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Sunday, December 17, 2023

Introducing a New Dog to Your Home

When we place dogs, be them foster dogs or forever dogs, we provide people with the Rules.  These articles below also contain guidelines to make the integration into a new household a stress free and successful undertaking.

When people have problems with a new dog, it is almost 100% because they didn’t follow the protocols and rushed the dog.  So please, use our experience to your advantage and set your dog up for success.

Laila - Available for Adoption

 We are learning more about Laila and what she needs. She is sweet, she is cute and yes she is young. What she needs is someone to allow her the opportunity to learn at her own pace and allow for her to have good experiences.

This little girl will not be adopted to a home with young children. She has fear to young kids. She is unsure of new people and takes time to get to know them. She is tiny and timid and lacks confidence. Out on walks she is alert and gets nervous seeing other dogs and people out on walks. However she is easily redirected. She needs to know she is good girl and needs to know when she does well.
Laila gets overwhelmed easily. She is a super special girl looking for the right home. This home needs to be patient. Take things slow. Literally slow like molasses. Rushing her into situations just sets her back and creates more stress for her and knocks down her confidence. She will shut down. She needs to be allowed to come to you on her terms. You will need to build her trust. You will need to crate train. She likes her crate. It's her comfort area.
Laila needs a fully fenced yard. She will need someone to be with her outside and not be left unattended. She is fearful so if she gets spooked she will run and never look back. Saying this Laila isn't a dog park dog. She isn't going to be walked off-leash. She isn't going to like to wrestle or rough play. She needs someone who can give her time, patience and someone who will strictly follow the 2 week shut down.
For your reward of patience Laila will pay you with lots of love and grow into an amazing dog and a wonderful companion. She just needs someone to help show her how to be a dog.
We will only be considering local adoptions at this time due to the limited volunteer abilities.
Training will be provided by Dogsmart in Vancouver. If you adopt Laila you need to committed to the training program at Dogsmart.
Female Spayed
10 months Old
Location: Vancouver Lower Mainland
Kids: No
Dogs: Possibly with slow introduction
Cats: No
If you feel that you can make a solid commitment to Laila please apply to:

2023 Charlie's Pet Food Bank

Our annual Charlie's Pet Food Bank was another success!  An Amazing day at Jacob’s Well!!  Lots of Charlie’s Pet Food Bank Christmas photos.  Thank you so much to everyone that donated.  The food and the coats were the most popular/needed table.  All the dogs were so well behaved and super thankful! 

A huge thank you to all the volunteers.  Our hearts are warm!

Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Happy Giving Tuesday

 I know that our group page has been rather quiet lately, with fewer dogs coming in compared to before. However, we currently have some dogs in desperate need of homes. Despite this our focus for Giving Tuesday is not on our rescue efforts but rather on giving back to our local community. To continue our tradition, our volunteers are gathering donations for Charlie's Food pet food bank in Downtown Eastside.

Charlie's Food provides free and low-cost pet services for individuals who are homeless, living outdoors, low-income, and senior pet guardians in Downtown Vancouver. The initiative was established to enhance the lives of pets in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside and is named after a malnourished dog named Charlie. Unfortunately, despite three weeks of intensive care at the SPCA hospital, Charlie couldn't be saved and passed away.

For this Giving Tuesday, we encourage you to consider making a donation to RAB's annual support of Charlie's pet food bank. You can contribute directly through e-transfer at or via Paypal.

Donations of $25 or more will receive a tax receipt.

Your support means a lot to us, and together, we can make a positive impact. Thank you!