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Friday, May 9, 2008

Pinkey Update

Pinkey is doing wonderful in his recovery.  He just finished a week of antibiotics to help treat a secondary skin infection.  These infections can be quite common with mange.  He has all his puppy energy and loves to run around and play with the other dogs in the house.  He is doing great in his crate and is working on housebreaking.  Pinkey has a fine coat of white peach fuzz all over his body.  In the beginning you had to look closely to see it but already in such a short time you can almost see it when just glancing at him.  He is such a good boy and as you can see in the picture is very compliant.  He loves his oatmeal soaks, I'm sure it feels really good on his itchy skin.  We will be off to the vet next week for a progress check.

Molly (BRLA's Sasha) Update

asha (we've changed her name to Molly) is doing fine.  She responds to her new name quickly and is very smart.  The first day we got her she was quite thin, and had kennel cough.  I contacted the vet the next day, but could not get in till Chantelle got back from LA.  Apparently her meds must have fallen out of her file so we didn't have any to give her until Thursday when Chantelle dropped them off to the vet.  She is now over the kennel cough and is very active.  She loves running around the yard.  At this moment she is sitting beside Danny watching TV.  She's very funny as well,  the second day we got her she was in the family room, I had a delivery at the door and left her for about 10 minutes, when I returned she was on the couch curled on my pillow and watching TV..... eyes wide open!


Up until today she knew only to shake a paw.  This evening we taught her to sit!  That was exciting. 


We noticed that since we got her she has not barked once.... which is good for the neighbours. She loves to play and has made friends with the mailman (who feeds her dog biscuits when he sees her).  Yesterday he even commented that she has gained weight!.  When we got her she was 44 lbs , today we weighed her and she is now almost 50 lbs.   When  we got her the first week I was feeding her 4x a day (small portions) (I took a week off work).  Now she gets fed twice a day, morning and at dinner time.  She is breaking into the routine well. 


We also found out that she wasn't housebroken.  The second day she had an accident on the carpet.  She tries hard to please us and rather doing her business on the concrete she is now doing it on the grass. 


She is very mischevous as well and seems to dislike anything plastic, ie:  plastic bags - she finds one and ripps it up.  


Another thing we discovered was that she wouldn't go outside once she was inside the house.  She would only go out if she had a leash on her.  No amount of bribing would coax her.


All in all I think she has adjusted very well with what has happened in her life in the past few months.   She is now part of our family and we have taken her on car rides and have shown her to family and friends - they all think she is a beautiful dog.


Thank you and Chantelle for all the work you do in rescuing boxers like Molly.   Let me know when you are in the neighbourhood so you can drop by for a visit.


Karen & Danny


Monday, May 5, 2008

Conky (BRLA's Charlotte) Update

Hi everyone,
Charlotte (renamed Conky by my boyfriend and reluctantly by myself) is doing great! I thought I would send you a couple of pictures from our first couple of days together. I will be sending some blood away for a heartworm test today so we'll see how she does with restraint thought I'm sure she'll be fine. She lets me put her eye ointment in with no problems.
Thanks, I will send some more pictures when her mange begins to heal so you can see the progress!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Chandler's Cast

Chandler spent the morning with the vet.  He had his cast removed and new x-rays taken.  His leg is healing nicely but he has developed pressure sores from the hard cast.  His feet are raw and infected so his new cast leaves his feet open to the air so they can heal.  He will be in this cast for another 2 weeks and then will go back again for a cast change and x-rays.  

Chandler is such a sweetheart.  He won over all the staff at the clinic.  He is soft, mellow and although he badly wants to trust someone in his past has hurt him badly.  He is most comfortable with our toddlers but is opening up to both us as well.  This young boy has been through so much in his short life and deserves only the best from here on in.