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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Willow and Penny

Today was the big outing and so out we went!!! I decided to leave Willow at home today so that the girls could work independantly from each other and we could see how they would do solo.

Willow did really well at home without Penny. She cried for a couple of times and did a house search for her but all in all was comfortable with her not being here.

Penny's trip started with an outing to Bosley's. Although a little leery she approached all the staff who had wonderful peperoni for her. She was slow to approach the first staff member but then became quicker and quicker each piece of peperoni she received. By the end of our visit she was even approaching shoppers incase they had a piece of peperoni for her! She did very well at the vet. She allowed all the techs to come out and give her some love and attention. She wasn't so keen on the vet cookies, hehe! All to be expected after a trip to the petstore where she was given peperoni!!! She allowed the vet to give her a full physical without any protest. She will be going back on Thursday to be spayed and receive the remainder of her vaccines. She did meet the vet cat and was interested in saying hi. He wasn't so interested and told her off which was enough for her to decide he wasn't worth dealing with.

Both girls met our cat tonight and Penny got quite up close and personal. Sylvie hissed and swatted at her. Penny tucked tail and ran and hid behind the bed. Willow then had to see what had caused such a fuss with Penny and Willow only minutes later did the same as Penny. I would be comfortable to say that both these girls could be placed in a home with a cat.

Willow is off to the vet on Thursday to receive the rest of her vaccines. She will be alone all day since Penny is in being spayed. Willow will have her turn to visit the pet store that day.

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