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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Buddy Update (Local Adoption - March 2009)

Buddy is doing well. The attached picture is Buddy at Barry's office. The first few days I went back to work Wednesday and Thursday of last week were rough on all of us. We had a "Cadillac" crate for him to stay in during our work days-larger and it allowed him to see out from every angle, he escaped from and proceeded to go through the house like a wild Indian. He did some damage- but we can fix it. I think our dog walker was more upset than us. Now he's in the crate we got him in. I have Kong's stuffed and frozen for him. We video'd him the first couple days and can see after a few minutes he settles in and either sleeps or works the Kong's. We have been walking him 2-3 times a day w/ a gentle leader. The vet suggested the gentle leader- he leads wonderfully with it. Not with the others we tried. We can tell he hasn't really been taught to walk on a leash or socialized much. But he has got to be one of the smartest dogs I know. The official training starts 4.15.09.
He goes in tomorrow to be micro chipped and neutered. We will get the paperwork, signed contract and money to you soon.

Buddy's ready to go for his walk.

Talk to you soon,

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Short Update from Han Solo's Dad (BRLA's Pop - Adopted June 2008)

Hi Jennifer:

I just thought I would drop you a quick hello as we just took Han to meet our vet and had a good check-up. He's 56 lbs and like a little truck : ) She says we should try to maintain him at this level and possibly a little less. Heart is good, teeth OK, etc all good.

Nails are still an issue he really doesn't like us touching them so we will have to work on that.

He's doing great .. Molly and he play very well together with no issues really.

We don't crate him anymore at all during the day, he has full roam of the house and we are going to stop crating him at night as well but leave it open if he wants to go in.

So all is well .. time has passed quickly.

Very very loveable little guy and very good with the grandkids.

Hope all is well.


Monday, March 23, 2009

Miss Muffet & Diesel Update (Adopted from BRLA April 2007)

Hi BRLA from Nanoose Bay, British Columbia Canada.

Miss Muffet and Diesel are coming up to their 2nd anniversary with us, (April 2007) and we are soooooo happy to have adopted this beautiful bonded pair from BRLA via Without Borders Boxer Rescue!

Of course, we've been supporting BRLA in the $10K voting with regular votes!!!

Thanks for the wonderful boxers.. Good Luck BRLA, we're pulling for you!!! And we're working hard with Chantelle and Without Borders Boxer Rescue up here in Canada interviewing families and supporting Boxer Rescue.

We've also submitted a pic of both of them on their couch - possibly Bissel may appreciate that we use their products to regularly clean their couch every week!

Dana and Brenda McComber

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sydney Update (Adopted from BRLA March 2008)

Hi Sheri:

I just have the one horse... He to is a 'rescue' and I have had him for 20 years now so he stays too.

I forgot it was you that brought back Sydney for me! THANK YOU so much!!! He is great and is even a great horsie dog now! He goes on trail rides and runs around the barn yard like he was born there. He is so attached to me though that when I went into the hospital no one could let him out of the house because he was guarding my room! He also has bit two people but he guards doors when I go in somewhere no men are allowed to follow me unless I am with them. It is really an honor but I have to not put him in the situation where he has to guard for me. I just about had to move because of the bite but we worked it out and Syd has not done anything like that since we figured out what was up with him.

He is a great boy... I will send you a pic of him this winter and some beach shots from this last summer (2008)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Abbie (BRLAs Pretzel) - More Updates!!!

Hi Jennifer,

I can't believe its almost two weeks since we got Abbie....she is doing
really well. With the help of Porter and our neighbours who came and walked
her this week she is not howling anymore and she seems to be calmer and
calmer when we come home. Every day that goes by you can see her
personality come out...the picture attached was from this morning where I
was sitting at the coffee shop with Claire and she just came up and was a beautiful moment. She has been to the beach everyday
and loves it. Without a word of a lie 99% of the people that walk by tell
us how beautiful she is...she has already gained a few pounds and looks a
lot better.

Anyways I have to get some of Claire's paperwork done as I have been
slacking off the last few weeks with Abbie here.

Take care....T

A note from Flora Dora's Mom (Adopted Feb. 2009)

Dear Sheri,

She is doing fabulously! She fits in here so well and has settled in beautifully.

Now that winter is slowly coming to an end we are going into the woods a bit more and she spends the whole time with her nose to the ground, drinking in all the smells of the Ontraio forests.

We love her so much and are so happy we adopted her.

I hope you got my previous updates and the few pictures I was able to send.

We juts received word that we are posted to Comox, B.C this summer, so Flora will be heading back West again! We'll have to come and visit and have a coffee.

We'll be sure to stay in touch and let you know our new address when we have one.


Friday, March 20, 2009

Tonka - Local Adoption (Jan. 2009)

Here is a picture of our boy Tonka who was a local adoption placed in January. Looks like our boy is really enjoying his new life with his new family! What a great life!
Enjoy my furry little one enjoy!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A short note from Paprika's Mom (BRLA's Doodle)

Ok so it turns out that training men is actually harder than puppies (generalization of course) she's not allowed on the sofa (on my watch) but look how cute she is...I can see how she gets away with it. 
It's all good.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Rico - Adopted from BRLA Feb. 2009

Both are fine, Jennifer. I took them up a mountain today and we are all
ready for a nap. Thanks for your message, Lydia

Chica was adopted last year from BRLA by Lydia. In February Lydia and Chica adopted Rico to add to their family:)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bentley crosses to the Bridge

It is with a heavy heart that I post that our foster boy Bentley passed away this afternoon. I went out for 2.5 hours and when I returned Bentley had passed away from Canine Bloat. If you do not know what this is or the signs for it please read the post on the Discussion Board. 

Bentley has been in our care since November of 2008. He was a very special boy who had qualities best suited to an experienced handler. We all loved him here and enjoyed all his silly antics and crazy ways. He will be sadly missed. My only wish is that we could have found him a family to call his own. 

Keep passing on the word and sending in your adoption applications. There are so many boxers like Bentley waiting for families to call their own.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Abbie (BRLAs Pretzel) - Adopted from BRLA - March 2009

Yesterday Peter hung out with Abbie (that is official her name) and she was as good as gold. Peter however though was chatting on the phone and noticed she was missing in action and found her on one of our chairs (I have attached a picture). We took her along Kits beach to the dog park and it was the most BEAUTIFUL thing...she said hi to all the doggies and was totally non-aggressive - Claire and I were like jumping up and down with joy!!! We hung out at the house after our walk and Abbie just curled up in a ball on her fancy new bed and went to sleep.

We are TOTALLY in love, Claire and I are quite excited about starting the class tomorrow. We are thinking that she is going to be the star of the class and we are going to be the proud parents (LOL!)

Have a great afternoon...please relay to Chantelle....



Hi Jennifer,

We are OVER the top so thrilled with Pretzel. She just clung to me all the way home, the dogs met outside and it was like it was a regular occurance, we then did the tour of the house and then within 10 minutes she was all curled up on the floor as content as could be. She took a few minutes to settle down in her crate and then off to bed we all went. This morning she went outside and did her business no problems and the picture you see attached is her just hanging out with Peter in the office this morning. She is totallllllllly in love with Peter...I swear she is batting her eyes. She really is a beautiful dog inside and out..we are thinking of calling her Abagayle but the jury is still out.

I can't thank you enough for all you have done for us....please let Chantelle know also. I have so much admiration for what you both do and I think you are amazing people. These boxers are so lucky! I will keep you posted and I hope we can get together in the near future with your doggies and have a play date.

From the bottom of my heart thank you!


Toby - Local Adoption

He is doing wonderful! He is such a sweetheart, we can't imagine life without him! Did not realise how much we missed having a boxer around the house, everyone has fallen for this big goof.You can tell he is used to being around women more than men, he follows me everywhere,that's fine with me cause I just have the biggest smile when I look at him!!! He has barked once since wednesday, everyone jumped a mile!!lol He goes in his crate no problem at night and goes straight to sleep. Oh I forgot what the boxer farts are like, Craig is happy I can't blame him anymore!!hahaha
Will keep you posted

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Paprika (BRLAs Doodle) Adopted Feb. 2009

Feb. 19th, 2009

Hi Jennifer,

I have been thinking about you, but it's been a bit crazy at home this past week and I've no time to send or answer e-mails. Thank goodness for work and quiet! We have renamed Doodles - Paprika. She is a total sweetheart. She loves people, is good with children, wonderful off leash at the dog park. She is not good in the house yet. She wants to play with the cats - and although they are not afraid of her, they don't want to play, either. She is tethered in the house and she is fine (for the most part when she can see us) but she has a bit of separation anxiety that we are working on. She is going to daycare during the day and we start obedience training next week. She is a beautiful dog and we are 100% committed to working through this somewhat difficult and stressful transition.

Thank you again so much for your help in bringing her to us!!
We would like to return your towels to you so that you can use them with other dogs...

March 8th, 2009

Well, it's a month today! And you know? Paprika is an amazing puppy. I took her to the Harry Rosen Run today for Prostate Cancer. She is such a little sweetheart - she charms everyone wherever we go. This Tuesday we start puppy obedience. Just wanted to say a huge thank you - yet again. She's gained 6 pounds already and looks like a race dog. She even likes the snow.
Hope all is well with you.

Olive Update - Adopted Nov. 2008

Take a look at this great picture of Olive, she lives quite the life. She is a Starbucks dog, goes for a walk every day to Starbucks and then gets the foam out of Lynn's cup! She has made friends with other dogs in the condo and plays with them, loves to chase balls.


Saturday, March 7, 2009

Blackie Update (BRLA's Charleston - Adopted Nov. 2008)

Hi Jennifer,

Just wanted to give you another update on Blackie, plus some photos that I finally got around to downloading. Feel free to post them on WBBR.

Blackie is doing really well. He had surgery on his toe in December, but is fully healed now and has filled out. No more skin and bones. He also does not appear to have a thyroid problem, so we discontinued the meds. The vet thinks it was probably more a poor nutrition/neglect issue before.

We could not have asked for a more loving and child-friendly dog. He tolerates all the climbing, poking, and pulling on his body by the baby, as he knows her intentions are good and that he will get cuddles and hugs in return. The baby often seeks him out to use as a pillow or to "read" stories to him. He loves it, and she adores him.

Blackie sits on command now and seems to be housebroken finally. We're working on coming when called and not knocking the kids over in ecstatic bliss. My girls are pretty rough and tumble, so they take his energy in stride. He is so friendly, he follows strangers sometimes and still doesn't seem to fully recognize his name. But he is very attached to me and the girls, and knows where to find treats and snuggles.

Enjoy the photos.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Sam Update (Adopted Feb. 2009)

Hi Everyone!

Just wanted to let everyone know how Sam is doing up in the frozen north! He's fitting in well with us and after breaking out of his crate and passing some "tests" has earned the right to stay loose while we are away at work. We come home to a sleepy Sam waking up fom his favourite spot...the couch!

He's still under the weather but we're working on getting him better and hopefully he'll turn around soon. Some KC and upset tummy...he's off meds right now to give him a break. Our vet is confident he'll turn around...doesn't help that we had a cold spell with -27 degrees celcius!

He's a great dog who loves everyone! He's met a lot of people in our building and they all stop and say hi when they see him and ask after him if he isn't with us. He met some little boys last weekend and was in heaven. All wiggle beans and kisses :) Walks well on a leash and hopefully if he is better in time, we'll be going to obedience in the middle of March!

One thing we didn't expect and love about him is that when he is on his antibiotics, he takes them like treats!!! no PB, no cheese nada..just make him sit and he takes it crunch crunch and down the hatch it goes! Amazing :)

He is so sweet and he just loves to be you'll see in the pics!

Thank you again for giving us the best boxer boy we could have ever imagined.

Erin, Kyle and Sam