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Monday, October 22, 2007

Our TG Girls Have Arrived

Our TG girls arrived today safe and sound. We can't thank Stan enough who drove these babies to us. He left at 4:30 yesterday to bring down our 2 girls and 6 others to another rescue. It was 2:00 today before he met us with us, just shy of 24 hours after he left. He's spending the day with his daughter today and is heading back up to Topley tomorrow morning. Thank you so much Stan, you truly are a guardian angel for these babies!

Girl #2 and #17 will soon have new Yuppy Puppy City Names and are settling in. Stan was great with them and you could see how much they trust him. I didn't even think about the small things. These girls have always lives out in the bush, we met at Ikea in Coquitlam and all the noise, the people, the cars was very overwhelming for them. Girl #17 dealt with it all much better then girl #2. They have already taken me for a rollercoaster ride emotionally. Girl #2 within 10 minutes of being home jumped both our yard fence and then the perimeter fence to escape the yard. Fortunatly #17 started to cry so #2 was quick to jump back to be with her. They are both very unsure about what a leash and collar is all about and #2 did her best to crocodile death roll out of it.

Although this all sounds like a lot these two are very sweet and I know in no time will be settled and learning everything they need to know to be city dogs.

Pictures and more updates to come!

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