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Monday, October 29, 2007

Penny and Willow

Penny and Willow continue to improve daily. Penny is off to the vet tomorrow for a check to see if she's ready for her spay. Her heat cycle ended a few days ago and we want to give her a chance to recover a little from it before spaying her. She will also be checked for what we believe might be a bladder infection.

Check back tomorrow to see how the girls did on their outing to the pet store. We have decided tomorrow will be the girls first really big adventure into the world. Both girls will be taken in to the pet store independantly to help socialize them around new sounds, people, actions etc. It should be a fun filled adventure and maybe we'll even come home with some new treats!!!

Penny is coming out of her shell very nicely. She has started approaching strangers for love and attention. She is slow to approach but is deciding it's well worth it. Once spayed she is ready to go to her new home. She would do well in a quiet or busy house as she is good with other dogs, kids and even cats. She does need some time to adjust though and her new family would need the time to continue to socialize her with the outside world. Formal obedience classes would be very beneficial.

Willow continues to be a very sweet and loving dog with me. Unlike Penny she is still very hesitant with other people and has not made the decission to approach strangers yet. Once bonded with someone she will be your best and loyal companion for all of time. Willow will need more time to come around to strangers and her world around her. She is not spooked by loud noises and is doing well out on her walks etc. She is interested in people from across the street just not ready to approach them yet. She does great in a busy house but would be happy in a quieter home where she could be the center of attention. Formal obedience classes would be very beneficial!

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