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Friday, October 26, 2007

Willow and Penny Update

It's been 4 days since the girls arrived and they are already night and day from day 1. We're really starting to see their true personalities emerge and they are both so different.

Penny is our eager beaver! She will do anything to please but so much she often misses what's being asked of her. She is very athletic and loves to run and play. She's figured out what the toys are and can often be found throwing or carrying on around. She's getting better and better with her jumping now she's starting to settle. She would love a family who is interested in dog sports or at least lots of walks, hikes, camping etc. Penny the other night actually went up to my neighbours mom for love. I was in the middle of telling her how timid the girls are and Penny just to prove me wrong walked right up and pushed herself up against her for strokes and love.

Willow is our sweet natured girl. She is the smart one of the two. She is happy to please and takes the time to think about what has been asked of her. She's more adventurous when we go out for walks and will go to the end of the flexi to explore. She is always checking over her shoulder though to make sure I'm in site and comes back frequently to check in. Willow is not as athletic as Penny (although it's only been a week since she went through a vey difficult spay so ths may change). She does love going for walks though and would love someone who is looking for a walking, hiking companion. She is very smart and would love to attend obedience classes.

Both girls have been introduced to our two children Connor (2 and a half) and Rowan (13 months). Both girls are very good with the kids and are far less timid of them then they are of adults. They will take cookies gently from them and are gentle around them. The girls do move quickly and run, run, run so they can easily knock over a toddler or small child.

The girls continue to be exposed to our dogs and are doing great! We are trying to give them time with the other dogs seperatly as the two of them are quite bonded and when the other dogs are around they tend to ignore them. Willow is doing very well today with our min pin, she was a bit intolerant of him the other day but seems to be feeling better about him today.

The girls have seen the neighbourhood stray cat out on our walks and both have been interested. Their ears have perked up and they've thought about him. Neither have given chase but they are attached to us on leash and well the cat is 1/2 a block away so that's currently to far to venture from us. We will cat test both of them in time.

Th girls have started going in to their crates willingly and can often be found snuggled up sleeping in their crates with the doors open. They are sleeping through the night in their crates with little to no noise from them. They also have crate time during the day and are happy to sleep in their crates with the doors closed.

Both girls we be receiving another bath this weekend. They had one Monday night but they really weren't to sure about it. We did not want to over stress them so we will continue the scrubbing this weekend. They were also wormed again today just to make sure there's nothing left in their systems.

These two girls are just amazing and are going to make a family very happy! I'm quite biased as I'm totally a boxer person but these two loves are really growing on me and if we didn't already have an over full house I would be considering keeping one!! That's saying a lot from me!!!

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