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Monday, April 25, 2011

Nala home sweet home

Hi Kerri

Things are going great. Nala is growning like a weed, she's all legs and feet. Aramis and her get along great, they're new best friends. She's great at work, she loves to meet and greet all the clients and their puppies. And is very well mannered. The only time she makes a sound, is when she needs to go out to the bathroom, other than that, she's as quite as a mouse. On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday she gets to go to the back and spend the afternoon with our accountant and her dog Bugg, he's a Boston Terrier. The boys love her, they come to all of her Puppy classes, and are very eager to help with the training. She's the youngest and smallest in her class, but she can really hold her own. Everyone can't believe how smart she is, and how quick she picks things up, I personally think that she's the brightest in the class. Grandma & Grandpa have fallen in love with her as well, She has Grandpa totally wrapped around her little paw. Even with her growing so much, he still lets her snuggle up on his lap. On another note, I wanted to let you know that I put in a application to be a Foster Parent. I cant't help but falling in love with all of them, and would love to help out in any way I can. Please let me know. Talk to ya soon

Love Nala Aramis Cout and the Boys :)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Update from Sara now Holly - looking good baby girl!

Hi Jennifer and Marilyn,

Sorry I've taken so long to pass these photos of Holly on - we were trying to get a shot that shows how much she's grown, - she's pretty much doubled in size. A couple of these are when we first got her and the ones with the Boston/bully mix are around a week or so old. We continue to be smitten and so grateful that we have her. Will send more photos as we get them


Monday, April 4, 2011

WBBR Presents......the Bernie & Kisses Show!

I am in LOVE! I spent some time yesterday with Bernie & Kisses and WOW I'm so amazed at how amazing these dogs are. They are so well behaved and obedient. They seriously are like an old married couple! When they are sleeping if Bernie starts snoring too loud, Kisses nudges him as if to say "Hey honey roll over your... snoring!" and Bernie wakes up and rolls over!

Kisses is named perfectly. She does this cute adorable thing with her lips as if she is blowing you kisses! It melts my heart -:)

Bernie is a man's dog. He loves the big guys and just wants to hang out with you in your "Man Den" and watch the game.

What's even more shocking to me is that they are STILL looking for their 4-ever & ever home!

If you would like to adopt Bernie & Kisses please fill out an application today on our site WBBR

Carley looking beautiful as ever!

Hey Jennifer,

Well, its that time again… a quarterly update on my beautiful Carley! As you can see from the photos, she is doing fabulous. We haven’t been to the beach as much as she would like so she is probably a pound over weight, but spring is here so we’ll be hitting the beach very soon. I just can’t get over how wonderful she is, and I love telling everyone her story. I hope that by telling everyone where she came from, it will generate some more interest in adopting rescued dogs as opposed to other alternatives. Everyone she meets absolutely adores her! Well, until next time, hugs and kisses from us both, and we look forward to see the angels from WBBR at the Petnership Expo at the end of the month!

Linda & Carley