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Friday, October 24, 2008

Update Dahli (BRLA's Rowan) & Diago (Scamper) (Oct. Run)

Hi, I wasn't sure whether or not you got the pictures I had sent the first week they were here.  We're all adjusting, some better than others but we'll make it through.  Dahli (Rowan) and Diago (Scamper) definitely have personality.  I took Dahli on a hike last weekend with my daughter's rotti and shepard/rotti cross.  It was two hours, one hour spent going straight up, at a high speed trying to keep up with my daughter, and the next hour wacking our way through the forest to find the trail down.  It was a lot of fun, and I'm pretty sure a new experience for Dahli, but she adjusted quite well, a little intimidated initially but full of life. 


Diago hasn't been getting along with other dogs, we actually had 2 full blown fights with my daughter's rotti Seth.  The good news is Seth is so mellow he pretty much defended himself and then wanted to play some more.  Diago is so sweet in most instances and gets along with smaller and younger dogs, but is ready to fight if the dog is the same size or bigger.  I know we can work through this though and he starts Growl Classes tomorrow night.  He is so good and listens in most instances, not to mention if he isn't leaning on me, I'm stepping on him because he is right there.  It is really cute.


We've had them to the vet about 4 times, but they seem to be doing great now.  Dahli really seemed to be struggling with an upper chest infection and Diago had his stitches taken out from his nuetering (sp?).  Made sure all shots up to date and a general check up to see that they were getting over the KC.  The vet could not get over how good they were.


Here are the pics again, I'll send some new ones once I download them off my camera.


Charmaine and Craig

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