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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Penny and Willow

Willow went to Bosley's today for some socialization time around new people, noises, smells etc. It was a great time to go as the store was busy and the staff were restocking shelves. Willow did wonderful! I was pleasantly surprised by her response. She slowly approached several people. She was not ready to receive attention but was willing to come up and take a small piece of food. Willow is coming along in leaps and bounds!!!! Hopefully she will feel better when we get her urinary tract infection all cleared up.

Penny did well a the vet. She was quite stressed being away from her home, her people and her pack. She was very happy to see me when I arrived and quickly rested her head in my lap. She has been home resting and should be back to herself in no time at all.

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