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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Another TG girls update!

We are pretty excited! Willow had a visitor today, not just any visitor but a potential adopter. She was quite timid and wasn't ready to approach but she did run around the house with her tail up and show off just how beautiful she is. She is coming out of her shell slowly but what's coming out is just a sweet, loving and wonderful personality. She is starting to show signs of being very athletic (like her sister) and would love to attend dog sports. Just like Penny she's now jumping our baby gate to be with us or head back to her crate if she feels scared. She's very smart and eager to please and once bonded to a new owner is going to continue to improve by leaps and bounds. Willow is taking her medication like a trooper and hopefully in no time this little girl will feel as good as new. Once she feels better it should help her socialization as well. Feeling under the weather never helps anything.

Penny did wonderful and was all over Willow's visitor. She was a little timid if she moved quickly but she brought peperoni and that's more then enough to win Penny over!!! Penny is feeling much better today since her spay. You honestly today wouldn't know she was spayed a few days ago. Today I have to keep her quiet, she's not willing to keep herself rested, hehe!

Out on our walks these girls are becoming far more adventurous. They are no longer staying close and prefer to head to the end of their Flexi's (often at full speed) to explore the world around them. They love walking up and down our street as we are on a ravine and they sniff and rustle through the leaves. I know they would love to run but it will be some time before they are ready to go off a leash anywhere. I often try and run back and forth with them but I can tell they are barely at a trot. I can only imagine how beautiful and fast they would be at full speed. The girls do often come back to me to check in and if someone starts walking past they are quick to run back and hide behind my legs.

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