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Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Are you going down to LA on business or maybe a family vacation? Do you have a friend or family member who is going? Are you returning via Bellingham, Vancouver or Abbotsford airport?

Our cargo airfares have increased again, we are now paying approx. $250 + $45 fuel surcharge for our rescues to arrive in Vancouver. Because of this our adoption fees are going to have to increase. Our current fee of $350 now does not even cover the cost of the flight and the crate. We are not sending any money back to the shelter to help with spay/neuter, vaccines etc.

Dogs can be booked on a flight to fly with someone on board for approx. $75.00. A big difference from what our cargo dogs are being charged. If yourself, your family or your friends would not mind including a boxer in their return flight please let us know. We would arrange it so that we would meet you at the airport. You would need to clear customs with the dog (which we can walk you through) and then we would collect the boxer when you come out.

Please let us know if you think you may or know someone who may be able to help us bring a boxer to Canada!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Remy (WBBR Alumni)

Remy is one of two boxers who came to us from Idaho. Idaho boxer rescue closed it's doors for personal reasons and Remy and her sister were left in limbo. The closest rescue to them who had room was WBBR and so the girls flew from Idaho to Vancouver. Both Remy and her mom Rosi were placed with wonderful families on Vancouver Island. We thank IDAWG in Idaho for saving these two, caring for them and transporting them to us.

Here's Remy with her adopted sister Olivia

Remy Update (WBBR Alumni)

Just a quick update on our little gal, Remy. We are pretty sure she has finally overcome the 11 week long battle against kennel cough! The vet believes she contracted kennel cough from her vaccine, because there is a small amount of live vaccine in it. Remy has gone through many tests, x-rays, ultrasound and a trachea procedure to determine what was wrong with her. She has been on so many different antibiotics the whole time as well, and she has been a trooper through and through! The vet has also said she probably has a weaker immune system than usual, hence her recovery taking so long. During this time, she was able to form a great bond with her sis, Livy, as they were both not allowed to be around other dogs due to the contagious nature of the bug. They are absolutely inseparable. We call them the ‘grrls’. Remy is growing steadily, now weighing 40lbs and 7 ½ months old. She is almost always covered in grass stains, or dirt from tearing up the backyard with Livy. Her favourite activities are ankle biting, chasing Livy, laying on the top of the sofa watching out the window, and playing fetch with, and pouncing on her squeaky toys. She is still not overly happy about being in her crate, as this takes away from valuable time from Livy. Her obedience is a work in progress, as she hasn’t been allowed to go to classes because of being sick. We’re working on it though! She is still the most gentle, even tempered girl as when we got her, and I have to make sure I fall asleep before her; otherwise I can’t, because her snoring is soooo loud (human loudness). We love her so much, and even though she has been sick, it has only made us grow closer to her. We are so thankful to have her in our lives, and the 2 grrls together bring us so much pleasure and laughter every day! We are forever grateful to WBBR and Margret’s fostering, taking such good care of Remy.

Jenn and Dave

Thursday, May 24, 2007


Have you been thinking about adopting a second dog but not sure if two is to many? Have you been thinking about helping out with fostering but haven't gotten around to really deciding? Please, please, please, we need your help! Right now there's 2 boxer X's and a boxer waiting at city shelters to be brought in to rescue and without foster homes we are unable to bring them in. It's an awful feeling knowing there's dogs that need our help but we have no where for them to go. Please consider opening your home and heart to fostering a rescue boxer.

Roxy is going home!

We are all very excited!!!!! Roxy is going home!!!!! Roxy came in to rescue due to her growing anxiety issues. We're very excited to say that with the help of training for both Roxy and her owner and some changes in pack leadership and rules at home Roxy will soon be heading back home to her family!

This is the best possible outcome for everyone! We're so happy that Roxy can go home to the family she knows and loves!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Becoming Your Dogs Pack Leader

Lately we have had a few people ask about Pack Leadership. I thought it would be a good idea to post a couple of things here about it for everyone to read!

Becoming Your Dog’s Pack Leader
©2002 Canine College of California

Dogs, like children, need boundaries. They see the world the same way we do. They aren’t
fuzzy, four-legged people. They are social, curious intelligent animals quite capable of
controlling humans. In more houses than we would like to admit, the dog is the big boss.
You say, “Not in my house!” Lets see:
􀂾 When your dog brings you a toy because he wants to play, do you play with him?
􀂾 If your dog nuzzles your arm when you’re on the couch, do you pet her?
􀂾 If you dog barks at you when you’re not paying attention to him and, in response, you
ask? What do you want? Then give him a treat, toy or go out on a walk?
􀂾 When your dog barks and whines near her feeding time, do you go to fill her bowl?
Yes? Then guess who is running the show: Your dog.
Dogs like in a social structure called a “pack”. This pack formation, ordered like the rungs on a
ladder, represent power and structure to your dog. All dog behavior problems can be traced back
to some misinterpretation in the pack order.
Even if you aren’t aware that you’re supposed to be the “pack leader” the “big boss”, your dog
is. If you aren’t comfortable in this position, if you hesitate, feel bad when you reprimand
your dog, or don’t have the time or energy, your dog will pick up on your weaknesses and
take advantage of them. If your dog thinks that he or she is in charge, that gives them the
RIGHT to bite you or anyone else they do not respect!
Many things that a dog needs are viewed by humans to be “mean” or “cruel”. Dogs are not
humans, they don’t need the same things, and they don’t communicate the same way. Trying to
make your dog human is ultimately going to harm your dog.
So what can you do? How can you be in charge?
1. Always eat before you feed your dog. This is pretty easy, always feed your dogs after
your family. It is the pack leaders right to eat first, gorge themselves and own any
leftovers. If your dog growls or snaps while eating, they eat only when they are hand fed.
- Your dog should be fed twice a day
- The food bowl should be put down by you, and picked up by you 15 minutes later
- You dog should never be “free fed (have food out all the time)
2. Restrict access to your bedrooms and furniture. Ensure you can have free access to all
the prime areas of the house. Sitting on the dog's bed will no doubt confirm your
neighbors suspicions that you have lost it, the dogs however will view the situation very
differently - you can 'occupy' their spot. Take this one stage further and restrict access to
your bedroom and it reinforces the point that your 'superior' sleeping spot is out of
bounds, theirs is not.
- If your dog has ever bitten, growled at, or snapped at a human, they should
NEVER be allowed on any furniture.
- Your dog needs to earn the right to sleep on the bed.
3. Make your dog move out of your way. Do not step over the dog that is constantly in
your way - take the shortest route to your destination and move the dog.
- Standing or laying in front of you, in front of doors or at the top or bottom of the
stairs is your dog’s way of controlling where you go
- Scoot your feet on the ground to move the dog out of your way
4. Always run away from your dog if it gets loose. Pack leaders GET chased, subordinate
pack members chase. Never chase your dog yelling “COME!”
- If you are chasing your dog, you can’t possibly be the leader!
- Having you chase him is a game to your dog – they are playing with you! We are
smarter than they are, make it your game for them to chase you!
5. Call your dog to you to play or get affection. Paying attention to your dog should be
when you want, not when they want. They shouldn’t tell you what to do.
6. Make sure your dog is paying attention to you. They will ignore you is they don’t respect
- Do not repeat yourself, their hearing is 20 times better than yours, they heard you,
they’re just ignoring you!
- Do not command your dog if you are not prepared to reinforce your command.
7. Initiate games with your dog, make sure you win and end up with possession of the
- Do not play any games you can’t win
- Don’t play violent games with opponents that have big teeth!

Roxy our sweet boxer/mastiff foster

Roxy is again available for adoption. Her owner has decided at this time it is not right for Roxy to come home so we are trying to find her a new one.

She is a very sweet and loving girl who has some anxiety issues. She is an anxious dog and her previous owner has been feeding it. She has come from a loving home with a single mom and her son. She was loved to pieces but her mom did not understand her anxiety and in trying to help her with it actually fed it. Roxy will need an owner who can love her but give her structure to help her overcome a lot of her anxious behaviors. Although Roxy is an anxious dog she doesn't need to be as anxious as she is. Roxy has been in foster care for a week now and is doing quite well. She is learning to stay in a wire crate when people aren't home, at night or even when we are home. She is also learning it's okay to stay in another room when we are home (behind a babygate), we are helping to teach her some independence and not to rely on us 100%. She is house trained and knows some basic commands. She is very smart and eager to please! She would love to attend obedience classes so she can learn new skills and help her with her anxieties. She is nervous of new people but this week has been introduced to many new people and she's realizing that everyone is just as friendly as the next. She's been in foster care this weekend with 8 other dogs and is doing very well. She's starting to come out of her shell and is playing with the other dogs. Although she does love to just lay down in the dog bed and chew on her bone. She has just ignored my cats. 8 months ago she had surgery to repair a torn ACL, she is up to date on her vaccines and is spayed. I believe I might have had Roxy listed as younger, she has just turned 4 yrs old.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Dino Update

Dino is just doing wonderful! We really are enjoying him but really would like him to find his forever owner. This weekend Dino is one of 10 dogs in our home and he has had the opportunity to play with all of them. His social skills have vastly improved since he first arrived and so has his obedience. He does not like to be grabbed by his collar and lead somewhere, esepcially away from play and fun (not a suprise knowing his past). We are using his obedience instead to call him back to his run at the end of play sessions etc.

We are excited as Dino is doing very well in his obedience classes. He will be moving to his new home with training for his new owner. His new owner will be provided with 2 private lessons to bring them up to speed with Dino's progress and then 2 park/group sessions to practise your new skills around distractions and other dogs.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Dino Is Still With Us

Dino is still waiting for his perfect family. There have been several enquiries on him but his forever family has not come along yet. He is doing very well and is becoming a more well adjusted dog every day! We all love him around here and can't wait for him to find a forever owner who will love and care for him. His coat is really starting to shine and he's gaining weight. He's now eating all his meals when we put them down and just loves his cookies. He loves to play and if allowed would play morning to night. He loves to lay out on the dog bed in the sun. This little boy so deserves a wonderful family, I know they are out there! Just need to find them!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Dino Update

Dino is such a sweet boy and is doing so well. He is very needy and is a bit of an attention hog. He wants to soak up all the love and attention he can get his hands on at this time. For this reason I feel he would do best with a family who has older children (no toddlers etc. that need lap time). He almost made me cry today after I realized what he was doing. Dino is very skinny, he shows the signs of not receiving regular meals. I found small dig holes around the run today. When I checked them more closely I found a Milkbone burried in one. In another a few pieces of kibble. This sweet boy is hoarding his food incase there won't be another meal. I want him to know that there will always be two meals a day for him and of course cookies as well. This will only happen with time and trust though but I wish I could tell him that he doesn't need to hoard his food anymore as I promise he will never be in that situation again.

Dino is off to the vet tomorrow and then back to obedience on Saturday! I can't wait for this young boy to find his forever family. it's time for him to start his wonderful new life!!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Rate Your Vet! Help others find a vet!
This is an interesting site that I came across today. It allows people to rate their vet. I think this is a great site to help people find a new vet or read what others say about the vet you use. Take a look, rate your vet clinic if it is listed. If not then list it and give it a rating!

Would You Like to Share??

Do you have a picture, a story, a question etc. that you would like to share?? Please email me and I will make sure to post it to our Blog. I want to try and keep our Blog as up to date as possible with as much information as possible so please don't hesitate to email me anything and everything! We love pictures and follow ups so send them through!!!

Diesel & Muffet (WBBR/BRLA Alumni) update

May 1, 2007
Hi Chantelle and Without Borders Boxer Rescue:
Well, Friday May 4 will represent 1 month since Little Miss Muffet and Blink's Little Diesel came into our lives. We are so happy to have had these two rays of sunshine enter our lives. Thanks to Chantelle and WBBR and thanks to Boxer Rescue Los Angeles, Muffet and Diesel were matched to us, an a better match couldn't have been better made in Heaven! Muffet and Diesel are wonderful fur kids, and they've slipped into our Vancouver Island lifestyle with so much ease, it's hard to believe that it's only been a month. We went to our new vet within 10 days of arrival for a how-do-you-do meeting and an initial checkup. We passed our examinations with flying colours, both of them being very good dogs for their new pal Dr. Jeff. Thank you to BRLA and the surrendering owner Brenda for providing all of the paperwork for this lively pair, and thanks again Brenda for your e-mail address and the additional information. We had registration papers, health history, immunization history etc, all of which Dr. Jeff got a copy for his file. We then started on Advantage for flea and tick protection.. The kids readily adapted to our well researched food selection - Canidae - made from 100% human consumable ingredients with no glutens, BHA, BHP, or propylene glycol additives. Of course, it doesn't hurt that there's often gravy, cottage cheese or other nutritious additives on top! For treats, they get Mom's home-made liver cookies or the stewing beef treats that Dad finds on sale in the meat section and cooks up with a bit of garlic powder. And we can't forget to mention their love for the once-a-week omlette that dad cooks up for breakfast.They are still getting used to "kennelling up" outside to play as we have to build some trust as far as off leash on the property goes... When we do get to the off leash trust, it will be for purposes of supervised play only :) We'll be going to some obedience classes to help us with socialization and to "bone up" on a few of our commands like "down" and "stay", otherwise we are quite comfortable with our communications. Rescueing a boxer is a highly underrated lifestyle change. The joy that the dogs bring to our lives, and the joy that they must feel being in a forever home is something not easily expressed. Believe it that we are very, very happy - all four of us!!! Chantelle (WBBR) and Ursula (BRLA) are surely angels on earth. The work and dedication that they provide to save these wonderful, dedicated, intelligent and beautiful companions is selfless and beautiful in all its grace. Thank you to all who assist these wonderful women saving boxers. We will always be connected, by fur kids, monetary donation, by volunteering. Our decision to rescue was indeed a wise one. Those who are considering doing so are welcome to contact us as well at and we will be happy to provide some third party insight into this most wonderful of experiences. Thanks again Chantelle, Ursula, and all Boxer Rescue Saviours and Volunteers everywhere. We are all the better for bringing this wonderful family and kid loving breed into our lives, homes and hearts. Today we're off to see Dr. Jeff for a heartworm checkup, then we'll check out the Doggie Motel next door to Dr. Jeff for when Mom and Dad go away!Adios for now!Dana and Brenda, Dad&Mom to Muffet and Diesel Forever remembered, waiting at the bridge - Jackson and Jazzy