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Monday, October 6, 2008

Lucas and Layla Update (Sept. WBBR/BRLA Run)

Hi Jennifer

 Well, its been 3 weeks today since our new kids arrived, & I have to say after our initial scare with Winston’s Sever bronchitis episode, it seems like  both dogs have been

Part of our lives all year. They are really in Love with each other, which is the greatest part of the enjoyment, & Lilly has been running ( chasing each other ) Winston off his feet around the house. They are fun to watch, but when they ( Winston) has had enough, Winston just comes to us for protection from her constant need to play. They have both fallen nicely into OUR routine &  we will send the next batch of PIX when we have some good ones.

 As I am sure Lena told you though, we nearly LOST Winston though, as he was ( VET ) hospitalized with Chronic Bronchitis  2 days after they arrived. FOTUNATELY Dr Dave Marlow ( Langley ) our vet & friend,  was able to put him into Isolation room & give him intravenous drip for 4 days, Drugs & care for extra day, until he was safe to return home. Lilly picked up a mild strain ( fortunately ) from him presumably, & only needed a few days of drugs to overcome the cold. The poor boy was wrenching, couldn’t keep his food, or water down & was in pretty bad shape for a while.   It appears that Winston picked up this ailment a few days before flying out of L/A  as our vet said it usually takes 5 days incubation period. The stress of the flight probably didn’t help.

 All in all now though he is Fit & both are enjoying the LOVE & care we are giving them, & we enjoy the joy they are giving us. Things are  just meant to be I guess. ANYWAY Lilly is deffinately Lena’s Pal, & Winston took to me. Not that they don’t give each other of us TOTAL affection, it’s just the Male / Female thing of  human & animal nature. It appears ( from papers enclosed in the package ) that Lilly had a $2,000 Eye operation only a MONTH prior to her departure, so obviously the decision to part with her by the previous owner was a sudden one in everyone’s best interest. It also appears that we are in fact her 3rd owner, as the previous owners got her from a rescue centre. Anyway after her initial nervousness she is loving her NEW Canadian life. Still a bit nervous around new comers, but once she has met them & got a feel that they are not there to harm her, she takes to them.

 Hope all is well with you, & that there are a lot of boxers still being shipped into Canada, from down south. Still amazes me how anyone can let these precious pets go from their lives. Winston really is not too hard to handle. Has most of the basic training, just  slow at the SIT & Stay command, but as for walking, he is right by my side, Until he sees other dogs that he wants to play with ( like all of them )

The NEW owners & I am sure relief to the previous owners that their pets have found good homes. Please pass on ( if they ever ask ) that they are both living Happily in the great white north.


 Bob & Lena

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