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Friday, April 23, 2010

Update on Lola - Adopted BRLA April 2009

Hi Jennifer,

She’s really a hard one to catch on camera because she’s always moving. Yesterday Nicholas got the bubbles out and Lola had a blast. We couldn’t believe how high she can jump!



Thursday, April 22, 2010

WBBR is Proud of their Hardworking Families (Zoe)

2 thumbs up to this family! WBBR is so proud of their hardworking families. They have worked very hard with Zoe to bring her out of her shell and make her a perfect canine citizen. When WBBR met this sweet girl in LA she was so shy, scared and timid. Reports say she is doing amazingly well and excelling in Agility! Good work Zoe & family!!

If you have a success story you would like to share with us, please let us know!


Oh Sheri I wish you could have seen our little girl tonight! It was our first agility class on the outdoor course and I was a little apprehensive as I had a difficult time even getting her on the field last year. Couple that with all the new sights sounds and smells and I figured it could be a recipe for disaster.
Well I left her in the vehicle while I helped set up the course(she could see me while I did this). When I went to get her she jumped out of the car and trotted onto the field like nothing! We did a little work on going over jumps and having them turn with us just to practice keeping them with us. Then we practiced going over three jumps and through a tunnel......she let loose and ran and ran....out the little gate for the course and toward the vehicle.....but she came back and finished her run. I laughed, she was having soooo much fun it did my heart good to see her let loose and have fun!! She wasn't looking over her shoulder as she took the jumps timidly she flew over them and through the tunnel. The coach was speachless, she could not get over the change in her. Next week the camera is coming along and we will have to figure out how to compress the video so I can send it to you! Hold onto your hat cause you won't believe it is the same shy little girl!


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Judd Update

Hi guys, i thought i would send you some pictures so you can see how Judd is doing. Sorry its taken so long for me to send you some but i just realized the other day it has been about 6 months since i got him (time’s flying!) A few months after i got him his ear infections didn’t seem to want to stop and he was starting to chew his paws, but after a bunch of trial and error i think i nailed it down to a food allergy so now its only duck and potato for dinner. We are slowly working through some dog aggression issues which are getting better every day, i have been introducing him to nice calm dogs one at a time. Its amazing how willing strangers are to help if its about helping out a dog! Everything else about Judd is awesome, he has turned out to be a great sidekick. I could tell it took a couple months for him to completely trust me, but now that he has, he tries so desperately to please so training him has been a breeze. He was not a big fan of the rain we had but now that we are getting some sun he will just sit with me for hours outside getting a tan. As you can tell from the pictures he has turned into my hiking buddy.

Im amazed at how often i get stopped by people who want to see Judd or just talk to me about him, every time they are blown away that he is a rescue dog because of how calm and easy going he is. I also get stopped by other boxer owners quite often because they are amazed at how mellow he is compared to their boxers. Every time i get stopped i make sure to mention Without Borders and not a lot of people have heard about you. Im trying to spread the word and the vibe i get from most people is that if they had heard about your organization they probably would have adopted instead of getting a puppy.

Sorry if this email is a little long but i just want to thank you for finding me an amazing dog and i cant begin to tell you how much i appreciate it. I hope all is well with you guys too!

Andrew Gondos

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Kache - Adopted December 2009

Check out our big beautiful boy Kache! What a hunk!
His mom reports that Kache is doing great. He is enrolled in an obedience training class and is the top of his class! Way da go Kache!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Calendula for Dogs

Calendula officinalis is an easy to grow herb with lots of health benefits for your dog through internal and external applications.

- planting Calendula and picking the blossoms. Or go to your local health food store to buy it dried.

- Add fresh or dried Calendula to your dog's dinner for improved digestion, and yeast and fungal-infection prevention. Throw some fresh or dried flower heads, either whole, chopped or ground into your dogs regular meal. Add up to one teaspoon ddried or one tablespoon fresh flower petals per 20 lbs of body weight per day.

- Use a Calendula salve (bought or home made) on exterenal injuries to speed healing and prevent bacterial growth

- Brewing Calendula tea and using it as a highly effective wash and healing agent for wounds, stings, hot spots and rashes.

- Soaking your dog's toothbrush with Calendula tea before brushing to help prevent gum disease.

From Modern Dog Magazine - Spring 2010

Friday, April 16, 2010

Boomer - Adopted BRLA Apr. 2009

Hi Kerri,

Just wanted to thank you again and Boxers without Borders for blessing us with our newest family member, Boomer! He is exactly what we needed and so much more! Everyday we find out how perfect he is for us...he's such a happy and easy going guy. He's playful, lots of energy but when the time comes to chill, he hangs out on the couch usually sleeping on our laps and snoring/farting away lol

He's getting more and more comfortable with us, he eats a lot, poops a lot but no accidents inside the house :) (knock on wood) we have a big backyard where he runs around and plays until he's exhausted. He's had a chance to meet and play a bit with our neighbours golden lab puppy.

We will keep ya posted on his adventures and just want to thank you again for giving us a chance to take him in, give him a second chance in a home and love him to bits!

Talk to you soon!

Ry, Paula & Boomer

Update on Camilla now Irie - Adopted BRLA Apr 2009

Hello Chantelle and Kerri!

Just wanted to give you an update on our little Irie and how she is doing. She is doing amazingly well. She's still quite timid although each day it seems like she gets a tad more comfortable and we get to see a titch more of her personality coming through. She is most comfortable with our dog Bella and they play together well and Irie loves to try to invade Bella's space and snuggle up with her. As for the rest of us, she seems to have attached most to me and follows me around all day and if I should happen to sit down then I best make room for her too as she needs to be snuggled up next to me. :) She's a gentle little girl who is easy to please and we've only heard barking when she's in the midst of play. What a joy!

I took her to the vet today just to introduce her and get her file started and picked up some special shampoo to wash her with as well as some humidrex to spray on her skin after the bath and halfway through the week. She also has a bit of an infection in her eyes so was able to get some cream to help with that as well. The vet asked that I bring her back about 2 to 3 weeks after her second dose of the mange treatment you gave us for a skin scraping so I'll let you know how that goes. He hadn't heard of the medicine that you had given us for it and while there he looked up the information and was pleased to see that there was something less toxic than what he has used in the past. He did a skin scraping today and found some live mites on her but some dead ones too so thought that was promising.
Does that work as far as the mange- with us taking her to our vet for
the skin scraping to see if she requires any further treatment?

Thanks for all your help and for bringing us together with our little Irie. We cant' imagine our lives without her!
Courtney Out

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tonka (now Hugo) Update - Adopted BRLA March 2009

Hi Ladies,

I thought you'd like to see some pictures of Hugo. He's doing well; we took him to the vet and he thought that he was looking really healthy. He's put on some weight since coming to be with us and he has fit in well with our family. He's on medication for his diarrhea and it is working. :) He and Lola don't play as yet; they are still feeling each other out. We've been very careful about food and jealousy issues. We will be taking him to training as soon as possible. We are really enjoying him!

Thank you for sending Hugo our way. He's a great boy!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Broedy - Adopted August 2007

Just wanted to update you on Broedy (placed August 2007).

Broedy is doing really great. At 3 he is a well socialized and happy
boy. His severe separation anxiety is a fraction of what it used to
be. I can crate him for up to 5 hours if necessary and he is
completely fine. He goes to daycare while I am at work and he is the
darling of the place. Apparently all the dogs want to play with him!
He is still something of a celebrity in the neighborhood and people
are always stopping us to pet him and ask about him. I recommend your
rescue every chance I get.

We are still working on a few issues as he is an alpha dog but every
day he is getting better and better. I couldn't ask for a more
perfect dog and I love him to pieces. Thanks so much for bringing us
together! I've learned so much about dogs in the last few years I am
even starting my own dog blog about owning an urban dog. I'll send
you a link when it's ready.

Bye for now
Suzanne Bryce
p.s. I thought you might like this pic for the calendar

Sampson & Zoe - Day 4

Hi ,

Here are some more pictures of the kids, Sampsons tummy seems to have settled - we stopped the pills - he only had two left and are feeding him less and more often just with yogurt. The two of them are still working it - basically they don't let up until we tell them to!

Rugby Our Therapy dog! Update - Adopted BRLA Oct. 2009

Hi Keri,

How are you doing?
Just send you some photos of Rugby, I visit an old age home weekly.
And I brought Rugby with me sometimes and he was most welcome!
he has the potential to be a therapy dog!