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Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I'm very excited to day that Penny just left with her new mom! Of course my house was quiet and nothign had happened all morning and then while I was trying to talk to her mom I had 2 different people at the door, the kids were fussy and someone had an accident on the livingroom, MURPHY'S LAW!!! Back to how excited I am though! Penny was all over her new mom and she brought a male friend with her who Penny was quick to jump all over as well. My goodness this little lady is not the dog who first arrived! She loaded up in her crate and off she headed for a new life. It was so hard to see her go and I had to hold back the tears. Fortunatly for me my little guy was crying so it made it easier for me to turn away and let her go.

Good luck Penny girl! I know you will make a good city girl!

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