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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Willow Update

Hi Chantelle,

Willow is doing great. She has found a safe haven in our dining room to watch people but not have to use her crate if she does not want to. She only uses it if someone suddenly comes into the room or someone she is not sure of. She was great with my grandson, even came up and sniffed him. Not sure of my husband yet, but has not had the opportunity to get to know him yet.

As for me, she has totally glues herself to my side. Paces if I go to the washroom without her, has started to jump up on me when we are out and loves to be cuddled. We went for a 2 hour walk yesterday, up to Bosley's and back, and used me for her safe zone. She just seems to know who her caregiver is. Should I be concerned about the attachment issue? I went to pick up my daughter from Tim Hortons yersterday morning and apparantley shse paced the whole time I was gone. I love it and she gets lots of hugs and kisses.

Food wise she has not been eating the deli fresh very well, but I made her some chicken and vegies and she gobbles that up last night.

Bathroom issues, she seems to be able to hold her urine for a long time and does not seem to of found a comfortable spot to go yet. Will it just take time? I have started to go to the side of the driveway to try and get her comfortable with one area {an area she has already chosen}.
Right now she is laying down by my feet while I type this, and is very relaxed.

thanks Lilian

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