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Monday, March 14, 2011

Rudy with new sister Kailey - lots of snuggles here!

Thanks Sheri.

I attached a few photos of Rudy at 11-12 wks old. They were taken on my phone so I apologize some of them are a bit blurry. He's been doing really well, getting along great with our dog Kailey, she's finally started wrestling/boxing with him and letting him touch her while he sleeps lol. I didn't think he'd put on that much weight in the last couple weeks but when I went to put his collar on 2 days ago I had to make it over an inch wider than when we first got him! He's had his second set of shots and no reaction so far like he had with his first set. I'll keep you posted on any new developments!


Sambuca & Abner - 2 WBBR babies living the life

Here's some pics of Sam, some are him and Tiernan watching the river go out which we live beside, some are enjoying his friends, the other black boxer is also from you guys, his name is Abner.

An Update on our Sweet Timid Millie

I won the Puppy Lotto

I don’t remember much before I was rescued by boxer rescue in LA. I think I was about 8 months old, I know I was very scared and always shaking in fear and very scared, running with a pack and as I was lowest in the pecking order only had a few scraps to eat each day and sometimes nothing. It was not a good life, but I did my best to survive. I do remember injuring my paw.

When Boxer Rescue took me I was put in a large crate and there were many dogs there. I did get food each day and was taken out by the volunteers. As I was not used to people I would hide in the back of the crate and shake although they did their best to make me feel loved and cared for they only have a limited amount of time. No one wanted to adopt me as I did not look like a real boxer, even if I felt like one. I was very small, undershot jaw and still had my original tail. The fact that I was always frightened and shaking did not encourage anyone to take me.

Then one day the lady from Vancouver, Canada that finds homes for dogs came down to take some dogs back to Canada and went by my crate. Although I was not scheduled to be taken to Canada she felt sorry for me and was sure she would find me a home and the next thing I knew I was in a plane, in the crate on my way to Vancouver. It was very scary for me.

When I arrived I was taken by one of the dog trainers from Sit Happens Dog Training to her home with her 2 dogs as she had volunteered to work with me to make me “adoptable”. She was so patient and kind to me and after a few weeks I felt safe and cared for and I could now act like a real dog. Although I still felt scared she took me for walks every day, gave me food and treated me like her own dogs.

Then one day at the park another lady and her husband came to take me, they had agreed to adopt me and took me home with them. Again I was scared as I just go used to the other home. When I arrived at their home I was greeted by their 7 year old boxer (Emma) and immediately she thought I was a baby they brought home for her. Worked for me. She licked me all over and within a day I realized that she was my new Mom and that I was safe.

It took some time for me to get used to everything, but my owners were very patient and kind with me and my new Mom gave me all her toys and food and is always by my side. Since I have been here I have put on 22 lbs. and am starting to look like a real boxer. I am also allowed to bark.

I am now a very happy dog, I know I have a forever home, a boxer bodyguard and even thought I have chewed a few things, and had a couple of accidents (not my fault) my owners take it in their stride and continue to work with me. I am so lucky and happy. Every day I go for a walk, get lots to eat and play with my bodyguard. Life is good.

I know that I would not be in my forever home without the kindness and dedication of the volunteers and Boxer Rescue and I thank everyone for taking the time to care for a little homeless puppy.

So you see I did win the puppy lotto.


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dexter (BRLAs Jacob) - Adopted May 2010 - Great Job! We are so proud of Dex!!

Hi Coralee,

We adopted Dexter (previously known as Jacob) from WBBR last May. He turned two just this past February. I just wanted to give you an update of how incredible he is! Attached is one of the very few photos we can get of him looking serious (I had my wedding photographer take it last april when he was at my parent’s house with us!)

Dexter is doing so amazingly well; everywhere we go, people exclaim over how beautiful, calm, and friendly he is! He absolutely loves dog parks, Ambleside in West Van. Particularly, because he can swim in the ocean there, and chase crows and seagulls to his heart’s content! Believe it or not, he is one of the few boxers who actually swim! Even on the coldest days he loves to chase ducks in the ocean, when no other dogs will even swim!

On Mondays Dex and I go to Paws Ahead agility classes in Burnaby; he is the top of his class! We initially did a set of obedience classes, and after working with him on our own, we began agility classes last November or so. Dexter picks up on new things very quickly; I think his favourite parts are the tunnels and jumps, although he does very well on the teeter-totter, which is hard for most dogs! He has so much confidence; it doesn’t phase him to slide or fall off anything, which really helps in agility! I’m hoping to go in a few beginners competitions with him in the spring/summer!

In terms of cat friendliness; whereas he once had great fun chasing our poor white cat, he now adores him! Each day he’ll run up to the sleeping cat, stick his big muzzle in the cats fur, and inhale deeply, as if checking his scent! Luckily the cat puts up with this, or else walks away if the dog gets over-excited! But they eat side by side, and although it took a number of months to achieve this, they get along great now!

Anyways, overall he is an amazing dog, and we couldn’t be happier! Each day, I drive Dex over from Port Coquitlam to my parent’s place in Fraser Heights, Surrey, where he spends my work day with one of my brothers and parents. Most days he is taken to dog parks, or goes for hikes. After work I swing by, pick him up, and bring him back to our place for the evening. On weekends, we dog-share as well; he spends half the weekend with us, half with my parents! It is a great arrangement for him; he is unfailingly excited to both get to my parents, and to my place, and gets the most exercise of any dog!

Anyways, I hope all is going well with you and your beautiful girl boxer! She must be a gorgeous young girl by now!

Talk to you later!
Kristina Morrison (previously Haworth)

Lily Update (BRLA's Roxy)

Hi Jennifer: here are a couple of pictures of Lily. We got her a bed to go on the carpet, but she insists on laying on the carpet, so we move the bed everywhere hoping we could train her to stay on it. Oh well. She’s definitely adjusting well, although. Have fun in L.A.

Jai & Robert