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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Mia (AKA Twilight) update (Nov. BRLA Run)

Hi all
I just wanted to give you an update on Mia. We have had overcome the cat hurtle. Mia now leaves her alone. I was in the bath lastnight and Odessa and Mia were both laying on the bath mat together. Odessa was leaning against Mia and she didn't even notice. Odessa was trying to get Mia to play lastnight and Mia just sat there and wimpered at her. It was too funny. She did try to chase her eventually, but didn't get very far due to the hardwood floor. I took her out today to meet some people and try to find booties for her. She has really little paws, so I am going to have to order some. She loved to be in the truck, and meeting new people. She is almost too friendly, she gets right in peoples faces. She has now left my son alone. She does seem to be alittle afraid of men at times, and really afraid when men are being loud. My husband was running around playing with our daughter and Mia went running to the front door, crouched down and shaking. She wouldn't even come to me for about 5 mins. She did come over to me and I just snuggled and pet her for a bit and she was fine. I found out the hard way that Mia can not be trusted off leash yet. She took off and I had to chase her, she thought it was a game. I did catch her and put her leash on. She was walking much better on leash today, not as much pulling. She loves to sleep alot. She lays on her bed and snores. Mia is a big mean Boxer....LOL ya right. She is afraid of my daughters v-tech toy that talks and plays music. She pressed it one day and it started, she turned her head back and forth then started to cry, and hid behind me. Now if you take it out she leaves the room, and she will not go near the tv stand where it is. My mom had asked me if she was mean, and thats why she was at the rescue, I told her no and she didn't really belive me. So I sent her the video of Mia crying at the toy and hiding. I said yeah she is sooooo mean, she is afraid of a toy. She is a teddy bear stealer. She really wants one of my daughters little stuffed dogs. I tried to give her a bunny, and she smelt it and grabed the little dog again. Turkey. I have hid the stuffie now. She really is the perfect dog for our family. She has attached herself to me, I can't leave the room, if I do she follows me. If I am getting ready she checks on me and then goes back to her bed. She can be a little rough when she plays sometimes, and all I have to say is enough and she will calm down. I have really enjoyed having her here, it is like she has been here for years. Thanks again everyone. Take care

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