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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Wilow and Penny Updates

The girls continue to improve and come out of their shells daily. With each passing day we see more and more of their true personalities.

Penny is just a love and wants to be with everyone and everything. She doesn't care what's going on. The other dogs are running around, the kids are throwing toys, I'm vaccuming etc. and she just wants to be in the middle of all of it! She doesn't care if another dog growls at her, she just shrugs it off and heads off to do something else. She loves her cookies and her treats and is doing better about eating now that we are adding canned food to her meals. She's becoming more adventureous out on her walks and is now going to the end of the flexi leash although quickly coming back to my side. Yesterday she went walking with my husband and although checking in with me she was walking with him tail wagging. Penny would be happy in a busier home after a settling in period. She would love to attend obedience, agility and other dog sports. Obedience is a must for her but dog sports are not. SHe would be happy with an active family who will take her for walks, hikes, camping etc. She's just one great dog who is learning how wonderful life really can be.

Willow is more of the mellow quiet girl. She would prefer a home that has a slower pace of life, maybe older children or a couple without kids. She gets along with other dogs but would love a home where she might be the only dog or a 2nd dog. She loves lots of cuddles and attention and would prefer to have more of it then less. She is very smart and thinks hard about what is asked of her. She is eager to please and would love to attend obedience classes to help her learn her obedience skills, continue her socialization with the outside world and bond with her new owners. She is more tentative when outside then Penny with strangers but is the first one at the end of her flexi to explore the world around her. When feeling overwhelmed she retreats to her crate for some quiet time.

Both girls continue to do well in their crates and are doing all their bathroom duties outside. Penny is doing much better about pottying on leash (due to her fence jumping, our fence is only 4.5 feet high. We feel she would be safe and secure in a 6 foot fence).

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