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Saturday, November 3, 2007

There's an Application in for Penny and updates

We're very excited to say there's an application in for our Penny girl. Hopefully we can organize a home visit this weekend and then potentially Penny can head home! I know it's premature to post this but we're so excited for our little girl and just had to share! We know the transition will be difficult for her. She has bonded very strongly with me and then to loose her sister as well but we know she's going to do great! It only took the vet tech half an hour to start winning her over the other day in the vet clinic (it's easier if I'm out of the picture) so we know with a little patience, love and care her new owners would be able to do the same.

Penny is healing nicely after her spay. She was feeling pretty sorry for herself but this morning came out of her crate tail up and wagging and was all bounce on her walk so I think she's forgiven me, hehe! She continues to do great sleeping in her crate and on housebreaking. She's such a sweet girl and so eager to please. Feeding has become much better and she is now eating two full meals a day so hopefully will put some much needed wait on soon!

Willow started antibiotics yesterday for a terrible bladder infection. She is such a strong girl we would never have known she had one since she has never had an accident in the house or her crate. Hopefully 10 days of strong antibiotics will be enough to clear it all up. Willow is really coming out of her shell on our walks. She loves to bounce around and when on the flexi will run to the end of it and do laps around me bouncing like a gazelle. She's such a beautiful girl!

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