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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Robin Needs Your Help

Robin wants to live.

Age or medical conditions should not determine if your life is worth living. Robin is a 9 year old female Boxer that ended up in SBC shelter with a huge tumor hanging from between her back legs.  This tumor clearly took a long time to get this big and Robin has other lumps as well.

Boxer Rescue LA pulled Robin and she will get the best medical evaulation and care possible.  The hopes are that the tumor and lumps are all operable and that Robin can live the best happy ending ever.  Her road to recovery will be long and likely expensive.

Please take a moment to count your blessings and consider helping Robin with a donation of any amount to her Medical Lifeline Fund. Boxer Rescue LA appreciates your assistance in helping sweet Robin.

Thank you in advance for helping a deserving Boxer who was neglected and cast aside. Together we can right that wrong.  Your donation dedicated to Robin gives her

Please help us to help this poor sweet lady.