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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Flora Dora's First Christmas in Canada!!!

Hi Guys,
remember Floradora from last winter...she went to Ontario but has now moved to BC with her family. She looks great and the family is really in love with her.

Sent: Friday, December 25, 2009 6:14 PM
Subject: Re: Hi

Dear Sheri,

just a quick note to touch base and let you know that we've been in BC since August 10th and are adjusting to life out west slowly.

Floradora is doing wonderfully well and coming more out of her shell every day. She is well and truly a happy member of the family now. In fact, she's adjusted so well that we've had to put her on a diet! (If it ain't tied down, she'll eat it!)

This is her first Xmas with us and I thought you'd like to see a picture.

Thanks so much for the part you played in bringing her into our family.



Merry Christmas from Eden & Izzy

A little after Christmas wish for you all! I hope your day was as peaceful as these 2had it! Eden (8yrs - fawn) & Izzy (8 months - brindle)! Life is good for dogs!

Best wishes for the new year!

Teresa & Stephen

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Izzy-Dora Enjoying Snow for the First Time!

Harley and his new family (BRLA's Lennox) - Adopted Nov 2009

Hi Jennifer

Thank you so much for the Christmas wishes. I am so glad you emailed it reminded me to send you a copy of pictures of our new family member.

Harley has adjusted really well. We have had a few problems with his tummy but we are working them out. I will be signing up for some obedience lessons in January with him.

I have to give you credit I don’t know how you do it with Four!!!!!!

Thank you again we love Harley, he is a wonderful addition to our family.

Merry Christmas

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Lucy - Relaxing with her buddy

Looks like Miss Lucy has really settled in well to her new life! What more can a girl ask for? A good friend and lots of love!

Peanut - Adopted December 2009

Here is a Merry Christmas greeting from the newest Canadian, Peanut! Looks like Peanut is having fun and enjoying his new life!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Beau a real Hero! (BRLAs Hobo)

Check out Beau! He is a real life hero that helps other dogs that need help.

If your dog would like to donate to help others, visit

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Kache - Adopted December 2009

Hi Girls,

Here are some pictures of Kache - I renamed him!
He is doing so good. Very obediant and he already learned how to sit.

Have a Merry Christmas!


Sunday, December 6, 2009

Get your BRLA 2010 Calendar Today!!!

Don't be lazy!!! Get your 2010 BRLA calendar today and support Boxer Rescue, all while enjoying pictures of beautiful rescue dogs all year long!!! Hurry up they sell out FAST!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Please Keep Your Pets Safe this Holiday Season

Well it is that time of year again.... Here is an important reminder about Pets and the Holiday Season.

All of us at WBBR join in wishing you a Happy Holiday Season and a prosperous New Year!

Boxer Love to one and to All!

Taken From: CBC News Online December 10, 2004
Pets face added risks over the holiday period. Animals often chew on grass and plants inside the house and out. This time of year, seems someone's always coming over with a seasonal plant. And some of the plants used to add a festive flair to the home over the holidays can cause trouble. Among the plants your pets should stay away from:Holly. Can cause intense vomiting and diarrhea. Mental depression can also occur. Amaryllis. Ingestion can result in vomiting, diarrhea, depression, lack of appetite, tremors, drooling and abdominal pain. Mistletoe. Can cause significant vomiting and diarrhea. In addition, this plant has been associated with difficulty breathing, slowed heart rate, and collapse. Some pets – if they've eaten large quantities of it – have died. Some animals may show erratic behaviour and possible hallucinations. Poinsettia. This plant can cause irritation to the mouth and stomach and sometimes vomiting. It has a low level of toxicity and is overrated as a toxic plant. Many people consider it basically non-toxic. Christmas cactus. Harmless if only a small amount is eaten. But a danger to dogs if large quantities of this plant are ingested. Symptoms include vomiting, possibly with blood, diarrhea, possibly with blood, and mental depression. These plants are considered low toxicity plants.Christmas often means a lot of chocolate around the house. Nice treats for people – but bad news for your dog. Theobromine, an active ingredient found in chocolate, can be highly toxic. If your pet shows signs of illness such as vomiting or loss of appetite, contact your veterinarian immediately.More hazards for your petChristmas trees can be pulled over by climbing cats or curious dogs. Broken ornaments can cut paws/skin. Decorative lights are an electrocution hazard if the dog, cat, rabbit or other curious pet bites the wires. Table scraps and bones can cause severe gastrointestinal disorders, pancreatitis and blockages that require surgery to remove. People food for people, pet food for pets. Tinsel, ribbons or yarn, if swallowed, can require surgery to remove. They can cause the intestines to bunch up so that food cannot pass through properly. Burning candles can be a danger. Curious animals could burn themselves or knock candles over and cause a fire. Visitors can cause pets to feel anxious. Make sure your pet has a safe zone where it can go for quiet and privacy. Make sure exterior doors are properly closed so pets don't escape. Around the Christmas tree Pine needles can get lodged in an animal's throat, making it painful for your pet to swallow. Sure, Fido can slurp water from the toilet all day long with nary a hint of sickness. But drinking the water from the Christmas tree base can cause diarrhea, mouth sores, vomiting and loss of appetite. Cover your tree stand and distract your pet from tree temptations with toys and treats. Cats, in particular, may try to climb the tree. Either keep pets away from this area or secure the tree to the ceiling or wall.Around decorations Pets are attracted to flames and shiny decorations. When lighting candles, keep pets out of reach. Glass balls and ornaments can shatter in a pet's mouth and, if swallowed, could cause digestive problems or even be fatal. Pets can get tangled up in popcorn and cranberry strands causing a strangling hazard. With electrical lights, remember to tape exposed electrical cords to walls or floor to prevent your pet from chewing on them or tripping over them. Tinsel, gift-wrap and artificial snow can cause an upset stomach, even choking in your pet. Other items to keep out of reach Don't give alcohol to pets. You might think it's funny to watch Fluffy spinning around on the kitchen floor but any amount of booze is dangerous to your pet. Avoid toys with small parts or those made of soft materials that pets can chew up and swallow.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Casey (BRLA's Pinkey) What an AMAZING recovery!

This is just one of the amazing recovery stories that touch our hearts.......

Meet Pinkey (now Casey) he was a little guy who came to BRLA with horrible mange. He was not quite 4 months old and had been fighting a hard fight during those 4 months. He came in so ravaged with mange that he was barely holding on to life. He spent several days in intensive care on IV with a high fever, severe diarrhea and vomiting. We were all touched by how young he was and shocked at how someone could let this little angel get so sick and abandon him in his time of need. When Pinkey was well enough to travel, WBBR brought him home to Canada. He made an amazing recovery thanks to the care and love of our volunteers.
Look at Pinkey (now Casey) today. He is a beautiful healthy boy that has a great home where people love him and take very good care of him. Casey you deserve it baby! We are all so happy to see your well!

Rugby/Red Bear (Adopted from BRLA Oct 2009)

This little one made his way from LA to Canada during Canadian Thanksgiving. Now he truly has something to be thankful for. He has a great home with a wonderful new best friend and a family that loves him!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Teddie Update - Adopted from BRLA 2008

We have had Teddie since Jun 2008 from Boxers without Borders, he was flown to Vancouver 17 Jun 2008 and I met Jennifer at the Twassassen Ferry Terminal. I wanted to say that he has brought joy to our lives and our other Boxer Gracey. I wanted to send you a picture of him, and thought maybe you could post it on your Boxers without Borders website to show him off. Teddie was 47 lbs when he arrived and now he’s a healthy 68lbs. Here is a picture, hope you like it.


Kelly Munroe

Friday, November 27, 2009

Roger Update

Well I finally got the software for my camera to work. Here are some pics of Roger. He is still a handful but alot better, he will still benefit from dog obedience school which I am hoping to start in the New Year. He is alot better when he can got out & run laps in the yard, then he comes in and crashes in front of the fireplace. We call him our sissy california dog because he doesn't like the rain, or the wind and he has a coat he actually likes to wear. Kyla was trying costumes on him for Halloween and he loved it, he let her put anything on him, he just likes the attention.
Anyway just wanted to give u an update and some pics if u can't open them let me know.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Posts to Blog

Hi Gang,
If you have an update that you would like posted on the WBBR blog, please forward it to Jennifer at

Mika (BRLA's Tooter) Adopted Oct 2009

Here are some pictures of sweet little Mika. She is enjoying her new life as a Canadian citizen!

Update on Bentley (Local Adoption November 2009)


I just wanted to update you on the newest photo of my baby boys! Bentley is doing great! Him and Kona have had a love hate relationship! Slowly I have watched them become inseperable brothers! All is good the only thing I worry about is after long days of playing together Bentley's legs get quite stiff! I watch him struggle to climb stairs and move around the house. I have been giving him his tablets about twice a week, not sure if it helps or not! I was hoping you could send me over the vet info that worked on Bentley, I wouldn't mind bringing both of them to this vet. I also was wondering if you got the neuter certificate and immunization card, I need it to register him in Pitt Meadows and taking him over the border when we go to Birch Bay to my best friends property. If you could send me this info that would be great! Thanks, Charm

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Domino Update - Adopted Oct 2009

I know time is flying. I can't believe christmass is right around the corner. Domino is great she has quite a few friends now and has been a great addition to my life. She is so smart she figured out a away to cut our morning walk short when its cold and raining buy tangleing the leash around me to make me turn around and head home. lol. She is finally starting to gain some weight as well even though the vet said she was fine at 45lbs she still looked a little thin i think she's about 47 now and looking good. Her personality is still changing and she is still coming out of her shell.

Let me know when you guys have some time so we can maybe meet half way at a dog park or something and let them run around.

Talk soon

Chaya (BRLA's Fiona) - Adopted Nov, 2009

Here is our gal Chaya in her new home, looking all relaxed and glad to be home.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

WBBR Adoption Numbers are HUGE!

Congratulations to WBBR for another successful year of adoptions! So far this year WBBR has placed over 80 dogs into homes. I am so proud to be a part of such an amazing team! Thank you everyone for all your hard work and efforts. Go Team WBBR!!!

Lucy is home (BRLAs Laney)

Look at Lucy enjoying her new home! And she is even out shopping for new clothes :)

Friday, November 13, 2009

Update from Duke

Hey Kerri,

Glad to hear Daisy-Mae has found a good home... I will have to keep looking for a lady-friend for Mr.Duke! Here are some pictures of Duke... with his little bro, "Angus" (my mom's boston terrier), and some of him sprawled out on my bed with his yellow blanket... and some of him when we visit my parent's ranch... he absolutely loves that, and is getting used to the horses/cows/cats... but still isn't too sure when I ride my horse, he wants up too I think! Anyways, he is doing really well and has gained weight back to a healthy weight, has a great appetite, and is truly just an angel.Thanks for your help,I might keep looking on the website and bug you about a few more of the senior's status's.

Cheers,Jamie & Duke

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Paprika gets a new hat (BRLAs Doodle)

Hi Jennifer,
Wow. Time really flies. I guess adoptions will stop later this month...are you looking forward to a bit of a break? Pretty close to a year now, since you came to meet us at our house.
Here are a couple of new photos for you...She loves the wind and thinks that the swirlling leaves are great toys. She is a wonderful addition to our family - she couldn't be more loved!
Hope all is well with you,

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Please Help Lievio Find his FOREVER home!!!

This big boy desperately needs our help. He is in such a huge funk and really misses having his own people. Please spread the word. He needs our help now!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Rascal with his new brother Baal - Adopted Nov, 2009

Here is our cute boy Rascal in his new home with his new baby brother, Baal. Rascal made the trip from LA to Edmonton and is living the life in the Great White North.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Rigby showing off her new Canadian Booties!

Here is another new Canadian adjusting to the change of weather! Nice winter booties honey!


Family Reunion (Dawn & Tony, now Sully) 2 of the Mange Babies reunite

Here are pictures of Dawn being reunited with her brother Sully (BRLAs Tony). Dawn and Sully are 2 of the 3 severely run down mange babies that were tossed over a chain link fence and left at our vet's in LA. Along with their sister Bambi (who is now Izzy) they are all 3 Canadian citizens and doing well!

Proud Mom Lisa said the reunion was so touching! They remembered eachother instantly from their scent. Had a quick smell and immediately proceeded to cuddle!
Dawn and Sully will be kept together! What a happy ending!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Olive helping out in the garden

Hi Sheri

Nice to hear from you. How are you making out in the prairies and how are your 'Prairie Dogs' adjusting?
It is almost a year since Olive emigrated (ha ha) and started retraining my husband and me to be perfectly obedient parents!!!
She is doing just wonderful, with the only exception being that she is inclined to try to eat other dogs if she feels a little off her game. I just had knee replacement which has gone just wonderfully and will be more able to keep her controlled when that is healed properly. Up to now, I've been pretty limited with arthritis and a torn cartilage in that knee. Gives her a huge advantage over me.
Otherwise she is just a dear and is happy as a clam. Has a bevy of friends and some caretakers who spoil her even more than we do ( hamburgers for lunch, front seat of the car with the husband in the back etc). She was with them when we went on a cruise. She really missed them when we got home. She is reclining on the bed now since I am on the computer. Just came back from the dog park (where there are never any issues, surprisingly) and a few errands. Her favourite thing. Looks out the window of the car with an 'I'm Olive the boxer and YOU"RE NOT' expression on her face.
Cheers from here,

P.S. Here is Madame at the dogsitter's place, helping with the gardening!!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Update from Izzy ( BRLA's Bambi - mange baby making a fantastic recovery) Adopted Oct 2009

Hi Jennifer,

All is good. Izzy has not had any problems with the new ivomec. She seems to like the aloe. She had a bath and was good for it to just sat and enjoyed it. She is scheduled for a primary obedience class for the nest four Saturday mornings. They require the revolution. I will apply it early Saturday. Izzy is sweet and wiggely. Definitely full of energy. An hour long walk is just a warm up for her. The dog park here is mostly empty so she has had the run of the place. I just wish she would bring the ball back instead of just chasing it!

She has developed a small lump on top of her ear. Looks like a dog pimple. I think likely a small infected spot from the mange. One cat, Thunder, has approached within a foot or so. Izzy is interested and would approach him is she could. But she has been good at sitting while the cat is in the room. Our other cat, Iddy is not as tolerant and runs out of the room right away in most cases. She has twice stayed in the room at a distance, with cover, and watched Izzy intently. This cat has always been skidish, when we first got her she would not tolerate being picked up. She seems to be getting more tolerant with Izzy. She will take much more time and work than our other cat, Thunder. The darting out of the room does not help with keeping Izzy from wanting to approach her though.

So...All is good.Steve

Princess Jasmine Update (Adopted BRLA Oct 2009)

Hi Kerri,

The little lovebug is fitting in quite nicely. Here's a few pix. She meets Kyah tonight :)

We definately want her! We are thinking of calling her Bella.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009