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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bella Update (BRLAs Twitter)

Hi Jen,

That's so funny, I was thinking of emailing you earlier. Bella is doing very well! She is sleeping on my couch as I write this. We've taken her to Petsmart and Home Depot where she was a hit with everyone. She is very social and loves meeting new people. The kids at Mackenzie's school just love her and fawn all over when she's there. She gets little spurts of energy and she'll run around the yard a few times but other than that she is very content to just lay around and be with us. She doesn't fetch a ball or chase things and she hasn't figured out how to get the meat out of her kong but other than that she is perfect. She sleeps in her bed at night and in the morning we find her on the couch, lol. We're going to Comox this weekend to visit friends. They have a puggle and sheep so it will be interesting t f the sheep. She is settling in just fine. Here are some more pictures. Have a good night and enjoy:)


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Miss Mimi & Oscar - Adopted Feb 2010

In Feb/2010, We adopted 2 of you dogs, and wanted to show you some pics of how they are now. Mimi and Oscar, are enjoying the easy life now, They have even gone on
holidays with us and enjoyed every minute of it. Mimi is referred as the black hurricane and she never stops!! and Oscar is every inch a gentleman, who lays back and watch's Mimi go. We hope in the near future to add to our boxer family.
Keep up the good work

Keith & Laurie Reynolds

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bella Having a Good Old Time!

Check out our girl, Bella playing and romping away! This baby girl is still available for adoption. We are still waiting for the perfect home for her.

For more info:

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Has your rescue dog settled in? Is their old crate occupying precious space in your garage??? Do you want us to take it off your hands so a new deserving baby can make there way to canada? Please let us know we can always use the crates on our travels. We would prefer if they are airline approved crates with metal screws. Airline regulations don't allow us to fly any other types.
Contact a WBBR volunteer today.

Thank you!! All donations big or small are appreciated.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Twitter aka Millie NOW BELLA Update

Hi Jen!

I just came onto the computer to write you a little note about how well Millie is doing. She did wonderfully on Sat playing with my sister-in-laws daschund and my two nieces and my girls. She had fun going in their play tent and tunnel and just hung out with us. She minded her manners and never jumped up once or barked for that matter. We couldn't keep Hayley out of her crate, she played in it all day, lol. Yesterday she had gone off her food all day and was eating grass and just hung out with us outside all day. In the evening my youngest daughter was able to get her to eat some treats and then later she had some dinner. At night we've crated her and she has done very well. We changed her name again to Bella; I wasn't fond of the name Millie. She met the neighbor dog and everything went well. We took her to school with us and Mackenzie introduced her to her principal and some teachers. She is fitting in very nicely with us and we are enjoying her very much. Here are some pictures from sat. Have a good day at work and I'll write again soon.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Nica Update (BRLAs Khalua Adopted August 2009)

Nica is doing great. She's found a best friend in Ripley, my brother's golden lab, and they are quite the pair. She's got more energy than she knows what to do with and Ripley is the mellowest dog around - but they love hanging out. Nica comes to work with me once a week so that we can hike up in Lynn Valley, which she loves. She's inspired me to run a lot more and we go at least twice a week (along the sea wall, down at Jericho Beach or at Trout Lake, all of which she loves). She often gets comments on how fast and muscular she is. Funnily enough, I don't!! :) We took her backcountry skiing and she had an amazing time - she loves the snow!

So far, she's a healthy little pup and seems to be really coming into herself. She stays in the crate during the day and seems to do best there, but is out the rest of the time. She's developed an affinity for chewing things (which she didn't do at all at the beginning), and I'm trying to help her out by providing her with good chew toys, but she seems far more interested in sunglasses, remote controls or shoes. We're working on it! She gets along really well with everyone and loves any kind of company and attention.

I've attached a picture from the ski day and one of her favourite position - sitting on Ripley. They literally hang out like that all the time!! A true 'odd couple'!

Thanks again for matching me with such a great companion - she's got a real personality and is a hit amongst my friends and family!

Meg and Nica