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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Susie and her siblings continued

What a night !! I've been up for more than a hour now & my eyes are finally starting to clear, my sinuses  are starting to twitch and showing signs of maybe coming back to life. Susie, Havoc & Chaos must have decided to have a practical joke on me last night. Everything started out normal, they had their chicken for dinner yesterday afternoon as usual with no signs of what the lil' buggers had in mind for me. But around 1 am this morning I should have picked up on the first clue, instead of having all three competing with me for the bed there was only one & I actually was able to have a portion of the bed. So I was laying there enjoying this rare luxury when there came this sound (just barely within my hearing range) followed shortly by the most foul smelling assault on my senses. One dog would lay on the bed with her butt positioned towards the head of the bed letting out a series of squeekers, low toned "pffft's" plus numerous silent but very deadly farts. Then when she ran out of ammuntion she would leap off the bed to be replaced by the next pup torture expert, the three of them managed to keep up a full relay tag team event until I finally couldn't take it any longer and stumbled from the bedroom this morning feeling like I had just gone 20 rounds with Roberto Duran, mumbling to myself "No Mass". Needles to say all three girls are in fine humor this morning, me, I'm still bleary eyed and waiting for my sense of smell to return so that I can enjoy a cup of coffee.

More Susie Q

I thought that I would share a story. Last night I was laying in bed, totally relaxed, well into a book when Havoc decided that it would be an excellent idea and a way to show her affection by bringing to bed her latest treasure. Now this all seems innocent enough but realize that I'm laying there concentrating on the story when all of a sudden there is 70 lbs of excited boxer leaping onto the bed and myself. Apparently the landing zone was well thought out for maximum effect. The resulting impact of four paws bunched together on my unsuspecting body had a direct effect on my posture, going from a relaxed reclined position to instant fetal position complete with neon red / blue facial coloring.  I don't remember making any noise , perhaps because I was teetering on the edge of consciousness at the time, however after when the thousand or so stars that had appeared were finally starting to fade, I swear that I did hear something that sounded strangely like muffled guffaws coming from all three dogs, but then again I was probably mistaken as I happened to be making a loud moaning sound at the time. Later as I was uncurling from said fetal position, slowly straightening out, my bare back came into contact with Havoc's treasure. I don't know if I can adequately describe the sensation of having ones back come into contact with something that is hard, rough, smooth, wet, slippery all at the same time, it was kinda like bumping into an unexpected alien life form in the shower. After I was able to move enough to investigate this thing that had attached itself to my right shoulder, actually the things suction force wasn't able to keep up with my rapid ascent to an upright sitting position, I discovered a well trampled, well chewed (hence slobbery) and somewhat muddy gallon plastic milk jug. Plus three dogs sitting on the bed with very amused looks on their faces watching me. Later today if the swelling goes down enough I plan on getting my jeans on and dispose of any and all plastic jugs in the dog run.

Adventures of Susie Q and her brother and sister

I've just spent the last hour and a half keeping Susie, Havoc & Chaos thoroughly amused. If you were to look in any dictionary under "Comic Relief/ Frustration" then I am absolutely sure that there will be a photo of Susie, Havoc & Chaos sitting there with huge happy grins, tongues lolling and generally looking very pleased with themselves. This morning I mistakenly thought that I would wash the living room windows not knowing that window washing is actually a "Boxer Olympic Event" that the spectators actually take over the event with all the gusto & excitement of a Mud Wrestling/Tractor Pull Extravaganza. The mere moving of a squeegee incites the masses, never mind the squeaking of paper towel on damp glass. The nominated "Dummy" (me) doesn't get to see what they are doing because of three heads directly no more than a half inch away from squeegee, paper towels, hands etc. All three crowded into a space no larger than a foot across, all the while balancing on the back of the couch. Now that I have finished my job (read given up) there are numerous recent "seals of approval's" (nose prints) where the three have done a complete inspection of my work. And now that the "Entertainment" is over they are outside happily chasing the Ravens about the dog run, while I'm sitting back looking through a well smudged window watching them.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Come for a Swim with Jax - Adopted 2008 (BRLA)

Here's the goof ball at the river. He usually waits for the stick to be thrown in first but sometimes he just makes headway straight into the water and paddles around, all the while looking at you funny waiting for his stick to be thrown.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Flora Dora Update

Dear Sheri,

Thanks so much for the new address. I will keep in touch. I hope you had a good move and that Regina suits your family. Flora is doing so well. I can't believe we've only had her 3 months - it seems as though she's been with us for years. She has settled right in and learned all the routines. She loves all of us and is rarely more than a few feet from my side. Whatever I may be doing, she shadows me from room to room.

She's had an eventful time of things medically, poor thing. We managed to cure her UTI although it was a stubborn e-coli infection, we knocked it out after a month and a half of medication. Then I felt a lump in one of her teats and she had to have an operation to have it removed. It did turn out to be cancer, unfortunately, but I have a fantastic vet and he assured me that he had gotten all of it out and now we're keeping our fingers crossed that with lots of love and fresh air, good food and rest, that the cancer will stay gone. Couldn't bear to lose her so soon! She's such a gentle, calm and sweet soul - but make no mistake, she has plenty of the Boxer STUBBORN streak in her! When we go for a walk, especially if it's somewhere she hasn't been before, she'll go only so far before she will dig in her little boxer feet and REFUSE to go further. So we'll turn around and she will practically gallop all the way back to the van or house. I think she gets worried that if we go too far, she won't be coming home again!

She's social with other dogs, but very cautious. She lets Flash do all the wiggling and playing, she just sticks by me. She loves the couch and snuggles with me on my bed every night - hmm, good thing Glen is still away - I think we'll need to buy a king sized bed when he gets home! She lets me know when it's mealtime - she loves her meals and likes to have then as regular as clockwork. Like any dog, no other food is safe and she feels that if a bowl is on the floor it's fair game. And she's SNEAKY about it! Waits until my back is turned and then scarfs down every scrap of kibble in the cat's bowl! She gets along fine with the cat though. After the first two days when she couldn't take ber eyes off him and tracked his every move like a predator, she has learned that he is part of the pack and is, in fact, higher up the hierarchy than she is. They both take this in stride and co-exist very peacefully.

So all in all, things are going great and we wouldn't trade her for the world. Take care, hope all is well is sunny Saskatchewan. We have our house up for sale and will be making the move to BC in early August.


Olive goes on a Road Trip

Here is our sweet Olive going on a mini vacation with her family

Update on Jax (BRLAs Friday) - Adopted Summer 2008

Hi Sheri,

I hope you enjoy Saskatchewan, I used to live on the prairies. Nothing like looking down the road and see what your neighbor 12 miles away is having for dinner!! You are going to miss the island.

Thanks for all you help with approving Ryan. Jax is truly a guys dog and loves those boys unconditionally and the feeling is definitely returned. Ryan recently had to put Jax on very light exercise as they were hiking and Jax hurt his shoulder while bounding off a boulder. Have you ever tried to put a boxer on light rest. Poor dog was going crazy! All is well though and he is without a doubt one of the nicest boxers I have ever met.

Good luck with your Boxer Rescue in Saskatchewan, I hope that you enjoy great success there.

I have attached a couple of pics taken last Christmas.