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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Olive (WBBR/BRLA Nov. Run) Update

Olive waited a full year at BRLA for a family to call her own.  She is one happy girl now!

Just a note to let you know that Olive as arrived at her new home safe and sound. A good night at my sisters, with lots of laughs - Olive got 'Mr. Squirrel' a squeaky toy and had a blast with him. In the morning, she watched the real thing out on the balcony eating chopped nuts.

Good trip home, nothing eventful. She was completely unimpressed with snow!!!! She likes the gardens here - lots of paths to walk. Tonite, we heard a big owl hooting and of course, she wanted to try tree climbing. She is snuggled in her new bed in my office as I write, just like I imagined so many times. I told her that, too. She is such a petite little girl - her new Dad is really starting to warm to her.

Thanks to both of you for all you have done for her and the many others like her.


Hi Raphele

My new mom is helping me with the typing because the keyboard is too small for my paws. Cause I CAN type - you know how smart I am.

I have had SUCH a week!!!

I went on a big plane ride and then to a place called Chantelle's with a whole bunch of other boxers. Then a couple of ladies came to Chantelle's to take me home.

It was SO exiting. You know how I love to ride in the car!!!! Well, they tried to put a harness on me. Ha Ha!!! It was to fit a Mastiff, so of course I wiggled out in no time at all and climbed in the front seat on top of Michelle. Next thing you know, I am in someplace called Bosely's. It was a HUGE cookie and toy store. I got properly fitted for a car harness with soft stuff inside it. I don't like it cause I have to stay put! And I got a bed of my own and a squeaky toy. I already ripped his tail off!!!

Then we went to my mom's sister for one night and now I am home. I think. I hope. They have the BEST show here outside the window. It is called CATS!!! I just LOVE it. But the cats don't.

I can snooze on the sofa and I can lay in my bed while my mom is on the computer.  We went out this morning and I have a REALLY big yard. I have to share it with  3 other dogs, but I haven't met them yet. There is a little stream running thru it and there are ducks too. Mom said that there are beavers and they have made a dam and now the stream is like a little lake. That will be good in the hot summer. Boy, Raphele, it is cool here!!! Have you ever seen snow? Mom said we might have some this week.

I will get my mom to take some pictures when I get my new clothes. We are going today and see about a sweater and a coat and maybe some boots.

Bye for now. I miss you Raphele, but this is pretty good here. (I got up on the bed this mornining - my crate is still in the car)


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