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Friday, October 26, 2007


We are in desperate need of canned food for Willow and Penny. We have received a wonderful donation of 3 large bags of kibble for the girls but we now need canned food to mix in. These girls are very skinny and need to gain a far amount of weight. Neither is very food motivated or interested and can pick at a meal all day long. We would like to feed them 3 times a day but so far we are only able to feed them approx. 1 meal just because they are not interested. We received a donation of canned food a couple of months ago and had a few cans left. With canned food mixed in with thekibble the girls will eat their food till it's empty! We have now used up the cans we have been given and are in need of more. Please consider donating some cans or a gift certificate to a petstore so we can pick some cans up.


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