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Sunday, March 14, 2021

Little Lady is looking for a new home - Lucia ADOPTED


Meet Lucia. She is 6 months. An Old English Bulldogge. She is a sweet young girl who is also smart and fun. Unfortunately due to life changes this little lady is finding herself looking for a new home. It is heart breaking and devastating for this family that they have re-home her but they have reached out to RAB for help.

Sweet Lucy was born with Bilateral stifle thickening and palpable effusion. Aka Bilateral cruciate tear. This is in both of her hind legs. The vet recommends TPLO surgery on both of her legs once the vet is confident that her growth palettes have matured. He estimates that this surgery can be done when she is 10 months old.

Doing one TPLO is an extensive surgery let alone two at the same time. Recovery and rehabilitation post surgery would be about 3 months. They expect her to have a good prognosis to have normal athletic function once fully recovered.

We are looking for a special home for this sweet girl to land.

If you can help please let us know. Pop us an email at: