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Monday, August 30, 2010

A Thank you from Barb Graydon & Allan Lobsinger

For all of you that joined us at Pub Night last night, THANK YOU. Although it is wonderful to be recognized, I was shocked into being speechless (which is a rare occurrence, I can assure you). Allan and I do not feel we do any more than any of the other volunteers. Since we don’t go to the Shelter, we just try to provide some back up and support for Chantelle, Jennifer and Kerri, ( and of course, Joni & Susan) who do the really important work; choosing and bringing the rescue babies back to their forever homes.It is rare to see a core group of volunteers stay together for 6 years and still love and respect one another and that is because everyone keeps their eye on the prize, which is getting the dogs out of the shelter and into forever homes. They are the ones that should be recognized, for keeping their focus and being so good at what they do.We have had 16 Boxers through the years, 14 of which were/are rescues and each has either taught us a valuable lesson or reinforced onethat may have been forgotten in the rush of day to day life. We feel very fortunate to be able to have our dogs who give us so much more that we could ever give them, and to be able to work with WBBR, and be part of the WBBR Family.To each of you that has opened your hearts and your homes to one or more of our rescue babies, a HUGE THANK YOU. You are our inspiration and the reason we are able to do what we do.

Barb & Allan

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

LOST/STOLEN Dogs - please help



250-324-4004 or
Duncan BC,SPCA
250 746 4646

Monday, August 16, 2010

Tawney - Adopted BRLA June 2010

Hi Kerri,

Hope you're enjoying the beautiful summer we've been having. We can't believe its only been two months since Tawney came to us. The skinny, insecure boxer has turned into a 60 lb "sweet-but-confident" darling of our famliy. We thought you'd enjoy the more "solid" Tawney in the picture we attached! ;-) Take care and thanks again for everything you do,

Maylin, Paul, CJ, Nate and Trevor

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Maggie - Mange puppy update

Hi Sheri!

Maggie is doing great - we have been having so much fun with her. Guinness has gotten used to her, and they are too funny - they nap on the floor together every day while I'm working. Also, Guinness' separation anxiety seems to have gotten a little better since we've been crating them together.

I've attached a photo of them having their first bath together last night - neither were happy but they look soo cute! We talked to Kurt from Metro and he recommended some shampoo and skin lotion for her to help guard against the mange. Also, we are going to start giving her immune supplements as well. I'm a little worried about her weight, she is growing so much and is still very thin - but I'm sure that I'm just being a paranoid mom and she'll fill out soon. We will keep you posted with her progress. If the shampoo, etc from Metro works as well as they say it should I'll forward you the info to send to the families of the other mange puppies. If you talk to Chantel you can assure her that our contract and payment is on the way, we were procrastinating but it is in the mail now :)

Talk to you soon.


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Introducing Neuro - WBBR's newest Medical Baby

Meet Neuro - WBBR's newest Medical Baby

Neuro has brain damage, possibly from a blunt force trauma or being exposed to drugs. He is only a 16 week old boy. Our goal is to raise funds to send this pup for an MRI so we have a better idea of what is ahead for him.

How can you help? Please visit our website today to make a donation to help Neuro.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Truman - Adopted July 2010

Hey Sheri,

Sorry for the delay in responding … last week seemed like a whirlwind with all the unpacking and stuff going on. Anyway Truman seems to be settling in very well… you are right, he is a very good puppy. He listens pretty well considering his age and I think he’s going to be a pretty smart guy. Even though it’s only been up for a couple of days, we’ve already got him used to ringing the bell by the back door when he wants to go outside (he doesn’t do it consistently but is starting to pick up on it) and I think his trust with us is really developing well. House training will continue to be a challenge I’m sure … we’re getting better at picking up on his signals but as our house has 3 floors and 3 commonly used doors, I think he is a little unsure where he should go when he needs to do his business. I think the bell will help that though.

As for the bonding with Regan, I think it’s been similar to what the other puppy owners in Regina observed, Regan really liked Truman the first few days but when she realized he was there to stay, her nose was a little bit out of joint. This lasted for a few days but they know seem to be pretty good with each other now. I’m not sure if I mentioned it but our neighbour decided to rebuild our shared fence before we took possession… and when we moved in we learned that he had “run out of money” to finish the last 2 sections of fence (meaning there was a gaping hole between our yards). So the first few days we were there we had to keep the dogs tied to 30’ tie-downs … they could run through the back yard but not to the same extent that we would normally want them to (Although it was cute to see Trumans realization that he could drag Regan around by pulling her tie-down hehe). Anyway after a little bit of pressure from us, our neighbour finished the fence off last week. However in the meantime we found a nice little park a few blocks from the house and have taken them there for a good run a few times and I think this has helped their interaction. Regan seems to have taken the top dog role … at least for now as she can pin him when they are playing and he submits to her… I don’t know if this will change when he grows up but they seem to have their roles sorted out. They also eat really well with each other. We feed them right beside each other with a big shared water bowl and while we are there to make sure one doesn’t eat from the others bowl they seem to be pretty content and even occasionally drink from the water bowl at the same time. I am really shocked by this as Regan is a little piggie and typically will try and eat all the food she can find… however she seems to know enough to stay away from Truman’s puppy food. Also, thanks for the pumpkin tip … we’ve been adding it to both their food and they really love it! I think the only time when Regan takes exception to Truman is when she’s had enough play time and he still wants to give’r … anyway she tells him she’s had enough and he seems content enough to chew on a toy or play outside. I am shocked at how much he likes to be in our backyard. I think he’d spend all day and night out there if we would let him … it was actually difficult to get him into the house and upstairs for bed last night (after he’d had 2 good walks, a trip to the in-laws, numerous play sessions with Regan, etc) I thought he’d be wiped but he just loves being outside!

We have some pic’s of Truman and Regan on the camera at home … I hope to download them tonight and will send them when I have them! I have 1 attached that I took with my berry … the 2 of them love to jump up on our swing in the back yard to relax. This was taken when the fence was still open so you’ll see the tie-downs hanging from their collars.