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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

WBBR needs your donations

Thank you Dog Smart, Fetch, Orjen, Bosleys (Maple Ridge) & the pet food warehouse for your kind and generous donation. It couldn't have come at a better time! We certainly could use it:)

WBBR is always in need of donations. If you would like to donate something please contact a volunteer today!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Carley (BRLA's Harley) - adopted Jun 2010

Hey Jen,

Here are a few pics of my new arrival! And in our first 12 hours together we have learned a lot about each other! ;p Our first walk last night, Carley learned that she is much better at spotting the skunk along the fence than I am! Fortunately, the skunk headed in one direction and we headed in the opposite – disaster averted!!! I’ve learned that Carley has probably not had much experience with stairs or elevators, but is mastering them slowly and will have no problem with them very soon. She is an amazing little girl, very friendly with the neighbors we have met so far, and is reading all the p-mail that she can while we walk. She is great at cuddling and is also happy to just hang out on her bed or on the couch! Apparently though, she is not interested in Y&R as she fell asleep during the show this morning (see photo attached) … I will keep you posted with all our updates as we continue our adventure!

Thanks again for the privilege of adopting the little darling! Please thank Kerri and the rest of the volunteers on an amazing job!



Tyson Gets a Forever home - June 2010

I brought Tyson home from BRLA to Vancouver. His new family met us at the airport and Tyson couldn't have been more happy to meet them! Sorry the pictures are bit blurry, as Tyson was so excited he was not able to keep still!

Mika has a new brother - Emmitt!! - adopted Jun 2010 BRLA

Meet Mika & Emmitt. Mika was adopted over a year ago from us and her family has decided that Mika needs a brother. We brought Emmitt over this month and the two have been inseperable. Looks like they were old pals!

Have fun you guys!

Lola Update - WBBR/BRLA Alumni

Hi Barb and Allan,

I just wanted to send you a quick note and some updated pictures of our Lola. She is doing amazing! She has put on a little weight now. She love to be outside with the kids and the family , and one of her favorite pastimes is to play hockey with the kids in the neighbor hood. She has a new doggy cousin that she is helping with , as Jim's brother just got a puppy. It is amazing to see how patient and kind Lola is with her.

She has already had many new adventure with us, as we have taken her camping and on a few road trips, and always does amazing. I have attached one picture from our camping trip, with her laying on a blanket with our son (she had to be on a leash in the campground) and all she wanted to do was lay in the sun.. and a few of our precious little lap dog..

Hope all is good with you guys and hope to see you soon,

Jim, Michelle, Jeremy, Kianna and Lola

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Izzydora Upated - Adopted BRLA


Izzy, Izzadora, Dizzy, Izzatore, whatever name she really likes to respond to has become a "doggy-daycare" addict after our last older girl Eden died just before her ninth birthday.

Izzadora is going to learn a bit more before we get her a new pup to accompany her everywhere, and she accompanies us everywhere in our big 4 x 4 on the back seat now, no luggage compartment for this princess !!!!!

She is just like we were told, an "it's all about ME" dog, and she shows us that attitude everyday. She even faced down my nephews boisterous pit/cross, but he is a lot more energetic than her.

Still slight for a boxer, but runs like a greyhound, and has started bulking up with the special "Boxer 26" diet. She loves it, and seems better than even the best lamb and rice for her digestion. Has a few allergies as she gets acclimatized to the spring flowers and trees (its her first real exposure), but has declining symptoms that will show she is developing immunity.

"Rescue angels", please feel free to share these pictures with the previous owner if she would like to see what a treasure she sent us.

Stephen and Teresa

Why Kids Shouldn't Walk Boxers

No, this picture isn't a WBBR Boxer!!! But what it is, is a reminder to each and everyone of us that dogs should be walked only by adults. These dogs are strong and weigh more than most kids. I personally have been dragged across the street by my dog who weighs alot less than I do and I am an adult! Not only is the weight difference an issue, but an obedience and safety issue. Most trainers will tell you the importance of establishing leadership skills with your dog. Is your child able to understand the dog/human relationship and able to train the dog on walks? Even if your dog is a perfect angel and the most obedient dog on walks you can not trust other dogs or people on walks. One day I was out and there was a 10 year old boy walking a small dog (about 15 pounds) all by himself with no parent or guardian in sight. A guy was walking towards him with a large German Shepherd cross. As they crossed paths, the large dog lunged and grabbed the boy's dog and shook it by the neck. Of course the child did not know what to do and was panicked and shook in fear. I walked over and broke the dogs apart as the large dog's owner was in shock and did not seem to react at all. Luckily the small dog was not hurt but the incident could have been worst. The child cried and was clearly upset. I think he was probably pretty traumatized by the whole situation.

Please remember to keep our dogs and our children safe.