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Monday, June 15, 2009

Fashion File with Paprika (BRLAs Doodle)

Hi Jennifer!

We are having so much fun with Paprika. I've attached a couple of pictures - my sister Lorna gave her this adorable party dress to wear for my birthday, and she was quite happy to wear it. This morning she decided that she would share the sofa with the cat (who was there first) and no growling, or hissing from Espresso - a breakthrough! Paprika is very respectful of the cats although now and again she can't figure out why they don't want to play with her.
Last week we took her to the beach at Ambleside and she had her first SWIM. She seemed a bit bewildered by the experience, but I am sure with more exposure,she will like to swim as much as she likes to wade.

She continues to learn and seems much more secure and confident. She will now accompany us in to different buildings without us having to drag her. This last month she has become much more playful and if she can't find her own toys (she doesn't look too hard sometimes) she will find something of ours that looks like it might be fun.

She is sweet, and affectionate and oh so cute and funny! She has the whole "poor me" routine down to perfection.

I hope all is well with you. Thanks again for the work you do. We appreciate it so very,very much!!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Buddy Update (Local Adoption)

Sorry, we've been in Bend (we have no computer there). Buddy is doing great. He's gained weight 49 to 56 lbs. He knows sit, lay down, stay, back up, and heals great! He has three crates (2 in Milwaukie and 1 in Bend) and goes in them without any problem (he gets stuffed Kongs in them). We walk 2 to 3 times per day. We have play time with the neighbor dogs at both homes. I think he likes Bend the best because we have a huge fenced yard and a doggie door, so he can run out whenever he wants. We have a doggie door in Milwaukie, but the yard in small. I've attached a couple of pictures of him. He's very attached to my son, who is training for a triathalon and he's watching him swim.

We went to the first three classes and had to was not what we had been told and had a lot of dogs/owners. This might be good for a hearing dog, but not for our situation. Barry actual tripped over Buddy at the last class and ended up having knee surgery. We knew eventually he would need it, but this just made it happen sooner. Besides the site is out of business now.

Barry is out of town for a couple days- last night I found him looking out the front window w/5 of his toys lined up on the window seal waiting for him to drive up. He's really a smart dog.

We love Buddy!

Thanks for everything,

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Kota Update (Local Adoption)

Jennifer & Chantelle:

Haven't been in touch for way too long! Kota is doing great as you can see. He and his brother are "best buds" ! The only issue is that we think Kota has some environmental allergies..we'll deal.

Almost a year later, thank you again to both of you!

Lori, Jeff, Kota and Titan

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Update on Mia (Local Adoption Jan 09)

Hi Jennifer,
Sorry for not responding, having a problem with email, Mia has not changed to much, she is still very hyper which results in a challenge when walking, I had taken her to a trainer her response was not to good, trainer comments were it will take a lot of time and patience or she may be the type of dog that won't respond, Mia is now spotting around the house do not know why, had her to see the vet she may have bladder problems, I have to take a urine sample, or it may be her hyper nature, sure hope we find the answer to that problem.
Any how Mia is not all doom and gloom she is an interesting dog which has become very close to us, we love her dearly for better or worse, I am going to keep working with her and as time goes on I think she will come around.
She is a handful at our trailer but hey who is to say that all the other dogs are not.
That is about all for now, I will keep you posted.
This is the spot for Mia, she is a true Seaforthite.
Take care, enjoy your week-end.
Wayne & Bev

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Pictures of Mia (BRLAs Twilight)

Here are pictures of Mia. She is doing great in her new home! What a sweet girl!

Katie (Sadie) Update (Local Adoption Jan. 2009)

Hi Jennifer, sorry I haven't talked to you sooner. Katie is doing good. I'm biking with her sometimes to try and tire her out some days. I still have issues with her wanting to jump the fence if she hears people and with summer coming it is going to be a challenge. She walks like a dream unless she sees another dog but that is getting somewhat better. She has went at Buddy a couple of times but thats just from her getting more comfortable here and testing all her boundaries but she is understanding I am PACK LEADER...not I had a BBQ here yesterday and she was as good as gold. I got her Jan 26th, then got my friends dog 3 weeks later. My friends dog didn't go home until 10 days ago so for 3 months I couldn't put 100% focus on her but now I can. Buddy's legs are getting real bad. I can only walk him up the street a bit then back. He slips on the floor now. I dread the thought of having to make the same decision that I had to make in Oct. with Abbey. Anyways time to go bike Katie.

Talk to you soon.