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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Willow and Penny

Today was the big outing and so out we went!!! I decided to leave Willow at home today so that the girls could work independantly from each other and we could see how they would do solo.

Willow did really well at home without Penny. She cried for a couple of times and did a house search for her but all in all was comfortable with her not being here.

Penny's trip started with an outing to Bosley's. Although a little leery she approached all the staff who had wonderful peperoni for her. She was slow to approach the first staff member but then became quicker and quicker each piece of peperoni she received. By the end of our visit she was even approaching shoppers incase they had a piece of peperoni for her! She did very well at the vet. She allowed all the techs to come out and give her some love and attention. She wasn't so keen on the vet cookies, hehe! All to be expected after a trip to the petstore where she was given peperoni!!! She allowed the vet to give her a full physical without any protest. She will be going back on Thursday to be spayed and receive the remainder of her vaccines. She did meet the vet cat and was interested in saying hi. He wasn't so interested and told her off which was enough for her to decide he wasn't worth dealing with.

Both girls met our cat tonight and Penny got quite up close and personal. Sylvie hissed and swatted at her. Penny tucked tail and ran and hid behind the bed. Willow then had to see what had caused such a fuss with Penny and Willow only minutes later did the same as Penny. I would be comfortable to say that both these girls could be placed in a home with a cat.

Willow is off to the vet on Thursday to receive the rest of her vaccines. She will be alone all day since Penny is in being spayed. Willow will have her turn to visit the pet store that day.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Penny and Willow

Penny and Willow continue to improve daily. Penny is off to the vet tomorrow for a check to see if she's ready for her spay. Her heat cycle ended a few days ago and we want to give her a chance to recover a little from it before spaying her. She will also be checked for what we believe might be a bladder infection.

Check back tomorrow to see how the girls did on their outing to the pet store. We have decided tomorrow will be the girls first really big adventure into the world. Both girls will be taken in to the pet store independantly to help socialize them around new sounds, people, actions etc. It should be a fun filled adventure and maybe we'll even come home with some new treats!!!

Penny is coming out of her shell very nicely. She has started approaching strangers for love and attention. She is slow to approach but is deciding it's well worth it. Once spayed she is ready to go to her new home. She would do well in a quiet or busy house as she is good with other dogs, kids and even cats. She does need some time to adjust though and her new family would need the time to continue to socialize her with the outside world. Formal obedience classes would be very beneficial.

Willow continues to be a very sweet and loving dog with me. Unlike Penny she is still very hesitant with other people and has not made the decission to approach strangers yet. Once bonded with someone she will be your best and loyal companion for all of time. Willow will need more time to come around to strangers and her world around her. She is not spooked by loud noises and is doing well out on her walks etc. She is interested in people from across the street just not ready to approach them yet. She does great in a busy house but would be happy in a quieter home where she could be the center of attention. Formal obedience classes would be very beneficial!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Deli Fresh Food Donation

We'd like to thank Deli Fresh Food for donating a large amount of food for Penny and Willow. The food donated will be mixed with the dry kibble that has already been donated to help motivate the girls to eat up to 3 meals a day.

Thank you so much!

You can visit Deli Fresh's website at:
and can find it ay many local pet stores.

Willow and Penny still looking for Foster Home

Hi Everyone,

Willow and Penny are still in need of foster homes. They are here with us for now but would love a foster home of their own. We would like to split the girls up as they are very bonded and we need them to start learning new skills independantly.

The girls are wormed, fully vaccinated, good with other dogs both big and small
Willow is spayed and Penny soon will be
All food will be supplied for the girls and a crate if needed.

WIllow and Penny playing with Riley

Both these girls have been doing wonderful with big dogs but I have not given them full access to our little Riley as he's only 8 lbs. This morning I decided to go ahead and let them meet Riley. Well not only did they get along with him they had a rip roaring play session (on our bed of course!!!) So I'm happy to say that both girls have passed both big and small dog 101 and would place well in a home with a dog of any size. Willow needs more time to adjust to new dogs and is a fairly dominant female so would place best in a home with a submissive male (not another dominant female). Penny is fairly submissive and would place well with just about anyone!

Wilow and Penny Updates

The girls continue to improve and come out of their shells daily. With each passing day we see more and more of their true personalities.

Penny is just a love and wants to be with everyone and everything. She doesn't care what's going on. The other dogs are running around, the kids are throwing toys, I'm vaccuming etc. and she just wants to be in the middle of all of it! She doesn't care if another dog growls at her, she just shrugs it off and heads off to do something else. She loves her cookies and her treats and is doing better about eating now that we are adding canned food to her meals. She's becoming more adventureous out on her walks and is now going to the end of the flexi leash although quickly coming back to my side. Yesterday she went walking with my husband and although checking in with me she was walking with him tail wagging. Penny would be happy in a busier home after a settling in period. She would love to attend obedience, agility and other dog sports. Obedience is a must for her but dog sports are not. SHe would be happy with an active family who will take her for walks, hikes, camping etc. She's just one great dog who is learning how wonderful life really can be.

Willow is more of the mellow quiet girl. She would prefer a home that has a slower pace of life, maybe older children or a couple without kids. She gets along with other dogs but would love a home where she might be the only dog or a 2nd dog. She loves lots of cuddles and attention and would prefer to have more of it then less. She is very smart and thinks hard about what is asked of her. She is eager to please and would love to attend obedience classes to help her learn her obedience skills, continue her socialization with the outside world and bond with her new owners. She is more tentative when outside then Penny with strangers but is the first one at the end of her flexi to explore the world around her. When feeling overwhelmed she retreats to her crate for some quiet time.

Both girls continue to do well in their crates and are doing all their bathroom duties outside. Penny is doing much better about pottying on leash (due to her fence jumping, our fence is only 4.5 feet high. We feel she would be safe and secure in a 6 foot fence).

Friday, October 26, 2007


We are in desperate need of canned food for Willow and Penny. We have received a wonderful donation of 3 large bags of kibble for the girls but we now need canned food to mix in. These girls are very skinny and need to gain a far amount of weight. Neither is very food motivated or interested and can pick at a meal all day long. We would like to feed them 3 times a day but so far we are only able to feed them approx. 1 meal just because they are not interested. We received a donation of canned food a couple of months ago and had a few cans left. With canned food mixed in with thekibble the girls will eat their food till it's empty! We have now used up the cans we have been given and are in need of more. Please consider donating some cans or a gift certificate to a petstore so we can pick some cans up.


Willow and Penny Update

It's been 4 days since the girls arrived and they are already night and day from day 1. We're really starting to see their true personalities emerge and they are both so different.

Penny is our eager beaver! She will do anything to please but so much she often misses what's being asked of her. She is very athletic and loves to run and play. She's figured out what the toys are and can often be found throwing or carrying on around. She's getting better and better with her jumping now she's starting to settle. She would love a family who is interested in dog sports or at least lots of walks, hikes, camping etc. Penny the other night actually went up to my neighbours mom for love. I was in the middle of telling her how timid the girls are and Penny just to prove me wrong walked right up and pushed herself up against her for strokes and love.

Willow is our sweet natured girl. She is the smart one of the two. She is happy to please and takes the time to think about what has been asked of her. She's more adventurous when we go out for walks and will go to the end of the flexi to explore. She is always checking over her shoulder though to make sure I'm in site and comes back frequently to check in. Willow is not as athletic as Penny (although it's only been a week since she went through a vey difficult spay so ths may change). She does love going for walks though and would love someone who is looking for a walking, hiking companion. She is very smart and would love to attend obedience classes.

Both girls have been introduced to our two children Connor (2 and a half) and Rowan (13 months). Both girls are very good with the kids and are far less timid of them then they are of adults. They will take cookies gently from them and are gentle around them. The girls do move quickly and run, run, run so they can easily knock over a toddler or small child.

The girls continue to be exposed to our dogs and are doing great! We are trying to give them time with the other dogs seperatly as the two of them are quite bonded and when the other dogs are around they tend to ignore them. Willow is doing very well today with our min pin, she was a bit intolerant of him the other day but seems to be feeling better about him today.

The girls have seen the neighbourhood stray cat out on our walks and both have been interested. Their ears have perked up and they've thought about him. Neither have given chase but they are attached to us on leash and well the cat is 1/2 a block away so that's currently to far to venture from us. We will cat test both of them in time.

Th girls have started going in to their crates willingly and can often be found snuggled up sleeping in their crates with the doors open. They are sleeping through the night in their crates with little to no noise from them. They also have crate time during the day and are happy to sleep in their crates with the doors closed.

Both girls we be receiving another bath this weekend. They had one Monday night but they really weren't to sure about it. We did not want to over stress them so we will continue the scrubbing this weekend. They were also wormed again today just to make sure there's nothing left in their systems.

These two girls are just amazing and are going to make a family very happy! I'm quite biased as I'm totally a boxer person but these two loves are really growing on me and if we didn't already have an over full house I would be considering keeping one!! That's saying a lot from me!!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Our Girls Officially have Names

Dog #2 or the sweet girl with the prick ears came to us with the nickname 3Penny. Not sure why 3 but since she was nicknamed by her rescuer Yvette from TG it seems only fitting to keep her name as Penny. Our other little girl, girl #15 or nicknamed Momma Dog by her guardian angel Stan has been renamed Willow by Lisa who was kind enough to donate a huge bag of kibble for the girls and picked up two more big bags that she had Spuddy's in Maple Ridge donate.

Lisa had the opportunity to meet "Willow" last night. Willow was happy to say Hi to her doberman Daisy but was a little to leary still to say Hi to Lisa. Lisa named her Willow because:

My first impression and the first name that came to mind was “Willow”. She is slender and graceful like a young sapling . .

The girls continue to settle in. Penny is still a Mexican Jumping Bean and can not be out in the yard off leash. She would be fine in a yard with a 6 foot fence but our fence is not 6 feet all the way around and she will jump it. Both are doing very well in their crates and neither have had one accident in the house. Both are walking fairly well on leash especially Willow who has spent next to know time ever on a leash or in a house. Penny had some time up at TG in the house and on a leash. These two girls are super sweet and loving. They would love to find a family with another dog or lots of time to spend with them. They are both very eager to please and would benefit and love to attend obedience. Penny would love a family who would be interested in trying their hand at agility!!!!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Our Girls from TG

Well pardon my miss matched pj's but as you all can see these two girls are settling in to life in a home quite quickly. Yes that is a dog bed behind my head but why would they sleep there when they can both lie on top of me on the couch. These two girls are very sweet and very eager to please!

Our TG Girls Have Arrived

Our TG girls arrived today safe and sound. We can't thank Stan enough who drove these babies to us. He left at 4:30 yesterday to bring down our 2 girls and 6 others to another rescue. It was 2:00 today before he met us with us, just shy of 24 hours after he left. He's spending the day with his daughter today and is heading back up to Topley tomorrow morning. Thank you so much Stan, you truly are a guardian angel for these babies!

Girl #2 and #17 will soon have new Yuppy Puppy City Names and are settling in. Stan was great with them and you could see how much they trust him. I didn't even think about the small things. These girls have always lives out in the bush, we met at Ikea in Coquitlam and all the noise, the people, the cars was very overwhelming for them. Girl #17 dealt with it all much better then girl #2. They have already taken me for a rollercoaster ride emotionally. Girl #2 within 10 minutes of being home jumped both our yard fence and then the perimeter fence to escape the yard. Fortunatly #17 started to cry so #2 was quick to jump back to be with her. They are both very unsure about what a leash and collar is all about and #2 did her best to crocodile death roll out of it.

Although this all sounds like a lot these two are very sweet and I know in no time will be settled and learning everything they need to know to be city dogs.

Pictures and more updates to come!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

The TG Serizure Girls are Arriving

We have 2 of the Turtle Garden's Seizure girls arriving on Monday Oct. 22nd. We're pretty excited to welcome Pretty Girl and Doggie #2. Pretty Girl is doing very well and has already been in the home and working on all her manners. She's doing very well on leash, is crateable and does great with the other dogs. Doggie #2 has just undergone a very difficult spay and will require some healing time before anything else can be started with her. She will be allowed a lot of quiet time to heal and then will start on her socialization with everyone and everything. Both girls are still in need of foster homes. We could also use donations of food for these girls, both are quite skinny and will need lots of good food to help them along their road to a new home.

Friday, October 12, 2007

For Those Who Are Trying To Reach Me

Hi Everyone,

I have received a few emails in the last couple of days in regards to contacting, questions etc. Please be patient with me, our son is going in tomorrow for day surgery and my mind has been occupied. I will be back in the swing of things after the weekend. Thank you for your patience!


We are trying to organize to fly our 2 newest Without Borders Boxer Wanna Be's from Topley (well the nearest airport) to Vancouver. I had posted the dogs were mainly greyhound/huskys but they are actually greyhound/saluki X's. We still don't have foster homes for the 2 that will be joining us and we would love to take in more of these wonderful babies! So far we have been told they are doing wonderful! They are very friendly, loving and effectionate. They are doing very well with housetraining (asking to go out) and although a little rusty on manners and obedience these wonderful dogs are going to make great new family pets. Please everyone consider opening up your homes and hearts to a needy foster (even if it's not a boxer).

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Greyhound/husky X's

Without Borders has offered to take 2 of the seizure dogs from Turtle Garden's. We would like to help more if possible but we do not have any foster homes at this time to take any of these babies in. If you are interested, have a friend or family member who may be please email us for more information. If you know someone who might be interested in adopting one of these dogs please send them to our website. These dogs can be placed in a foster to adopt home. They would be fosters until medical care is completed. This would also give a family a chance to see if they are ready to adopt etc.

Please open your homes and your hearts!!! We can only hope that if we were ever put in this situation with our own breed that other rescues would step up and help us out. For that reason we want to be there to help Turtle Gardens!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Greyhound and Husky X's Need Foster Homes

These dogs are currently with Turtle Garden's rescue. There are to many dogs for one rescue group to be asked to care for. We would like to help out anyway we can. We would like to take some of the dogs and transfer them to Without Borders. To do this though we will need foster homes. Although these babies are not boxers please consider opening up your homes and your hearts to a rescue in need! If you are not able to foster but would be willing to donate to help with the large bills Turtle Garden's has before them please visit their website:

The dogs that have been assessed so far are doing very well. They are good with other dogs, are asking to go out to go potty, are in good health although need to put on weight. They are all warming up nicely and learning to walk on leashes etc.

This is from Turtle Garden's Website:

Sometimes life’s road curves away from reality and takes the person down a dangerous path. So it did for this person in the Regional District of Bulkley Nechako. The exact location doesn’t matter for this story because it ends at Turtle Gardens. A few weeks ago we received a call from the Court bailiff looking for a safe haven for dogs on a seized property. He didn’t know how many or what breed they were. Could we help? I answered to please call the SPCA as they have the funding and facilities to take in multiple dogs. But that we would help if need be. Famous last words!!
Monday he called back that there was no one else to help the dogs and that they were sled dogs possibly as many as 30. Could we help? Otherwise it was a bullet. I said yes and prayed silently and fervently that the resources to do this would fall into place. That we would have the money for the gas to pick them up. That we would have extra help. That there wouldn’t be too many. That they would be in good shape. That the money for speuters, vaccinations and vet care would be there when we needed it. And the biggest prayer of all - that they be mentally stable and adoptable.
Two days ago he called to give me the address and he still did not know the condition of the dogs but the owner was in hospital. Alarm bells went off in my head and I told him Dave and Stan would be there.