's Tommy) update (adopted a few years ago)

Hello, we adopted a dog from your organization a few years ago. the dogs name at the time was Tommy. We have since renamed him Cash. This animal has changed our lives and our children's as well. this dog is the best dog I have ever had. He is obedient, loyal, and has quite the personality. See attached picture.
We are interested in getting another boxer from your organization.
Thank-you very much,
Jesse and Kristin

Billy Update (Oct. Placement)

Billy is settling in beautifully. He and Izzy were sleeping together on the couch this morning when I left. Her head was resting on top of his - I wish I had had my camera in my hand!!

He is a lovely, mild mannered, well behaved guy. With apologies to Chance - may we keep Billy?? John already went out yesterday to buy him some more dog food.......I knew I wouldn't have to do too much work to convince him!
I will get Jackie to email you a couple of pictures she has taken! 

Brody Update (WBBR Oct. placement)

Morning Kerri, 
    It's Wendy. I couldn't get into Larry's e mail so I'll send you one from mine. I just wanted to let you know what fun Brody had last night and how grateful we are to you guys for finding us the perfect mate for Pebbles, and our family. All they did ALL night was play. Twice we had to stop them to go out and dry pebbles off from the drool (they played so hard she was soaked!!!!) He is so good with absolutely everything and everyone. Brody loves to wrestle with Larry on the floor, it was SO cool. Matt (my son) took pics as they were wrestling so when he gets up I will get him to download off of the camera and send them to you this morning. There may even be a bit of video on the camera so I will get it to you today. I haven't heard a peep out if either one of them yet this morning which is weird because pebbles is normally up at 5 every morning. They were SO happy to got to bed last night which was about 9 because poor Brody was so tired and they both went right to sleep. I hope you don't mind if we send you up dates and you can pass them onto barb and Chantalle. We just got a new computer so it may take Matt some time to figure out how to send pics but weather it is before or after work we will figure it out today. Please apologize to barb for me not phoning her last night but I misplaced her phone number. Anyway I have a 16 year old to go and get out of bed (LOL) so I need to make some strong coffee and get going. How is Brody riding in a car? I will connect with you later and please let us know when you get the pics.
                         A million thank yous to all who helped  Wendy 

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Lievio Update

We're all very excited that our long time boxer boy Lievio has found his new forever home!  Congrats Lievio and Paul!!!

Good Morning Chantelle,

He's been great, an absolute charm. He seems very comfortable and at
ease in his new surroundings. We spent the first hour this morning
walking the building perimeter and practicing (for me) his commands and
just communicating. After breakfast we will go for a long urban walk and
get more comfortable. 

Thank you again for everything, not to worry Lievio's in good hands and
we'll keep in touch.


Friday, October 24, 2008

Update Dahli (BRLA's Rowan) & Diago (Scamper) (Oct. Run)

Hi, I wasn't sure whether or not you got the pictures I had sent the first week they were here.  We're all adjusting, some better than others but we'll make it through.  Dahli (Rowan) and Diago (Scamper) definitely have personality.  I took Dahli on a hike last weekend with my daughter's rotti and shepard/rotti cross.  It was two hours, one hour spent going straight up, at a high speed trying to keep up with my daughter, and the next hour wacking our way through the forest to find the trail down.  It was a lot of fun, and I'm pretty sure a new experience for Dahli, but she adjusted quite well, a little intimidated initially but full of life. 


Diago hasn't been getting along with other dogs, we actually had 2 full blown fights with my daughter's rotti Seth.  The good news is Seth is so mellow he pretty much defended himself and then wanted to play some more.  Diago is so sweet in most instances and gets along with smaller and younger dogs, but is ready to fight if the dog is the same size or bigger.  I know we can work through this though and he starts Growl Classes tomorrow night.  He is so good and listens in most instances, not to mention if he isn't leaning on me, I'm stepping on him because he is right there.  It is really cute.


We've had them to the vet about 4 times, but they seem to be doing great now.  Dahli really seemed to be struggling with an upper chest infection and Diago had his stitches taken out from his nuetering (sp?).  Made sure all shots up to date and a general check up to see that they were getting over the KC.  The vet could not get over how good they were.


Here are the pics again, I'll send some new ones once I download them off my camera.


Charmaine and Craig

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Zara (BRLA's Nipper) BRLA Alumni

Hi Chantelle,
     I just wanted to let you know how Nipper aka Zara is doing (as you could see we changed her name).
    She is really a great girl and we are so happy we got her into our lifes. We do not have to do much about her behavior because she is not that dominant as Tex is. We take her to our dog daycare every day where she has a lot of fun and exercises as well.Once she is tired she is nice litle girl ready to go home with us.
Here are some pictures of her and Tex at home and some from the daycare.
Best Regards,

Friday, October 17, 2008

Chica (BRLA's Cookie) Oct. Run Update

Sorry I didn't get to writing you sooner, Jennifer.  Chica is doing great and is very much settled into our life here.  She seems very happy with me and our routine.  She doesn't like sitting still for pictures much but I got a few and one of her and I together from the first night.  Another picture is of herbeginningto dig a hole in our yard; it has since grown considerably.

Chica has packed on the pounds since she got here.  The foster mother in LA said that she weighed 18 pounds but she had dropped a few by the time she got here - I guess with all of the stress.  Now she is more like 21 pounds even though she races around like crazy and has a good walk at least once a day.   



Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A tribute to Millie

After spending 4 years at BRLA waiting for a family to call her own Millie came to Canada.  After only 3 months with her new family Millie passed away this morning.  From all the volunteers of Without Borders Boxer Rescue and Boxer Rescue LA we would like to extend our sadness and our thoughts to Lori and her family during this hard time.  Rest in Peace sweet Millie.  


Thank you all for your support, thoughts and prayers. Sadly Millie passed on this morning (Wed) at 10:00am.

She went peacefully and quietly. Thank god for that small blessing. She will be extremely missed around here.

What a beautiful soul.

Rest in Peace were a very loved girl.

Tia Maria Update (Senior Placement WBBR)

Hi there,


Just to let you know that Tia is settling in well and it feels like she’s been here forever.  Introductions to my other dogs and cats went well and all are getting along very well.  She is super sweet and loves to cuddle on the couch.  The closer she can snuggle with me on the couch, the happier she is.


She did bust out of a vari kennel on her 2nd day here.  That would explain how all her teeth got broken in the past.  A very determined old girl.  So, I switched her to a wire crate (which I’ve reinforced with many clips) and she seems to like that better.


Tia still isn’t eating well (hardly eating at all).  Her blood tests late last week showed some abnormalities and yesterday we did more blood tests for Addisons. Results should be available tomorrow some time.


I had my vet remove Tia’s skin tag yesterday.  


Attached are some photos of Tia.  Thank you so much for letting her come into my home.  She’s a doll and has definitely stolen a piece of my heart!



Monday, October 6, 2008

Jax pics (WBBR/BRLA Sept Run)

Jax visiting with Barb and Allan (WBBR Volunteers) boxer pack.  Jax is the plain fawn in the front.

Hi everyone, 

Here are some of the pictures I've managed to get.  I'd send more but our four legged endless friend thinks it's play time, like every other minute of the day.


Lucas and Layla Update (Sept. WBBR/BRLA Run)

Hi Jennifer

 Well, its been 3 weeks today since our new kids arrived, & I have to say after our initial scare with Winston’s Sever bronchitis episode, it seems like  both dogs have been

Part of our lives all year. They are really in Love with each other, which is the greatest part of the enjoyment, & Lilly has been running ( chasing each other ) Winston off his feet around the house. They are fun to watch, but when they ( Winston) has had enough, Winston just comes to us for protection from her constant need to play. They have both fallen nicely into OUR routine &  we will send the next batch of PIX when we have some good ones.

 As I am sure Lena told you though, we nearly LOST Winston though, as he was ( VET ) hospitalized with Chronic Bronchitis  2 days after they arrived. FOTUNATELY Dr Dave Marlow ( Langley ) our vet & friend,  was able to put him into Isolation room & give him intravenous drip for 4 days, Drugs & care for extra day, until he was safe to return home. Lilly picked up a mild strain ( fortunately ) from him presumably, & only needed a few days of drugs to overcome the cold. The poor boy was wrenching, couldn’t keep his food, or water down & was in pretty bad shape for a while.   It appears that Winston picked up this ailment a few days before flying out of L/A  as our vet said it usually takes 5 days incubation period. The stress of the flight probably didn’t help.

 All in all now though he is Fit & both are enjoying the LOVE & care we are giving them, & we enjoy the joy they are giving us. Things are  just meant to be I guess. ANYWAY Lilly is deffinately Lena’s Pal, & Winston took to me. Not that they don’t give each other of us TOTAL affection, it’s just the Male / Female thing of  human & animal nature. It appears ( from papers enclosed in the package ) that Lilly had a $2,000 Eye operation only a MONTH prior to her departure, so obviously the decision to part with her by the previous owner was a sudden one in everyone’s best interest. It also appears that we are in fact her 3rd owner, as the previous owners got her from a rescue centre. Anyway after her initial nervousness she is loving her NEW Canadian life. Still a bit nervous around new comers, but once she has met them & got a feel that they are not there to harm her, she takes to them.

 Hope all is well with you, & that there are a lot of boxers still being shipped into Canada, from down south. Still amazes me how anyone can let these precious pets go from their lives. Winston really is not too hard to handle. Has most of the basic training, just  slow at the SIT & Stay command, but as for walking, he is right by my side, Until he sees other dogs that he wants to play with ( like all of them )

The NEW owners & I am sure relief to the previous owners that their pets have found good homes. Please pass on ( if they ever ask ) that they are both living Happily in the great white north.


 Bob & Lena

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Radcliff Update (Sept WBBR/BRLA adoption run)

Hi Sheri, 
Sorry it has taken me so long to give you another update on Radcliff.  I've sent a few pictures that Matt took a couple of weeks ago.  I hope you can open the attachments....I'm not the best with a computer. 
He is such fun!!  What a good dog!  I took him to the vet about a week and a half after we got him, just to be sure he was in good health and didn't need any other vaccinations, etc.  He will need to be tested for heartworm in 6 months because he came from an area where it is common.  Here, it's fleas, so I've got flea stuff for him.  He is a good eater, has a great temperment, wants to please us, loves to play and go for walks.  He has made friends with some of the neighboring dogs, but not with the cats.  He just wants to chase them.  We've discovered that bunnies make him crazy!  He was on "Planet Bunny" when he saw them and there was NO communicating with him.  He has gotten used to water ie: rain, puddles.  He goes up and down stairs now, no problem.  The other day Jake asked "Why is Radcliff so awsome?".  
If ever you are in Nanaimo and would like to come over to see Radcliff, please give us a call.  We'd love for you to meet him.  He is great!  Take care and thanks again for your help in getting Radcliff to us!