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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Photos of Katie Buddy & Jackson

Cowgirl Abbie (BRLAs Pretzel) chilling out at the WBBR BBQ

Here is Abbie taking a break from the festivities at the WBBR BBQ

WBBR BBQ - Sunday August 16, 2009

Thank you to everyone who attended the first WBBR BBQ on Sunday. It was a huge success, so much so that we will continue to make it a yearly event. It was a great day had by all. We had over 100 people and over 60 dogs attend. It truly is amazing to see how healthy, happy and loved all the dogs are in their homes. Hope everyone had a great time and the doggies enjoyed themselves tremendously!

A huge thank you to all our supporters and donators and a very big thank you to all the people who adopted from WBBR. Without your continued love and support we would not be able to help so many of these wonderful dogs that need our help.

A big kudos to all the hard working volunteers who helped to make this event such a success!

Our professional photographer (Bill Linn) took some beautiful photos if you would like to browse thru them the link is below.

We look forward to the next event and look forward to another successful year for WBBR and BRLA.

Buster's Excellent Adventure (BRLAs Chet)

Hi Kerri

Thought you might enjoy a photo or two of Buster’s excellent weekend at Jewel Lake Take care and Hi to Lexi.


Update on (Eleanor) Rigby (BRLAs Dede) adopted July 2009

We have Rigby back with us for a couple of weeks and I can't believe how fantastic she looks. Len and Marlene have been taking such great care of should see the bag of food and supplements she came with!
Rigby is totally puppy and she ran Thor ragged all morning. Within 5 minutes she had taken every toy out in the yard and had claimed Thor's monster bone hence Thor's pathetic look in the second picture! Fortunately we had another bone and they are sharing now.
Now I just have to stop calling her Dede!


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Update on Dora (Adopted July 2009)

Arrived home, exhausted after a long sleep in my lap, to terrorize our Auntie dog here, but all is absolutely fantastic.

Thanks for all your help, I am sure we will be seeing you and being in touch.


Zeus Update (Adopted July 2009)

Hi Jennifer,

Sorry it took so long to get back to you, but life has been a bit crazy busy lately! I am happy to report that Zeus is doing well and is as close to perfect as you can get! I was going to say that He no longer goes in Chris' laundry room, but as I was writing this email, he peed right beside Chris in the laundry room! But he is getting better at telling us when its time to go out or if he is hungry. He is very attached to both me and Chris and I think he gets a little depressed with Chris and I arent together. We have discovered that he is a hoarder, and gathers things when we are not home, puts them in a little pile and lays beside them. He never destroys them (except a remote control and a sugar bowl).

We have been going to the dog park and he is great there. He is not big on toys or a ball, but he loves just to run with the other dogs and play. Little dogs do not like him and try to beat him up... and he lets them, he is so submissive it is hilarious! He also has a girlfriend, a golden lab/pitbull cross named Losi. She is a friend's dog and they played, kissed and snuggled yesterday. I have attached a pic of them.

We are signed up for training classes at RocketDog, starting September 20th for 6 weeks. He is great on a leash until he sees another dog, so it is good that this class is with 3 other dogs. I found that Acana food is best for him, as everything else gives him the runs. He likes his wire crate at my house but HATES his plastic crate at Chris'. It is the one he arrived in so I think he gets scared.

We will be coming to the boxer BBQ, so I will see you there!

Lauren (& Zeus)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Cash Update (BRLA's Theo) - Adopted July 2009

Dear Jennifer:

I just wanted to give you an update on Theo. First, we named him Cash :) but I didn't want to get it confusing lol so I'll keep referring to him as Theo.
When we first got him we noticed his nose was pretty runny, but we figured it was because he was more of a wet mouth than the dry mouths we've had. A few days later it wasn't just clear runny but started to turn green. Then he started to sneeze a lot and we noticed he struggled to breathe through his nose and the green runny goo got worse. When we had his stitches taken out at the vet we had the doc take a look at his nose. He has kind of a gag now and is on antibiotics for the nose, he finishes it this Wednesday. We thought about kennel cough but the nose thing is a bit now with the puppy slobber hehe he's a bit of a mess. We have rags around the house to clean up after him. The downside to this is that now our Chihuahua has the sneezing/runny nose thing that Theo has. So we are taking care of them both and watching to see if they are getting better. We weren't sure if the puppy he traveled with got anything. The doc also said that his tail wasn't cut correctly, he was very unhappy with how it was done. He said that they cut it too short on top of his tail bone sticks out without much skin pulled over it so every time he pumps it there's potential it'll start bleeding again like it did a little while ago because it's so easy to tear the skin. We're seeing how he lives with it, since it's the last joint there's no way to cut it again but he said he might be able to shave the bone so it's smooth instead of pointy like it is now and get alittle bit more skin to pull over it so it's safer for him.

Beside the cold thing, he is doing well. City sounds still keep distracting him, we have construction going on nearby so trying to get him to focus on potty time haha it's a bit daunting. He loves to run and he is a hoot to watch because he picks up his bone and runs around flipping it and chasing it all by himself haha it's great to see him so happy and free from a garage.

He's doing better in his crate too, actually goes in right away. He's also starting to sleep better on his bed on the floor instead of in his crate at night too. He's a crazy guy, but he's a sweetheart. He's snuggled up next to me right now :)

Thank you again!