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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Emory Update (Nov. Run)

Hi Kerri, 
She is absolutely wonderful!!!!  They took good care of her at the airport.  She didn't make a sound and there was no mess either.  We hardly had to wait at all.  Customs didn't give me a hard time once I flashed my badge.  Perks of the job.  As soon as I got the Customs stamp and back at the cargo bldg...they bumped me in front of other people to take her.  My ex loaded the crate while me and the kids took her for a bio break outside.
She was so happy to see us.  The kids were down on the floor with her, as was I.  She loves to play, play, play.
We took her for a walk at home.  It was snowing - wet flurries!!!  She runs like a deer too.  She had me laughing so hard.  I can't wait to go for a jog with her.
The kids went back to their dad's place and here we are alone.  She's finally laid down on a pillow I put on the floor.  (She got on the couch to lay down till I told her no.   lol)  I've given her some kibble and her medicine (not sure how much kibble I should be feeding her??).  Since you said she has the runs, I'll take her for one more little walk tonight as she hasn't had a bowel movement.
I am in love already!!!
Did I mention you do a wonderful job and I am thankful there are people in the world like you!!!!
Cheers from Sandy.

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