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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Willow and Penny and a very embarrassing moment!

Okay so I can't believe I'm about to put this on the blog but everyone has had a moment like this, well maybe some of you have! Well we can all laugh at the situation! Tonight I took the girls out for their regular bathroom break. They walked me all up and down the street until we ended up at the little park area at the end of our street. They were running around in circles, sniffing, jumping, checking out the edge of the ravine. All of a sudden Willow came charging back to me, no problem she does this all the time. She caught me off guard though and jumped up on me, as she came down her paw caught my pajama bottoms (yes I snuck out in my pj's) and down they came. Okay now my winter coat is long enough to cover everything and it all lasted about 10 seconds. We live on a quiet, dark street so no problem accept in the split second that it happened the neighbourhood pizza delivery boy was heading off the street so it all happened in the glow of his headlights!!! I was so embarrassed!!!!! I'm positive I'm still glowing a bright shade of red from the whole incident.

The good times, the bad times and in this case the UGLY times, hehe!

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