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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Rudy Update

Hi Sheri,

Hope everything's going well! Just thought I'd send a couple updated pictures of Rudy. He is nearing 40 lbs now and lost about 5 of his puppy teeth! Getting along with Kailey better than ever they are inseparable. Please let me know if you are ever in need of a volunteer for anything I would love to get more involved with WBBR. Will let you know when Rudy is neutered and send the paperwork.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ichabod WBBR's Green doing fabulous & all grown up

This is Ichabod. He is one of the many mange puppies that WBBR had last summer. He is living life large on a farm with his little fur brother & senior fur sister. As well he has a couple of human children to play with too. Ick spends his days running free on over 100 acres of farm land with his family. When he gets tired he just jumps into the golf cart and has a nap while mom tends to the farm.

Looking great buddy!

Lucy & Suzi's Great Adventure

Hi Sheri,

Hope you are doing good! Lucy and Suzi are totally in love with each other and spend all their time together. The pics are from Elk RIver campsite just out of Campbell River. We stayed for a week and the dogs can't wait to go again.

Talk to later,

Wall-E now Bentley doing fabulous!

Hi Ladies

Just an update on our boy...he went to see the specialists at Can West about his leg. Good news, no further operations, just lots of he is now swimming at the therapy pool 4 days a week along with massage, acupuncture and pain relief. Tomorrow I am starting ground poles in the sand ring at the barn.
He IS doing very well!!

He is now standing on his bad leg to lift his good leg to pee! Hoorah Bentley!!
We love him to bits, he loves his Dad especially.


Friday, May 13, 2011

Addie and Hope

Hope above and Addie below after a few hours of working with their trainers out in a park. The girls are working hard to become a normal dog.

Maddison and Precious now Addie and Hope

Photos of Addie and Hope day 1

Maddison and Precious welcomed 2 Dobermans in to our rescue last night. The girls have come from a situation that has become out of control. Due to personal reasons the dogs have not received the needed social skills to live in the "real world". The girls have never been off their property and are not socialized with other dogs/noises/situations etc. The girls were paralyzed with fear when they were taken from the property yesterday. After a night to settle everything seemed the same this morning. The girls spent the morning working with 3 Sit Happens trainers and after a couple of hours the girls started to come out of their shells. They were starting to come when called. Get up and simply walk. The girls have a long way to go but today they showed signs of being dogs and not just empty shells.

With their new lives comes new homes. Today the Sit Happens trainers re-named the girls. Maddison is now Addie and Precious is now Hope. Watch for photos and updates on the girls. Along with the addition of 2 more dobermans tomorrow.

Without Borders Boxer Rescue would like to thank the BC SPCA and the BC Government for their relentless commitment in the investigation of the mass killing of the Whistler Sled Dogs. Our hope is that this case will help end the suffering of future dogs and animals with changes to the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act.

As an organization we would like to thank all those who participated in the investigation from the SPCA constables to the veterinarians and forensic scientists.

Please help Without Borders support the efforts of the BC SPCA by sending a letter of thanks to:

BC SPCA Attn: Marcie Moriarty

1245 East 7th Ave

Vancouver, BC

V5T 1R1

Monday, May 9, 2011

Abe now Apollo - doing fabulous!

Hi Alison,

Just wanted to let you know that Apollo is doing great at our house! He is a very mellow gentle guy and he is great with Adriana! He absolutely loves Tim (which makes Tim soooo happy). He seems to be just so happy to have a home. He is learning some basic skills and settling in well. I will send more pics in the future but these were a couple I took recently. His scars are healing up really well and the fur is already growing back (yeah for him!).

Thanks so much!

Take Care!


Gretta Update - Finally Home

Hi Shannon,

Thanks for getting in touch. We are all doing well, especially Gretta. She's snoozing next to me right now. We think she's absolutely wonderful and charming, plus she's a great fit for our lives. She's been enjoying our weekend hikes, so we're looking forward to more in the summer. We've taken her to the beach twice, she loves visiting my parents' house (on 55 acres) with us, and she is popular at our frequent dinner parties.

I was at an artist residency for the month of March in the Cascade Mountains, and I was able to bring Gretta with me. It snowed almost the entire time, and she had so much fun. We hiked a few times a week.

Gretta's health seems very good--her vet says we picked a gem, but we already knew that.

We are very happy with Gretta and she is very content to be part of our family. We really appreciate all of the people from WBBR who made it possible for us to adopt her. I'm attaching some photos.

I hope you guys and your pup are doing well,

Missing Pomeranian - Have you seen Teddy?

Last seen in Pitt Meadows