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Friday, November 30, 2007

Maggie Update

Hi Chantelle, I'm sorry to hear that you and your family miss Maggie so much but she is doing great here. Kele's been taking her to work with him everyday and she sure knows how to work it. Her precious paws have never touch the floor because everyone takes turns holding her in their lap! She loves all the attention. Although she looks like a JR, she has a lot of chihuahua traits for sure. She barks at anyone that goes near Kele's desk and she's always cold and shivering all the time. She's constantly looking for a warm lap or burrowing herself in the blankets. She'll only play indoors or under the sun. She's got everyone all wrapped around her little paws. Frosty seems quite indifferent to Maggie except when there's treats involved, then Frosty tries to boss Maggie around. Frosty shares all the toys with Maggie, no problem there. They cuddle together when napping, very cute. We got her a BuddyBelt and she's walking fine on a leash. She just have to learn to walk in a straight line. There's a few times where we almost stepped on her because of all the zigzagging. Crate training is going pretty good, as long as Frosty's in the crate with her. The housetraining is quite troublesome because she won't go outside when it's raining. We bought her a warm sweater and raincoat and we still have to drag her outside. As long as there's a bush for her to hide in while she poops, she's fine (she's shy) but she won't pee in the rain! She would squat and thinking she's done her business, only to find her peeing when we get inside! So we would spend more time outside just to make sure she's done but then she would do this heartwrenching crying/wailing and try to hide between our legs. Not sure what to do there. Any tips?Selina

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Penny's training and update

Penny has been back for 4 days and we have seen a whole new Penny. Since coming back we have decided it's time to bog down and work hard with this little girl. She was bred for speed and endurance so no long walk with ever tire this girl out. She needs a mix of physical and mental work to tire her out. Penny's training started the second day she was home and we instantly began to see a new side of Penny, she was tired. Mentally the obedience work was exhausting for her and she was happy to just settle down on the dog bed and go to sleep. Each day we are taking her out and working her for 20 minutes or so to bring her energy level down and then continue working with her through out our day. She's a much happier dog, more settled and calm. She's learning she can stay away from me and survive, she can be found sleeping in the dog bed while I'm in another room. She will look up and check for me but doesn't have to follow from room to room. I hope to take Penny to class in the near future if and when I can find the time. Her obedience work will continue till her new home is found. We can only hope her new family will continue as it is benefiting Penny more then anyone could know.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Penny has come back

Penny has come back to us due to no fault of her own. She was very excited to return and fit right back in to her pack and schedule. She is very bonded with our home and family and her new family will need to be able to work through the first couple of days, weeks with some anxiety and stress from Penny as she learns to trust and settle in. She is a very high energy girl. Remember she has been bred for speed and endurance. She is not easily physically exhausted. Penny can be tired out with 30 minutes of strong mental stimulation. She is very smart and eager to please so obedience training is a must for this girl. Not only so she can learn basic commands but also to help mentally tire her out as physically is almost impossible.

She has started obedience training and is doing well on "come", "off", walk with me, and has just started an area command. Each night we are trying to work with her for 30 minutes or so of solid mental work so she is tired and ready for her crate.
Her new bio will soon be posted under our available boxers page. She can already be found with an updated bio on Craigslist and Petfinder. If you would like to know more about Penny please email us or post a comment to the blog.

Maggie went home today

It is with a very happy heart that I can tell everyone that our little Maggie May headed home with her new parents and sister today! I know she's going to be very well cared for and loved. She will give her parents lots of fun and excitment and cuddle time too!

Thank you!!!

Hi Chantelle, Just to let you know that Maggie has settled in just fine. She was a star everywhere we went today. At the dog store and at the park. Everyone just had to stop to say hi to Maggie. She was unsure of other dogs in the beginning but soon learned to chase and play. She's a smart cookie too. Kele has already taught her how to fetch and she sits most of the time we asked her to. We also left her in the crate with Frosty twice today for short periods and they did fine. No crying for anything. She does her business when we take her outside, no problems yet. But she's a real cuddlebug when we're home. She's watching the Canucks game with Kele right now!Selina

Thursday, November 22, 2007

I Got To Visit With Willow!!

I was lucky enough yesterday to receive a kiss on the nose from my sweet Willow. I stopped by the store her mom works at to pick up some needed supplies and found out she was next door at the daycare. I quickly went over to visit. I was in a rush as I was late for work but it was wonderful to see her so happy and healthy. She was happy to see me which made me happy but I could see she was no longer my girl. She was happy to go back and do what she was doing, she wasn't upset she couldn't get to me, she was waiting for mom! I couldn't be happier!!!! She's such a lucky girl!!! She's now settled in at home and is attending obedience classes. She's as smart as a whip and is learning quickly. She loves going for rides with her mom in the van and is just soaking up all the love and attention that her owner can give her!

I just love happy endings! Especially when the story started out so sadly.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Bad Days in Rescue

I received an email the other day about "No Name" who was in a rural Idaho shelter. He had been there for some time and it was time for him to move on. The shelter asked for rescues help and with no boxer rescue in Idaho the all breed rescue contacted us. We have helped a few Idaho boxers now and they have found wonderful families here in BC. I asked the shelter to have him dog tested and as long as he passed he would make the trip to BC. "No Name" who I have now nicknamed Freedom has had an uncertain past. He arrived as a stray and no one came to claim him. He enjoyed the shelter staffs attention but was indifferent to whether they gave it to him or not. It's pretty evident that this boy has not had the best start to his life. Freedom did not do well with his dog test and showed signs of severe dog aggression. We were this boys last hope and I had to make the decission to say no. I'm left now feeling like the bad guy, Freedom past from this world with only the care of the shelter staff. He had no family to love him, no one to hold him, no one to tell him he was a good boy and it was all going to be okay and why? Because I said NO. Why do I have to feel bad, someone failed this poor boy. Who knows, maybe someone bought him as a cute puppy and had the best of intentions, amybe he was thrown out in the yard right away, maybe no one ever cared. Who ever owned this boy though should feel the guilt that I currently feel. They should know that Freedom died because of what they made him. Doge are pack animals, their instinct is to live in a pack not to be aggressive. Someone has made him this way, whether on purpose or due to lack of socialization and training. I wish we had the resources and the place to have taken this boy in to rescue. Unfortunatly we don't, our own families and dogs must be our first priority and everyone must be kept safe. Dogs like Freedom can be managed around other dogs and slowly trained. It takes a very special owner though to make the decission to adopt a dog like Freedom. There are far more "Freedom's" out there then their are adopters willing to adopt them.

My heart breaks at my decission but it's one that I have to live with. Some days I hate rescue.


I'm very excited to day that Penny just left with her new mom! Of course my house was quiet and nothign had happened all morning and then while I was trying to talk to her mom I had 2 different people at the door, the kids were fussy and someone had an accident on the livingroom, MURPHY'S LAW!!! Back to how excited I am though! Penny was all over her new mom and she brought a male friend with her who Penny was quick to jump all over as well. My goodness this little lady is not the dog who first arrived! She loaded up in her crate and off she headed for a new life. It was so hard to see her go and I had to hold back the tears. Fortunatly for me my little guy was crying so it made it easier for me to turn away and let her go.

Good luck Penny girl! I know you will make a good city girl!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Maggie our Chi/Jack Russell Foster

Maggie is settling in to life with lots of other dogs very well! She's not intimidated in the least by our busy and hectic family life. She's getting along with everyone, big and small. She likes to bark at the cats but at her age will easily integrate in to a family with a cat as long as boundaries are taught to her as she grows up. She's started her crate training, sleeps in it at night and in the car for trips. She's okay but does kick up a bit of a fuss before settling for the night. She loves to cuddle on your lap so is a true little lap dog but is also very high energy. She would love to go to an active home who will give her lots of cuddle time but equal amounts of excerise. If you are looking for a small dog who would probably enjoy agility, walks, obedience etc. this is the girl for you!!!

Pixie (Maggie's sister) Update

Well today Pixie joined the big boys at Rolley Lake for her first adventure. She did very well. It's very weird to walk with such a small dog. I'd turn around and look for her, panic because I couldn't see her, then Peter would tell me to look down and she'd be right at my feet. She's getting braver with playing with Ben and Max. Going outside for pee brakes is fun, because she chases all the leaves rather than doing her business. I put her bed under the computer table and that's her safe zone. She is happily curled up sleeping as I type. She does scream like you are murdering her when you put her in her house which is a little interesting. Thank God our room is at the opposite end of the house, I sleep with a fan and earplugs! She's only eating the wetfood out of her dish, little brat, so we will be slowly weaning her off that. Other than that she seems to be settling in very well.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Willow Update

Hi Chantelle,

Willow is doing great. She has found a safe haven in our dining room to watch people but not have to use her crate if she does not want to. She only uses it if someone suddenly comes into the room or someone she is not sure of. She was great with my grandson, even came up and sniffed him. Not sure of my husband yet, but has not had the opportunity to get to know him yet.

As for me, she has totally glues herself to my side. Paces if I go to the washroom without her, has started to jump up on me when we are out and loves to be cuddled. We went for a 2 hour walk yesterday, up to Bosley's and back, and used me for her safe zone. She just seems to know who her caregiver is. Should I be concerned about the attachment issue? I went to pick up my daughter from Tim Hortons yersterday morning and apparantley shse paced the whole time I was gone. I love it and she gets lots of hugs and kisses.

Food wise she has not been eating the deli fresh very well, but I made her some chicken and vegies and she gobbles that up last night.

Bathroom issues, she seems to be able to hold her urine for a long time and does not seem to of found a comfortable spot to go yet. Will it just take time? I have started to go to the side of the driveway to try and get her comfortable with one area {an area she has already chosen}.
Right now she is laying down by my feet while I type this, and is very relaxed.

thanks Lilian

Sunday, November 11, 2007


Our sweet Willow headed home tonight! She was shy when her new mom came to pick her up but once in the van went straight to checking everything out. While we stood outside and talked Willow was sitting on the passenger seat looking so proud. She knew she was off to bigger and better things and I couldn't be happier!!!

These girls have proved to be challenging, wonderful and sweet. Tonight though I realized as my Willow baby drove away just how attached I had become to these girls. I welled up thinking about the stress my little girl was going to go through as she transitions to a new home. I know it's for the best and she will be loved more then anything but I couldn't help but think what if she had one more day with us. These baby girls really are taking a little piece of my heart with them.

We all wish Willow a speedy and easy transition to her new life with her new family!

Saturday, November 10, 2007


Willow is heading home today on a foster to adopt basis!!!! We are very excited for Willow. She is the more timid girl of the two but has come out of her shell so much here. She is heading home with a wonderful family! She's a very lucky little girl and we wish a smooth and easy transition for her!

Penny had a visitor the other day and she did great! She was full of spunk and energy and showed off all her bad skills such as jumping up, surfing the counters etc. Penny's visitor though didn't care and was quickly taken by her wonderful personality! We're very excited to say that Penny will be heading home on a foster to adopt basis next Saturday! She is going from one extreme to the other! She's a bush girl who has spent the first part of her life in a quiet and secluded setting. Now she's off to be a big city girl! Penny is moving downtown Vancouver to become a yuppy city condo girl! She was born to do it! She's all set!!!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Sudden On set of Aggression

I'm a little suprised by the fact that I have received a few of these calls lately. Vecause of this I thought I would post some information to the blog to maybe help others who may be experiencing this problem.

The first thing that needs to be done if your dog shows signs of sudden on set aggression is take them to the vet. The first thing you want to do is rule out any medical reasons for the aggression. Dogs are unable to talk to us and tell us what's wrong so if they don't feel well or are in pain it could manifest itself as aggression. There's many medical issues that could cause your dog to lash out but some are:
-allergies (itchy, painful skin, ears)
-thyroid conditions
-and many more

If your vet finds something wrong with your dog then a change in food, medication etc. might be all that's needed to correct the aggressive bahaviour. If your vet doesn't find anything wrong with your dog then it's time to call a trainer. Please ask for advice on finding a trainer in your area. Your vet, rescue agency, boarding kennel etc. might be able to refer a trainer who has worked with aggression before. This is not something for your local Petcetera training class, you need to find a trainer who has worked successfully with this before.

Once you find a trainer who you are comfortable working with they are going to have questions for you so try and think about these before hand:
-Has anything changed in your life? (new job, away from home for longer periods of time, unable to get the dog out as much for walks, baby arrived or on the way etc)
-Has anything changed in your dog's life? (ie new food, new home, new companion etc.)
-What sets your dog off? (ie. new visitors to the house, when someone tries to take their toy, when they see another dog etc.)
-What do you do when this happens?

Some things to start as soon as this behaviour starts even before heading to the vet or calling in a professional;
-Your dog needs to start working for everything. If you want to give them love, food etc. call them to you, make them come, sit, lay down etc. before you give them love, a cookie, dinner etc.
-Your dog must stay off all furniture and if possible sleep in a crate so as not to get up on the furniture at night or when you are away
-Don't allow your dog to lead anything, ie. bark and you give them a cookie, nudge your hand and you stroke them, bring you their leash and you walk them etc. If your dog does this just ignore them until the behaviour stops.

The reason these steps should be started right away is aggression can sometimes be caused when a dog has been allowed to take over as pack leader. This can happen slowly and without anyone really realizing it until it's to late. Dogs that have been allowed to take over as pack leader will try and control their pack and their surroundings, sometimes manifesting this as aggression. A trainer would be able to help you with this if it is the case.

In no way is this to be used in place of advice from your vet or a professional trainer/behaviourist. This has only been written to give you some insight and somewhere to start if you do find yourself with a dog that shows signs of sudden on set aggression.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Willow and Penny and a very embarrassing moment!

Okay so I can't believe I'm about to put this on the blog but everyone has had a moment like this, well maybe some of you have! Well we can all laugh at the situation! Tonight I took the girls out for their regular bathroom break. They walked me all up and down the street until we ended up at the little park area at the end of our street. They were running around in circles, sniffing, jumping, checking out the edge of the ravine. All of a sudden Willow came charging back to me, no problem she does this all the time. She caught me off guard though and jumped up on me, as she came down her paw caught my pajama bottoms (yes I snuck out in my pj's) and down they came. Okay now my winter coat is long enough to cover everything and it all lasted about 10 seconds. We live on a quiet, dark street so no problem accept in the split second that it happened the neighbourhood pizza delivery boy was heading off the street so it all happened in the glow of his headlights!!! I was so embarrassed!!!!! I'm positive I'm still glowing a bright shade of red from the whole incident.

The good times, the bad times and in this case the UGLY times, hehe!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Willow and Penny

I took the girls out for the evening bathroom break and off we went and I mean off we went. I take the girls out on flexi's so both girls can have a chance to get some distance from me and sniff the world around them. I am becoming very proficient in the art of flexi dancing, the girls love to criss cross each other. I've been saying for ages that I should start walking them seperatly but with so many dogs who need to go out for bathroom duties it's just my laziness taking them out together. To do it all in an hour I need to take them out 2 or 3 at a time. Well tonight I learned my lesson as my sled dogs have turned in to well....sled dogs! They are no longer timid with me when I have them out and instead of sticking close to me will run to the end of their leash. Tonight the two of them worked together to drag me down the road. It was great to see them from behind pulling like little sled dogs but it also proved to me that it's time for these girls to start obedience classes!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Penny and Willow

We're very excited to say there's an approved application for Penny! The family will be coming out to meet Penny in the next couple of days and fingers crossed she will be heading home for a trial weekend soon!

Willow met her potential new owner the other day and although timid they will be filling out an application for her. So as soon as a home visit can be completed and approved Willow can also head home!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

A Dog's Poem

A Dog's Poem Do I Go Home Today?

My family brought me home, cradled in their arms,
They cuddled me and smiled at me, said I was full of charm.
They played with me and laughed with me, they showered me with toys,
I sure do love my family, especially the girls and boys.
The children loved to feed me, they gave me special treats,
They even let me sleep with them, all snuggled in their sheets.
I used to go for many walks, often several times a day,
They even fought to hold the leash, I'm very proud to say.
They used to laugh and praise me, when I played with that old shoe,
But I didn't know the difference between the old ones and the new.
The kids and I would grab a rag, and for hours we would tug,
So I thought I did the right thing when I chewed the bedroom rug.
They said I was out of control and would have to live outside,
This I did not understand, although I tried and tried.
The walks stopped, one by one; they said they hadn't time,
I wish that I could change things, I wish I knew my crime.
My life became so lonely in the backyard on a chain.
I barked and barked all day long to keep from going insane.
So they brought me to a shelter, but were embarrassed to say why,
They said I caused an allergy, and then kissed me good-bye.
If I'd only had some classes when I was just a pup,
I wouldn't have been so hard to handle, when I was all grown up.
"You only have one day left," I heard a worker say.
Does this mean a second chance? Do I go home today?

Author Unknown

Another TG girls update!

We are pretty excited! Willow had a visitor today, not just any visitor but a potential adopter. She was quite timid and wasn't ready to approach but she did run around the house with her tail up and show off just how beautiful she is. She is coming out of her shell slowly but what's coming out is just a sweet, loving and wonderful personality. She is starting to show signs of being very athletic (like her sister) and would love to attend dog sports. Just like Penny she's now jumping our baby gate to be with us or head back to her crate if she feels scared. She's very smart and eager to please and once bonded to a new owner is going to continue to improve by leaps and bounds. Willow is taking her medication like a trooper and hopefully in no time this little girl will feel as good as new. Once she feels better it should help her socialization as well. Feeling under the weather never helps anything.

Penny did wonderful and was all over Willow's visitor. She was a little timid if she moved quickly but she brought peperoni and that's more then enough to win Penny over!!! Penny is feeling much better today since her spay. You honestly today wouldn't know she was spayed a few days ago. Today I have to keep her quiet, she's not willing to keep herself rested, hehe!

Out on our walks these girls are becoming far more adventurous. They are no longer staying close and prefer to head to the end of their Flexi's (often at full speed) to explore the world around them. They love walking up and down our street as we are on a ravine and they sniff and rustle through the leaves. I know they would love to run but it will be some time before they are ready to go off a leash anywhere. I often try and run back and forth with them but I can tell they are barely at a trot. I can only imagine how beautiful and fast they would be at full speed. The girls do often come back to me to check in and if someone starts walking past they are quick to run back and hide behind my legs.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

There's an Application in for Penny and updates

We're very excited to say there's an application in for our Penny girl. Hopefully we can organize a home visit this weekend and then potentially Penny can head home! I know it's premature to post this but we're so excited for our little girl and just had to share! We know the transition will be difficult for her. She has bonded very strongly with me and then to loose her sister as well but we know she's going to do great! It only took the vet tech half an hour to start winning her over the other day in the vet clinic (it's easier if I'm out of the picture) so we know with a little patience, love and care her new owners would be able to do the same.

Penny is healing nicely after her spay. She was feeling pretty sorry for herself but this morning came out of her crate tail up and wagging and was all bounce on her walk so I think she's forgiven me, hehe! She continues to do great sleeping in her crate and on housebreaking. She's such a sweet girl and so eager to please. Feeding has become much better and she is now eating two full meals a day so hopefully will put some much needed wait on soon!

Willow started antibiotics yesterday for a terrible bladder infection. She is such a strong girl we would never have known she had one since she has never had an accident in the house or her crate. Hopefully 10 days of strong antibiotics will be enough to clear it all up. Willow is really coming out of her shell on our walks. She loves to bounce around and when on the flexi will run to the end of it and do laps around me bouncing like a gazelle. She's such a beautiful girl!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Penny and Willow

Willow went to Bosley's today for some socialization time around new people, noises, smells etc. It was a great time to go as the store was busy and the staff were restocking shelves. Willow did wonderful! I was pleasantly surprised by her response. She slowly approached several people. She was not ready to receive attention but was willing to come up and take a small piece of food. Willow is coming along in leaps and bounds!!!! Hopefully she will feel better when we get her urinary tract infection all cleared up.

Penny did well a the vet. She was quite stressed being away from her home, her people and her pack. She was very happy to see me when I arrived and quickly rested her head in my lap. She has been home resting and should be back to herself in no time at all.

Penny and Willow

I just got back from dropping Penny off for her spay. She was pretty excited to be back at the vet for all the love and attention. She was quick though to change her mind when I took her back to her run. Within minutes of me leaving her in her run she scaled the chain link and came over the top. So we have now learned that chain link fencing will not keep this little girl in. She was happy though to go off with the vet tech and this time be put in a kennel and not a run. She was quiet when I left.

Willow went in to have her shots today and she suprised me. She was timid with everyone but did approach one of the vet techs and the vet for lots of cookies. Although not as outgoing as her sister she is coming around to strangers. Willow was startled while in the clinic and peed a little on the floor. Totally understandable but a good thing as well. There was a little blood in her urine and it also appeared cloudy. A sample has been sent away for testing as it's believed she probably has a bladder infection. Willow has never had an accident inside so I have never noticed anything with her urine. So her accident in the clinic turned out to be a little bit of a blessing in disguise for us.

These two girls are becoming so bonded to me it's going to be harder and harder to part with them. They are so ready to head off to their forever homes and would do better going sooner rather then later so they can break their bond with me and start forming new ones with their new owners.