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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Penny and Willow

I just got back from dropping Penny off for her spay. She was pretty excited to be back at the vet for all the love and attention. She was quick though to change her mind when I took her back to her run. Within minutes of me leaving her in her run she scaled the chain link and came over the top. So we have now learned that chain link fencing will not keep this little girl in. She was happy though to go off with the vet tech and this time be put in a kennel and not a run. She was quiet when I left.

Willow went in to have her shots today and she suprised me. She was timid with everyone but did approach one of the vet techs and the vet for lots of cookies. Although not as outgoing as her sister she is coming around to strangers. Willow was startled while in the clinic and peed a little on the floor. Totally understandable but a good thing as well. There was a little blood in her urine and it also appeared cloudy. A sample has been sent away for testing as it's believed she probably has a bladder infection. Willow has never had an accident inside so I have never noticed anything with her urine. So her accident in the clinic turned out to be a little bit of a blessing in disguise for us.

These two girls are becoming so bonded to me it's going to be harder and harder to part with them. They are so ready to head off to their forever homes and would do better going sooner rather then later so they can break their bond with me and start forming new ones with their new owners.

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