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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Radcliff Update (Sept WBBR/BRLA adoption run)

Hi Sheri, 
Sorry it has taken me so long to give you another update on Radcliff.  I've sent a few pictures that Matt took a couple of weeks ago.  I hope you can open the attachments....I'm not the best with a computer. 
He is such fun!!  What a good dog!  I took him to the vet about a week and a half after we got him, just to be sure he was in good health and didn't need any other vaccinations, etc.  He will need to be tested for heartworm in 6 months because he came from an area where it is common.  Here, it's fleas, so I've got flea stuff for him.  He is a good eater, has a great temperment, wants to please us, loves to play and go for walks.  He has made friends with some of the neighboring dogs, but not with the cats.  He just wants to chase them.  We've discovered that bunnies make him crazy!  He was on "Planet Bunny" when he saw them and there was NO communicating with him.  He has gotten used to water ie: rain, puddles.  He goes up and down stairs now, no problem.  The other day Jake asked "Why is Radcliff so awsome?".  
If ever you are in Nanaimo and would like to come over to see Radcliff, please give us a call.  We'd love for you to meet him.  He is great!  Take care and thanks again for your help in getting Radcliff to us! 

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