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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Blackie (AKA Charleston) Update (Nov. Run)

Hi Jennifer!
Blackie (aka Charleston) is a sweetheart.  Unfortunately he is not housetrained and needs a bit of basic training, but that is to be expected, and we'll manage.  He is doing great with our dog, cat, and the kids.  My husband thinks he's "perfect" and my daughter, who just mastered potty training herself in the last few months has been very encouraging to Blackie that "accidents happen, and that's ok."  She also advises him to talk to Chewy (our other dog) to learn how things are done around here. Very cute. :-)
I'm just trying to make sense of the vet paperwork so I can get his dog license with the city.  Was he neutered by Dr. Holme with BRLA, or was he neutered by the LA County Animal Care and Control when he was found?  I can't read the signature of the vet, but it doesn't look like Dr. Holme.
Also, there is a reference number next to microchip on the paperwork, so I am wondering if he does have a microchip afterall.
If you don't know the answers to this, that's ok.  I just wanted to be accurate on the licensing paperwork and to know if I needed to get a microchip for him.
Thank so much!  He's such a lovebug!

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