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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Penny's training and update

Penny has been back for 4 days and we have seen a whole new Penny. Since coming back we have decided it's time to bog down and work hard with this little girl. She was bred for speed and endurance so no long walk with ever tire this girl out. She needs a mix of physical and mental work to tire her out. Penny's training started the second day she was home and we instantly began to see a new side of Penny, she was tired. Mentally the obedience work was exhausting for her and she was happy to just settle down on the dog bed and go to sleep. Each day we are taking her out and working her for 20 minutes or so to bring her energy level down and then continue working with her through out our day. She's a much happier dog, more settled and calm. She's learning she can stay away from me and survive, she can be found sleeping in the dog bed while I'm in another room. She will look up and check for me but doesn't have to follow from room to room. I hope to take Penny to class in the near future if and when I can find the time. Her obedience work will continue till her new home is found. We can only hope her new family will continue as it is benefiting Penny more then anyone could know.

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