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Friday, December 25, 2020

Merry Christmas from RAB

 We are so grateful for all the continued support and love that you all show us. Even though this year has been particularly difficult for many you still pulled together to help those pups in need. 

A big thank you to our volunteers for sharing your home's and your time. We are so thrilled to be sharing this rescue journey with you all. 

We wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas filled with love and boxer kisses. Stay safe and healthy! 🎄🎅

From all the RAB Boxers

Sheri, Suzie & Jen

Saturday, December 12, 2020

Congratulations to Abby

 Congratulations to Abby and her new family! It is not often that we have dogs that come into a home and fit in just seamlessly. Well, little Abby walked right into this family and fit just perfectly. This active family is always out enjoying the great outdoors. And now Abby gets to join them! They have oh so much fun! Enjoy your new family Abby! RAB is excited for you and can't wait to hear all about your new adventures.

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

RAB Online Auction 2020

Please join us!!!

November 21st starting at 11 AM PST for our online auction! This is an online auction located on our Facebook Page. More details can be found on the event page.

Link here: RAB Online Auction 2020

Please make sure that you RSVP on the event, Like and follow our Public page. You don't want to miss out!
🌟Help us by sharing the event link! Share and spread far and wide! 🌟

Friday, October 30, 2020

Please Donate to help Lucy


A few months ago, RAB was notified about Lucy.  Her owners took her to the vet for a sore leg.  Last winter she slipped and fell on an icy driveway and her leg seemed to never heal.  Turns out this girl now has a torn or ruptured ACL, or anterior cruciate ligament.  The ACL is a vital support structure of the knee.  This ligament's primary role is to provide and maintain stability to the knee.  The most common cause of this is excessive internal rotation of the tibia when the joint is partially flexed.  This can be the result of trauma or running and planting the hind limbs while the momentum of the body continues to move forward.    

Lucy needs a Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy (TPLO) surgery.  Her owners decided against surgery and opted to have her euthanized instead of going forward with the surgery.  They could not commit to the surgery costs and the recovery time.  The vet and the staff fell immediately in love with Lucy and decided to reach out to RAB in hopes that we could help save this little girl.

Lucy is a sweet 2 year old boxer girl.  Yes we know all Boxers are amazing.  As we all know and love this breed deeply, we know that each of them have their own individual personalities and are so human like.  Well imagine the sweetest little girl you have ever known.  That is our Lucy.  Once this girl has your trust,  she loves to walk in between your legs and wiggle her butt.  She is a spunky one that howls at sirens while walking down the street.  Sweet Lucy is a cuddler!  She is always cuddling her foster boxer siblings.  So like any 2 year old Boxer.  Lucy has a lot of energy.  Unfortunately Lucy cannot exert that energy.  Nope she can't do the zoomies or the kidney bean.  

Our vet also sees a large lump also on the knee.  This lump would need to be removed as well during the TPLO surgery.  This poor girl has had this injury for a long time and it was never addressed.  Her leg muscles are very atrophied as she has not been using it much.  She will need hydrotherapy sessions before she can even have the ACL surgery. 

This is a very costly surgery at $5500 plus medication and rehabilitation costs.    Her owners were not able to commit to Lucy and provide her with the surgery that she needs. But we think she is worth it!  

Lucy is being fostered by repeat adopters that will care for her throughout her recovery.

We are reaching out to you our friends and supporters for donations to help RAB cover these costs, so that Lucy can again have zoomies and be a kidney bean.

We are asking for donations for our online auction at the end of November, corporate match donations, or monetary donations. Please help if you can.   For Canadian donations over $25 tax receipts can be provided. 

Please email us or send us a DM to donate. 

E-transfers or PayPal are accepted by email. 

We love Lucy! 🐾

Sunday, March 1, 2020

Thank You For Fostering

Thank you to everyone who submitted an application to help us foster a pup.

We have received a number of great applications and have secured a foster home for the pup.

Our team will be in touch with everyone to follow up soon.

RAB is grateful for your continued support! 

Saturday, February 22, 2020

We need foster homes!

We're putting out a call for foster homes. Being a foster is very special and rewarding. And takes a very strong heart. Your home is the safe spot to land. 

You are a very instrumental part of the dog's first step to a new life. You're a teacher, a parent, a protector and a guardian angel all rolled into one. If you're on the Mainland, Fraser Valley or Vancouver Island BC area and can help us to foster, please fill out a foster application. 

For more information or any questions please contact us.