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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Lievio Update

Hi Chantelle,


We haven’t forgot about you, we’ve been so busy acquainting ourselves. Lievio is doing great, absolutely great. I have been working hard with him, lots of walks / hikes and runs. He still has moments of wanting to be the boss but I reel him in and remind him, who’s who. We haven’t had any episodes with other animals yet but I can see his aggression when around other dogs, luckily he’s been on leash and I can control the situation. We are working on it though, lots of communication and some consequence but over time I think he will beat it. He has had lots of free off leash time as well and in private scenarios has been successful. He is getting lots of compliments from my friends and they all enjoy his social skills – and he’s getting lots of social opportunities. I think his favorite treat now is how much he enjoys going for truck rides and waiting patiently for me to return from site reviews and job meetings – he just gets so excited if he here’s my truck keys. Overall, there isn’t enough I can say about him and thank you again very much with hooking me up with my next best friend. Please keep in touch.


Your friends, Paul & Lievio.

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