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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Pixie (Maggie's sister) Update

Well today Pixie joined the big boys at Rolley Lake for her first adventure. She did very well. It's very weird to walk with such a small dog. I'd turn around and look for her, panic because I couldn't see her, then Peter would tell me to look down and she'd be right at my feet. She's getting braver with playing with Ben and Max. Going outside for pee brakes is fun, because she chases all the leaves rather than doing her business. I put her bed under the computer table and that's her safe zone. She is happily curled up sleeping as I type. She does scream like you are murdering her when you put her in her house which is a little interesting. Thank God our room is at the opposite end of the house, I sleep with a fan and earplugs! She's only eating the wetfood out of her dish, little brat, so we will be slowly weaning her off that. Other than that she seems to be settling in very well.

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