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Monday, October 27, 2008

Brody Update (WBBR Oct. placement)

Morning Kerri, 
    It's Wendy. I couldn't get into Larry's e mail so I'll send you one from mine. I just wanted to let you know what fun Brody had last night and how grateful we are to you guys for finding us the perfect mate for Pebbles, and our family. All they did ALL night was play. Twice we had to stop them to go out and dry pebbles off from the drool (they played so hard she was soaked!!!!) He is so good with absolutely everything and everyone. Brody loves to wrestle with Larry on the floor, it was SO cool. Matt (my son) took pics as they were wrestling so when he gets up I will get him to download off of the camera and send them to you this morning. There may even be a bit of video on the camera so I will get it to you today. I haven't heard a peep out if either one of them yet this morning which is weird because pebbles is normally up at 5 every morning. They were SO happy to got to bed last night which was about 9 because poor Brody was so tired and they both went right to sleep. I hope you don't mind if we send you up dates and you can pass them onto barb and Chantalle. We just got a new computer so it may take Matt some time to figure out how to send pics but weather it is before or after work we will figure it out today. Please apologize to barb for me not phoning her last night but I misplaced her phone number. Anyway I have a 16 year old to go and get out of bed (LOL) so I need to make some strong coffee and get going. How is Brody riding in a car? I will connect with you later and please let us know when you get the pics.
                         A million thank yous to all who helped  Wendy 

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