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Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween from Stella!!

Hey guys,

Miss Stella wants to wish everyone a very Happy Halloween! Hope all you puppies have a safe and wonderful day!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Keeping Your Dogs Safe at Halloween

Keep your pets safe this Halloween (courtesy of the BCSPCA)
October 21, 2010

Don’t let the ghosts, ghouls and goblins get to your pet this Halloween.

“While Halloween is fun for trick-or-treaters, it can be a scary and dangerous time for both pets and farm animals,” says Lorie Chortyk, general manager of community relations for the BC SPCA.

Loud noises in the neighbourhood, constant door-knocking and fireworks outside may spook companion pets, causing them to dart into traffic or even jump through windows.

Frightened farm animals have even been known to run into barbed-wire fences or other obstructions.

“With a little planning, guardians can take steps to keep their pets safe on Halloween,” says Chortyk.

The BC SPCA offers these seasonal tips:

Keep pets inside
Pets who are inside have fewer opportunities to confront trick-or-treaters. Some pets do well left in a separate room with the radio or television on to mask the sound of fireworks and trick-or-treaters. Be sure to leave plenty of toys in the room for your pet so that he doesn’t think he’s being isolated as a punishment. If your pet finds the doorbell disturbing, consider disconnecting the doorbell for the night. Alternatively, you can leave a bowl of treats near the door outside where trick-or-treaters can help themselves. That way, they won’t knock or ring the doorbell – at least not until the bowl is emptied.

Make sure your pet is wearing identification. Dogs and cats may try to run away if they feel threatened. Clear, current identification is your best chance to have them returned to you

Don’t console your anxious pet
While it is natural to want to comfort your pet, it is better to use a bright, cheerful voice to send a message that things are fine. Avoid saying things like, “it’s OK” or “don’t be scared” in a soft or sympathetic voice. This only reinforces your pet’s fearful behaviour.

Candy is for people
Candy can lead to health problems such as diabetes or obesity, and chocolate is especially dangerous because it contains theobromine, which is toxic to dogs and cats. Keep treats well away from your pets.

Leave home without them
If you think it would be fun to bring your pet trick-or-treating, your pet may not share your view. The strange sights and sounds of Halloween can cause a normally friendly dog to bite if it feels scared or threatened.

Keep away from costumes for your pet
Dressing your dog in a costume inhibits his ability to communicate, making him prone to display aggression himself or be subjected to aggressive behaviour from other dogs.

Friday, October 22, 2010

WBBR attends BRLA's Woof & Wine

Our founder, Chantelle is heading down today to show her support for BRLA and attend Woof & Wine. If you have not yet purchased your ticket to Woof & Wine, please do so. Most of the dogs from WBBR come from BRLA. BRLA is our sister rescue and we continue to show our love & support.

What's not to love about Woof & Wine? You get to help & meet beautiful Boxer babies in need and drink WINE! Yummy:) Plus this year FX Son's of Anarchy star, Kristen Renton will be at the event. She will be running the "Kissing Boxer Booth" If you are a fan of Kristen and the show you can meet her there along with other stars of SOA.

Come out and show your love & support for this wonderful cause.

Hosted by Custom Hotel
Enjoy stylish hip surroundings
Taste an intriguing selection of wines
Try a tempting array of foods
Enjoy great music
Bid on Fabulous Auction items
Help BRLA continue to save lives!

$60 per person advance sale - $100 per pair advance sale
$75 at the door

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Buddy Adopted Aug 2010

A great update picture of Buddy and his brother George. Buddy has kicked his KC and is loving George. George is still adjusting, but 9 out of 10 times they are in love.

Dulce is home & doing well

Hi Jennifer,
It's funny that you emailed today, as I was just writing an update for everyone.

A big thank you everyone who made it possible for Dulce to join our family
Her name suites her to a T as she is a really sweet girl.
Its been 2 weeks since we brought Dulce home so I thought I would give an update and send a couple of pics.

First off her tummy only has 2 sores left on it ,one is taking longer to heal as she will get at in the night sometimes( she has learned how to take off her shirts).
Her seperation anxiaty is getting better she will cry a bit when someone first leaves the house (as she is standing at door whining because Rick is outside while I’m typing this) and will sometimes run around in a panic when she realizes you left the room but she will settle down now.

We have gotten the growl/cower by me when people come in the house nipped in butt. Thanks Jennifer and Sheri for helping me out I really appreciated how you took the time to respond and give me advise. She is not a fan of the crate, would rather look out the window from the couch so we are letting her do that while still trying to get her to like the crate.

Dulce can be shy with meeting people and gets startled easily by certain noises and movements especially around her head, but she is always gentle.
She loves her walks, is really good with meeting dogs . She only has gotten Alpha a couple of times. We have ran into bears , deer’s, rabbits cats etc she is so well behaved it’s a dream. Her and the cat are making friends ( cat is being a bit of a turd) and we have being taking her out to friends and family to socialize and she is a good girl.

Dulce is a talking, snuggling, sniffing , snoring , very messy eater, gas machine, (we are working on the food situation still) , and can give the stubborn boxer look to you like nobody’s business , all those great boxer things we have missed around the house in the last few months.
Take Care
Leanne & Rick.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Our Baby Boba/Boston Finds a New Home & A New Sister

Hi Jen,

as we told you here are some pictures of our baby. We call him Boston or shorter Bos and he responds to the name greatly. You can see on the pictures that he is already picking up on Zara's good energy and he is calm,not running around in our apartment. They share all their toys and bones and eat their meals 20cm apart.
Boston sleeps in his crate (with closed door,for now) in my bedroom and he doesn't mind it. Last night we were pretty much tired,went to sleep at 9 pm and woke up at 8.15am.Yesterday morning he was a bit distancing from us but this morning he was overwhelmed to see us BUT not jumping. He even goes nicely on the leash,only when he sees something really interesting to him then he gets excited and jumpy.
I think we couldn't get a better dog than him and as you told he IS so smart,once told "leave it " he turns his head away and goes away from it. We will keep you posted about Boston's improvement.
Have a great weekend.


A Big Paws Up for One of WBBR's Hardworking Families (Bella)

Hey Chantelle,

It has been a well since I sent you an update on Bella, she is doing well but we are still working on Bella time which is to be expected. She struggles with social skills with other dogs when out (I think this is more to do with being overwhelmed in the outside world) and still guards our home in Bella style but is easing up on who and what she barks at! She is super funny! She doesn't quite lose it when she sees a cat or squirrel like she used. She sleeps on her bed on the floor in my room at night (baby gate on the bedroom door) and is kennelled only when I'm away. We started dog obedience last week and she spent the whole first class watching from behind a screen, she can do everything we learn in class at home without batting an eye and off lead but class is very overwhelming for her right now. This obedience training is reward based and not dominance based so she loves the rewards and will do really well once she feels comfortable, the trainer and assistant both have tons of experience with rescue dogs and are very supportive. It is a new concept in training for me and we are both learning together. I had my back yard fenced yesterday so that she has a safe place to run and play and that should help with her pent up energy as well. People are scared to death of her when we are out on our daily walks but she usually trots right past them, she does have a thing about old men with hats which is interesting. She is a work in progress and while frustrating at times so rewarding to see her emerge so ever slowing into the girl she was meant to be.


Lucy loves her new sibbling

Look at Lucy (Boxer) with her new sibbling a Pug!