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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Jed Update (Adopted Feb. 2009)

Good Morning:

Just a quick e-mail to send you some photos of Jed. He's doing exceptionally well and a very happy boy! I unfortunately don't have a computer at home and my camera won't connect with the one at work, so these are a few photos from my cell. The one of my husband and Jed standing on the beach was the day we picked him up at the airport. I still think he's skinny and didn't think he had gained very much weight until I looked at this photo again you can bearly see his ribs now I guess I didn't remember how bad it was. He's come a long way in a few weeks. We have taught him all the basic commands and he does very well at "doggy school". Hope you enjoy them!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Flora Dora Update - (Adopted Feb. 2009)

Dear Sheri,

I just you a long update on Flora and some pictures but it came back "delivery failed". Maybe too many pictures? She's doing wonderfully - I'm enclosing one picture - see if that works. We love her very much and she's fitting in beautifully. I'll send a more complete email tomorrow - sorry you didn't get the first one. I sent the contract Wednesday.
Thanks for everything!


Logan Update (Local Adoption)

Dear Chantelle,

Sorry I realized I did not send this contract to anyone in regards to Logan. I met Kerri in Duncan back in January and gave her the adoption fee and she gave me Logan and crate etc... Anyhow, he is doing fabulous. We are attending Naughty Dogge to get some of his aggression issues managed. Otherwise he's is great. We have to go to the Vet tomorrow for a pulled toe nail on his rear paw.

He is a real nutter for water. He loves running up and down the beach at the lagoon. He chases birds(thank God he can't fly)




Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Stanley (BRLA's Scooter - Adopted from Feb. 2009 Run)

His name is Stanley. He is right at home and he and Bill are on a tear together. Randy, Bill's owner our neighbor has returned from his back surgery but cannot look after him at this time due to his immobility. Bill has bonded with us and Stan. Ive mentioned this to Randy and offered to take him. Randy has not said no and promised to let us know this weekend. I think he will say yes I hope. In the meantime Stanley is doing greeeeat but God does he snore. He is quite aggressive when he needs to be with Bill. Its a good thing. Right now they are having a siesta together in their crate. We will send pictures in the next few days and let you know if Bill is staying. Thanks we really love the little bugger.

Rick and Gail

Rainha Update (Adopted in Feb. Run 2008)

Dear Joni, Sheri, and Chantelle,
As we just passed the one year anniversary of Rainha coming to Canada I thought I'd take a moment to update you.

She has fully recovered from all physical ailments, and is becoming a confident, happy little boxer. She is very comfortable in our home, and when we're out on the boat she likes to sit on the captains seat next to Chris and put her head on his shoulder.

Her very best friend is our cat, and they play every morning. She has quite a few dog friends too, that we often meet for walks on the beach or nearby trails. Rainha and I go to the beach at least 3 times a week. She has many human friends as well. At Christmas she recieved so many gifts from our friends and neighbours. Once she understood that the gifts were for her, and that she could pull the wrapping paper off and play with the toy inside, I think she thought she was in heaven!

Last summer, we discovered that Rainha loves to swim. She is so good at it, that she outswam a golden lab last August!

She even learned to swim beside me at the lake, so she and I could go for little swims together. We also discovered that she likes to float around on a windsurfing board. Here is a pic of Rainha floating around on the windsurfing board. She loved it when we'd push the board between us and she was floating in the bay - shallow of course!

She and I are taking a non-competitive dog agility class starting next month. I think this will help her confidence. She knows exactly what to do and how to act at home, but sometimes isn't sure when we're out and about. I think this class will help. I have no doubt that she will get there eventually :)

She is so loving and well behaved, we couldn't have asked for a better friend. I had her in a pet store over the weekend and even strangers remarked on how well behaved and calm she was.

She is the love of our lives, and Chris and I are grateful to you all for helping get her to Canada. I believe she loves her new life here, as she is so happy and playful.

All the best to you all,
Anna, Chris, Rainha, and Kei Kei (the cat!)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Henry Update (Sept. BRLA/WBBR Run)

Hello ladies,
I haven't given you an update on Henry lately so I thought I would let you know how he is doing.  We got Henry in September of 2008,  he has come along way especially in his weight.   The more comfortable Henry get the more his personality shows. He definitely loves his company and comes pretty much everywhere I go.  Five months we have had Henry join our family and he finally was able to go for his first helicopter ride with us in January.  He sat there like a distinguished gentleman and just looked out the window.  We flew to one of the beaches in the area and Henry loved it, running along the beach and playing with his buddy Dexter.  I have attached a couple of pictures for you to see.
From Catherine


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Chevy (BRLAs Monk) - Adopted Feb. 2009

Hi Sheri,
Just wanted to let you know the papers and cheque went out today, sorry it was a little later then we were hoping for. Things are going well here Chevy he's definitely fitting in with our family, neither Duke or Chevy will leave eachother alone. Duke's taken on the mommy role he's constantly checking up on Chevy to make sure hes okay, which is fine except when he's doing it at 4am and waking Chevy up. ha-ha Chevy got to meet Catherine's two dogs the other day and he fit in just great with them, he especially liked Henry (the one she got from you guys) Anyways just thought I would give you a quick update, were off again to the park to meet Catherine and her boys but here's some pictures of Chevy & his new bro Duke.

James & Kaylia

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Cami Update

Hi Sheri

You will be happy to know that I have gotten Cami to eat her meal. Thanks for the sugestions. I just put a couple of teaspoons of wet food and some beef bullion into her food and water and she eats fine. She also goes into her crate by herself. I think she is going to end up being Garry's dog because she likes him the best. We just have to work on the cats and some obedience and everything should be good with her. But it seems that she is very comfortable in her home. We could not ask for a better dog then her. I think we got lucky with her. I would like to thank you for giving us the opportunity with her. She is everything we asked for. Especially since she is really good with the kids. Especially Kiera. Kiera loves her and is always giving her hugs and kisses.