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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Han (AKA BRLA's Pop) Sept Run

He has filled out now and is basically a "little truck" on four feet. Powerful little guy !!! 
Sweet as can be, gets excited and barks up a storm which of course gets Molly all excited and he will lick you to death if you let him. - you knew that already of course.
Molly and he continue to get along very well, the usual spat once in awhile but normally just rough housing with each other.He makes us laugh as he spins and jumps around when he wants to play.
Of course he has managed to pick up her bad habits but unfortunately she has not picked up any of his good habits : ) 
So now there is the usual routine of charging down the stairs when anyone comes home and then waiting for a treat. With 4 people in the house coming and going they expect alot of treats but usually that is left to Linda to be nice to them once or twice a day at most. 
They alwas check each others dish after dinner in case someone left something behind.. that never happens : )  
There have been no health problems at all, except he seems to have senstive feet, he does not like his toe nails clipped.
So that is a bit of an issue, so we will have to spend time with his feet and get him used to us touching them all the time.
Any other suggestions would be great.
So he is a wonderful dog, we love having him in our household and Molly and he are good companions.
I have attached some pictures and you definitely notice he has gotten wider.
Take care and please keep in touch.
Graham,Linda, Jordan and Samantha

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