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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Gunther Update (Nov. Run)

i Sheri, 
Gunther is doing great, we already feel like he has been with us for much longer then 3 days! JD (our other boxer) and him are actually getting along really well.  They love to play at the park with each other.. its really funny to watch Gunther run circles around her, he is full of energy.  He does not like his crate, and actually trembles when he goes near it.  We have had it in the family room and bedroom with us, dropped treats in it, tried to feed him in it, and JD has even gone in it to show him its not so bad....but he just does not want to go near it.  It isn't a huge problem because we have been home the whole time with him, and we just have him sleeping on his blanket next to our bed...but it would be nice if he lost his fear of it eventually.   
Were we supposed to get any documents with him? I had thought you had mentioned that there would maybe be a folder or something on top of his crate, but nothing was attached.  Also, is there any way of getting any medical records for him, seeing as we know who the previous owners are? Its okay if we can't , but we are going to bring him to our vet for a check-up (he seems VERY thin, so we want to make sure everything is okay)...and thought that it would be ideal if we knew if he had been on heartworm pills monthly...and that sort of thing.  
I will send you pictures ASAP....we are on a hunt for the piece that connects the camera to the computer (one of the many things we seemed to have lost in our recent move).  We have been taking pictures though, so as soon as we find it I will send them off. 
Thank you again! We couldn't have asked for a better dog for a family...he fits in perfectly!


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