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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Life on the Farm with Fraser & Lucy - BRLA Alumni

Hi Kerry,

Sorry it has taken so long for me to email you back. It has been a little crazy around here. The dogs are doing great. There is never a dull moment around here with the two of them. They definitely keep a smile on your face. They can also be very mischievous. Some day I will have to tell you about the chicken incident. They have some new friends. We have 2 sheep and 2 calves which they can't seem to figure out. They stayed by the fence for days when we got the sheep. I literally had to drag Fraser in the house. Even when it rained and he hates to get wet. They just got used to the sheep when the calves came. We've had them for about a month now and they are still hanging out by the fence. Fraser especially likes it at feeding time as the calves are still on Milk Replacer and he likes to lick the bucket when they are done.

I have to email these pictures separate as I cant remember how to put them all in one email and my kids aren't home to show me how. It was good to hear from you and I hope things are going well with the boxer rescue. That was my niece who was interested in adopting, but I think for now they are going to put it on hold as she is in university and there household is even more hectic than mine.

Keep in touch and I will try to send some more recent pictures, but I have to learn how to send attchments. If you are in the area make sure you drop in and see us.


Coco Living a Dog's dream - Adopted Jul 2010

Hi Chantelle, Coco is doing just awesome! We absolutely love her! She keeps us on our toes but we love it. We have had her out camping twice and to the river and the beach. She was lots of fun at the beach, especially when she discovered the little sand crabs. We go for lots of walks and she is doing really well on her leash(thanks to an episode of the Dog Whisperer)Ha ha. We live across the street from the kids school so we go there every night to chase after the ball, which she loves of course. Went for a walk on the seawalk last night because my hubby wanted to rollerblade with her while the kids rode their bikes but she wasn't quite ready for that. Almost a wipe out for my hubby, when she gets running on her leash she starts biting it and jumping up so we'll work on that and just stick to regular walks for now. We are so in love with her and so are my parents you just live down the street and of course are very proud to have a new grand "dogger". I could go on and on.

Take Care,
From the Glovers

Friday, July 23, 2010

Get Your Tickets TODAY for Pub Night!

Hey gang,

Get your tickets today for Pub Night! The event is becoming ever so popular and it looks like we are going to sell out before the event! If you are thinking about going, contact me today to get your tickets. There will be no ticket sales at the door for admission. Email me at

Don't forget there will be raffles and silent auction items. You could win a round trip for 2 to fly anywhere West Jet flies. Those destinations include; Hawaii, Mexico & the Caribbean. This prize includes all taxes and surcharges!

Come on guys!!! Looking forward to seeing everyone!



Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hello from Zeus! - Adopted July 2009

Zeus update:
I have included some pictures of Zeus for you :) He was finally able a few weeks ago to be able to be let out of his crate all day by himself without destroying anything! However, that was short lived LOL. When it was really hot, I couldnt really excercise him and when that happens he turns into a little devil. He went back to taking it out on my shoes, bbq lighters, jackets, anything he could find when he was mad that we left for work. He is back to his normal routine now though and seems to be doing better again. He absolutely loves puppies and small dogs and is very gentle with them. We have discovered that he is a tad leash reactive when he and a new dog are on leash together, but if I loosen the tension or drop the leash all together, he is fine. His prey drive is still high for birds and squirrels, but he is too slow to ever catch them lol. Someone likened him to a freight train a while back, heavy in the front with the back just following behind. And you can hear him coming from a mile away! He is also a very large snuggler and every few weeks will whine at me for hours on end (after feeding, walking, dog park-ing and doing his business) and all he wants is alone snuggle time with his mom. I will keep you updated and hope to see you at the fundraiser!


Saturday, July 17, 2010

update on WBBR Pub Night - Sun. August 29th

Hi guys:

Just wanted to let you know about some new developments and updates on the Pub Fundraiser.

This fundraiser has been shaping up to be quite the epic event! Everyone has heard about WBBR's Pub Night and wants to get involved. The buzz is out on the street and on Sunday August 29th the place to be is Taylor's Crossing Pub in North Vancouver.

The tickets have been printed and we are ready to send them out! Please email me directly to pre-purchase your tickets. This event is so popular that we might sell out super fast, as space is limited! So contact me today and get your ticket!

Have you heard the news???? WBBR is proud to have West Jet on board as one of our sponsors! The raffle this year will be a round trip ticket for 2 to fly anywhere West Jet flies! This includes all taxes & surcharges! WHOoooohooo West Jet! We always knew you were our favourite airline! Thank you.

Okay hockey fans! Hold onto your hats!
This just in........... The Vancouver Canucks have donated an authentic jersey that is signed by this year's Hart Trophy recipient, Henrik Sedin.

And our newest volunteers Tyson & Elizabeth Boychuk have very generously donated a 2007 Western Conference All Star jersey, signed by the 2010 Olympic Gold medal winner, Roberto Luongo!

Both these items will be on display for our silent auction.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Date: Sunday, August 29, 2010
Time: 4:00pm - 8:00pm
Location: Taylor's Crossing Brew Pub (upstairs)
Street: 1035 Marine Drive
City/Town: North Vancouver, BC
Tickets are $30 for single ticket or $50 per couple, price of ticket includes appetizers and 1 drink per person

If anyone would like a digital copy of our poster, to pin up please let me know.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pepsi NOW Sweet Pea Update

Hi Chantelle,

I've attached some photos of SweetPea and Piglet. SweetPea is doing great, the medication for the giardia has worked very quickly, so the diarreah is gone. Her eyes are clearing up as well and she's feeling pretty good. Her personality is really starting to come out, and she's pretty darn adorable!

I'm starting a beginners obedience class with her this Sunday, which will end August 22nd.

Take care,


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lacey (BRLA's Faith) adopted in May 2005

Hi Chantelle

Lacey is all in all a real sweet heart. She’s got a bit of an attitude when it comes to people or animals coming close to our fence and seems to emit that fear aggression and barks like a maniac (I’m sure we are the favourites in our neighbourhood…hahaha), but she is just AMAZING with our little boy and just a loving, sweet girl.

I’ve attached a few pics. Some are sort of recent and some are from a little over a year ago.

Good luck with rescue and thanks again,


Champ in his new forever home

Hi Coralee,

Champ is doing great and is actually snuggled up right between Derek and I right now. We have attached some pictures for you, he's definitely the perfect fit for us. We took him to the vet the other day and he is now completely mange free.
Thanks for checking in!

Pam, Derek, & Champ

Owen (BRLAs Sumo) adopted June 2010

Hi Allyson,

Attached are some pictures of Owen (formerly known as Sumo at the BRLA) with us and Lucy.

Thank you without borders boxer rescue! We have had Owen (formerly known as Sumo at the BRLA) for over two weeks now and couldn't be happier. He has been a very affectionate dog with us since the day he arrived, he appears to be happy to be a part of our home and family. We walk everyday and he is very good on the leash as he always looks where we are, we take him to the off leash dog park as well and he is good, just gets a little excited to see other dogs. After a couple weeks we have already noticed a little weight gain and his skin is slowly getting better and looking good. He is very fun to be around and he always wants to be where we are. He has a very goofy and fun attitude with us as he will roll around all over us. He has finally figured out what a dog bed is and he loves it, we don't think he has ever enjoyed one before. He and Lucy, our other dog, still have some things to work out but he kisses her everyday.

Just wanted to say thank you for matching and adopting out us with such a wonderful dog!

Quenton and Danielle

Mange Puppy (Green) now Ichabob Crane aka Icky - Update

Thank you for the pics! He's so cute. His mange is clearing up nicely, only a few pickies on his head, he is silky smooth otherwise... "Zohan" got a hold of him... Here are a couple of pics of him with his buddy Dug.


Monday, July 12, 2010

George Needs your help - please donate if you can

George arrived at the Carson City shelter in California on June 26th, he had no tags, no collar, no microchip and a very bad limp. Xrays were taken that day and it was determined that George had a fully fractured left femur. The leg was stabilized in a splint and there at the shelter George sat waiting for his owner to come and get him. George's owner never came and he was put up for adoption. Day after day this young boy watched people walking past his run and his tail would wag, waiting, waiting, maybe today is the day I get to go home. What George didn't know is the surgery cost to repair his leg will be approx. $1500 or more. He didn't know that the people walking past his run and saying "oh poor baby" and "oh you are so cute but your leg is broken" would not commit to a dog that required such expensive surgery and lengthy recovery right from the shelter. So day by day the people passed him by and day by day he just lay on his bed and wagged his tail, waiting.

Then on July 1st a couple of volunteers from Boxer Rescue LA were walking thru and saw George. Their hearts broke for this sweet boy. BRLA knew they needed a very special place for George in his condition. George needs a foster home where he can heal and mend, as he will have an extensive recovery period. WBBR received the call on Canada Day. How fitting to ask if George could become a Canadian on this day! Our hearts broke for George but we needed to contact our vet, we needed to find out if we could do this. July 2nd the call came in that Carson Shelter could not hold George any longer and he would be euthanized at the end of the day. Time was of the essence and without a second thought the entire WBBR team said "we'll figure it out". BRLA picked George up and housed him until July 11th when our team travelled to LA to pick him up.

Even through all the pain George has an amazing personality. He loves other dogs and wants nothing more then to sit beside you and bury his big head in to your lap. George is now under the expert care of our vets at Dewndey Animal Hospital in Maple Ridge where he will receive the surgery required to save his leg.

WBBR is thankful for everyone who helped make the rescue of George possible.

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